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[TDK] Should you choose the path of greatness

Day 2,316, 22:41 Published in Pakistan Switzerland by Iron Punch

Because he's the hero Pakistan deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight.

Fellow Pakistanis,
As you all know, or might not, but you do now, I am running for president of Pakistan for April 2014.

I'll get to the point to what I wish to achieve in this month.
1- Create an adequate source of income for the government in this month, and the months to come.
i) Use the monetary market to create money for us. If the gold currently in the treasury still remains, we will invest it into the Monetary Market. Lets say we have 100,000 currency to start off, or 500 gold. We put the 500 gold on sale in the Monetary Market at the right time, for lets say, 205 = 1 gold, we make 2500 cc, then again we sell it for, 0.05, we get 512.5, although the profit not being much, it is something, rather than keep the gold just sitting there. On some days the profits can be higher, while on other, they can be lower, depending on how much we sell everyday.
ii) Citizen voluntary tax.
Lets suppose we have around 50 active citizens, we create a national donation fund. Each citizen donates 500 currency, which is 2.5 gold, to the treasury each week. 50*500 = 25,000. We make 25,000 currency every few days.
This will not be compulsory, and the amount can be more, or lower. This is just another idea.
iii) Use the gold to build factories. We can spend around 700 gold, lets say from the treasury, and build 70 Aluminum mines. This will provide us with a total income of 1050 currency everyday. Or we can use them in one of our Q7 companies, and create weapons everyday and store them.
iv) Create a spreadsheet of funds. A spreadsheet will be created, such as this:
All transactions are counted in currency,

This will ensure complete transparency and will published in the government press release.
v) Change the taxes. Food and weapon import taxes and Work taxes will be modified to suit our needs.

2- Government press releases:
i) A Government article will be published every 2 days, from our central newspaper. This will detail MoD orders, government updates, government news, international news and the sort.
ii) Entertainment, entertainment & entertainment. Articles and other fun stuff of the sorts will be undertaken by the government itself, and will have everything for everyone. From warriors, to writers, to economists to politicians. There will be something for everyone.

3- Something very obvious. War.
The government's first order on the 5th of April will be to tell its citizens to save energy bars and weapons and food and gold. ePakistan will be going on a military campaign to destroy the enemy's defenses, hopes and faith.
It will be a glorious war, Pakistanis will be done fighting themselves and will be united for a common cause.
And this Pakistan WILL be victorious.

4- There is another thing that I am working on, but unfortunately can not reveal it until it is finalized.

5- Military, Political(FA) and Economical councils.
The activity in the forums will be increased in order to keep everybody's inbox's from becoming a total mess.
All the councils will have 1 main leader, who will be in charge and make the final decision.

More details next time. This is it for now.
Adding to this, I will not allow any party issues to halt the progress of the government. All parties will have the right to voice their opinion and criticize the government. Everyone will be taken on board and everybody will matter. Every citizen will have the power to influence government policies. Have a suggestion? Feel free to give it to us. Have something to say? Feel free to speak your mind.

For this election, I would like to ask for support from each and every Pakistani and each and every Pakistani party. PTI, CRP, VA, PWP, PSP and PC. I want support from each and everyone of you. If our government makes it, it will all be our success. The success of joint support. If we fail, we will have equal blame, and there will be nobody that will be able to point fingers and cry. Everyone will have the power to change the government if they see there is something wrong with the government. Everyone will be the government. Each and every citizen will be able to keep it alive.

Should you wish to choose the path of greatness.

Every test in our life makes us bitter or better, every problem comes to make us or break us, The choice is ours whether we become victims or victorious.

Signing off,

The DarkKnight.


Lawrence of Arabia
Lawrence of Arabia Day 2,316, 23:07

It looks like you forgot to take your medicines!

VaIsk Day 2,316, 23:38


The Great CornhoIio
The Great CornhoIio Day 2,316, 23:45

The question is, did you take yours?

kualkerr The Warrior Poet
kualkerr The Warrior Poet Day 2,317, 00:42

We have 5 different CPs running this month from 5 parties.

With a nation this divided, I do not believe anyone that wins, will be able to make a difference. But if you think you can, I wish you all the best.

Ind1anMartyr Day 2,317, 01:00

Good luck to you. Strong objectives to live up to! If you do manage them, ePak will be quite a force to reckon with (as we all know it can be)

kualkerr The Warrior Poet
kualkerr The Warrior Poet Day 2,317, 01:07

You are still active? The only one from the old guard or some people from ur time r around?

Ind1anMartyr Day 2,317, 03:04

Only Asmita and navin... others are dormant. Graf does his fights but isn't very active in the game!

Last Son of Krypton
Last Son of Krypton Day 2,317, 19:14

maverik be chor gya howa hay?

Ind1anMartyr Day 2,317, 22:32

yea chhod diya usne... but we r in touch thanks to facebook. Kuch din pehle mere yahan tha lekin busy banda hai... milna nahin ho paaya. Hum garib toh bas time pass karte rehte hain 😃

Kattiaa Day 2,317, 01:23

Good luck, hope u reunite Paki 🙂
Long live Pakistan \o/


War3hous313 Day 2,317, 01:30

good luck

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Day 2,317, 04:02

good luck TDK o/

Schmidt FZR
Schmidt FZR Day 2,317, 13:32

All hail The DarkKnight!

The DarkKnight 4 CP


Arrlo Day 2,317, 14:20

Good luck. 🙂

Thydan Day 2,317, 16:42

Good Luck 😉

klop123 Day 2,317, 19:54

Good luck 😉

klop123 Day 2,318, 19:43

btw AS USA 😉

ComKar Day 2,317, 21:20

Good luck 😉 bhai

Khawaja ail
Khawaja ail Day 2,318, 02:44

Good Luck 😉

TemujinBC Day 2,318, 20:00


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