[TECH] Message and Article View Tracker

Day 2,554, 23:07 Published in USA USA by Mike Ontry

Here is a new hit tracker that works for messages and articles.

This tracker records unique views and recurring views. Each tracker has its own statistic page where you can see the view counts. This page also has charts that show you where in the world your unique views are from and how many hits are recorded during each hour of the day.

To create your tracker go here: ereptools.tk/tracker

You will see a text box asking you to "Enter an ID for your tracker".
You can put almost anything you want here.

The only restrictions on IDs are:
1. IDs cannot contain spaces or symbols
2. IDs must be 20 characters or less
3. IDs must be unique
If you break any of these rules you will be notified right away.

Once you decide on and submit an acceptable tracker ID you will be given 3 links. A link for an invisible tracker. Which is a 1x1 transparent pixel image. The next link is for a graphic counter for use in articles. Like the one at the bottom of this article. The 3rd link will be for your statistics page.

Now you would just copy either the invisible or visible img code into your message or article.

Want to help?

I would like to have a selection of graphical trackers to choose from. So if you are good with graphic design and have a little time I would love to see what you come up with. Just send me a message!

Here is the statistic page for this articles tracker:

To create your tracker go here: