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[TDK] Pakistan vs Brazil - Round 1 Fight

Day 2,316, 03:47 Published in Pakistan Switzerland by Iron Punch

Because he's the hero Pakistan deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight.

Fellow Pakistanis,
First of all I would like to congratulate all of you on this amazing victory. It was a beautiful battle. I have fought many battles and many wars, and I can safely say this was a great. An epic of David vs Goliath.

Pakistan, I congratulate you.

Secondly, I would like to extend a hand out to friends of Pakistan, and everybody who came out to fight just on our call.
There were people who had their interests out here, and people who fought plainly for the love of Pakistan. Whatever the reason, whatever your incentive, you brought victory upon this nation. And gave us Congress for this month.
First of all,
let me start off at how all of this started. This is my version of the story, so bear with me please:

Day 1:
Suddenly there is an Airstrike law, I get worried what might have happened. War?

So suddenly, I sent a pm to the respectable Brazilian president.

Here is how the conversation ensued;
Me: Is there a backstory behind this or do you just want war?
Brozil CP: it will be explained soon, let me contact you in about 2 hours or so.
Me[after few hours]: So?

Brozil CP: I guess your CP already talked to you guys, right?
We didnt had the time to request the permission because we are again about to be wiped for the 8yh month.

We'll use you territory for at maximum 2 days after taht we can find a way to compensante ePak and we wont compromise your congress.

No worries, we'll leave you have my word!
we just will land and after we'll easily leave
In that conversation, the point to be noted is that our congress will not be compromised. As pointed out before, due to the timings of the RW that started, it was very risky for us to lose the RW and also keep Congress.

The questions I ask are
why did the Brazil government not Airstrike Iran directly?

The only logical answer that comes to mind is, they needed a base in Asia, should their attack on Iran had failed. They needed a foothold here, to make sure they've got Congress. If there is another reason, feel free to bring it up. This is one of the reasons that would bring suspicion onto the mind of an onlooker.

Next, it was our side that initiated contact even after the Airstrike.

And, why did the Brazil government not declare NE on Iran immediately after they landed here?

Anyways, this is how it was; Either Pakistan gets Congress or Brazil.
The condition Brazil put in was that we would get Congress, that condition was getting broken. What now? Obviously we give importance to our own Congress. At around the 10th round, is when things get serious.

That is the round when I started speaking to people.
First of all, I would like to thank the Chinese. For hiring mercenaries and setting CO for us throughout the battle. There is not enough thanking you.
Without the SSF, this battle would have been nothing. I would like to thank Argentinians, Romanians and Asteria for putting our battle on top of the priority list and setting up Combat Orders for us. You did great.
Other than that;
Iran o7
Thailand o7
FAR o7
Asteria o7

Secondly, I would like to thank every single Pakistani. Every Pakistani was in battle mode: ON. Everyone was trying to fight the Brazilians, everyone got together, no matter how big, or how small the contribution. People contacted friends, people contacted their friends in Asteria, in different governments, in different MU's. It was beautiful. I can not thank you for this, as you did this for Pakistan, for yourselves, your country. You guys have made this nation proud. The eagle soars high today. Our heads are high up again. Our self-esteem and ego has gotten a boost, our morale is high.

United-against-a-common-enemy Pakistan had taken the depression out of this politically-rotten state of ours. For a moment.

But then began the politics.

First off, the issue of an inactive President. VigonCalves86.
I would like to refrain from giving my personal opinion on his inactivity, and only hope for a speedy comeback to the game, and to make some changes before this month ends. There's still more than enough time left in this month. The issue of Presidential impeachment, which I have raised many a times. Most of the people I've spoken to, agree with this. Unfortunately some don't simply due to political reasons. IMO, we should get a heads up from Vigon, if he is still going to be inactive, and propose this law.

Secondly, the issue of who was fighting and who was not.

As the main target here are the PTI guys, let me get down to this:

I was speaking to kualkerr when I started fighting. He was shouting during the 10th round, and spoke to the Chinese president as well. After that he told me he was going to a meeting, and I had been trying to contact him like crazy during that, as he could help ePakistan in the capacity of MoFA, and he usually always replies to me whenever I message him, left him a hundred messages, but he had a RL work meeting. So kualkerr was there for round 10, not after that.

The rest? I saw ComKar A.K.A. Mansoor was trying hard to get us this victory, and he had even set up a CO for us. Good work man, although you're not part of the cabinet, but people relate you to PTI, therefore mentioned you here.

Faris? As he mentioned in kualkerr's article, he shouted twice.

Cluster Storms? Didn't see him online. Edipo Azaro? Never heard from him. pamadapa? He's been inactive lately as well, not sure if he even knows he is MoD.

dodial? he set a CO from Pakistan Army and fought as well.
Another thing which I didn't like was the posting of political questions on the MoFA's article, which congratulated friends of Pakistan. As it didn't have any message of thanks to the government, I think people should have left that article alone, and instead just posted their opinions in their articles.
Then the Turks. Someone who was brokering our deal almost 2 days ago, suddenly not only started vehemently trolling, but they also threatened to attack ePakistan. What to expect from anyone, anymore?

Treat this just a game guys. Keep in mind, someone always HAS to lose in a battle, and someone always HAS to win. This time we won, you didn't. Doesn't mean you actually start hating us. Lets keep it to a minimal, alright folks?
TL;DR version
1- Inactivity of Government(whatever the reasons) cost us.
2- We didn't want to risk our Congress, therefore we fought.
3- Brazil didn't contact us, the deal was made after the AS to minimize the damage done.
4- We thank friends a lot.
5- It is wrong to troll an article thanking our allies. We should first thank them as well and congratulate them, and be happy, then troll who we want, the politics should not be the first choice of y'all.
6- It is wrong to keep a CP even though he has such extreme RL conditions.
7- We didn't mean to do any deals and offend any of allies with this. It was a deal done by the government, in which we had no say. Although this deal shouldn't have occurred in the first place due to the alliance differences of Pakistan and Brazil, but our government thought we had no choice, as it occurred AFTER the Airstrike.
8- I don't like the childish reaction of our CP responding to criticism and making TheCaliph as MoD. Please keep 1 MoD, this month we've changed MoD like 5 times already.
9- Turks & Albanians got pissed off we tried to get our region back in order to not risk our Congress. This was a decision of the citizens of Pakistan, not its government. The state of Pakistan can not be blamed, the citizens are more powerful and stronger than the state.
PS. Brazil, where's our 1500 cc?

Signing off,

The DarkKnight.


Iron Punch
Iron Punch Day 2,316, 03:47

Alongside that, I'd like to announce my decision to run for office for the month of April, 2014.

Ahsan Day 2,316, 03:59

Opsss.. I just saw after reading article that he made me MoD.

nikolaosnikolaosnikolaos Day 2,316, 04:03

enjoy 😛

ComKar Day 2,316, 21:30

caliph bhai ko ministry ka shok hai.

TheJakal Day 2,316, 04:03

Combining your article and TheCaliphs we have the truth. Best you two combine forces to fix the current mess.


Dio Maximus
Dio Maximus Day 2,316, 04:22


kualkerr The Warrior Poet
kualkerr The Warrior Poet Day 2,316, 04:37

There is no mess. We have our region back, we shall have congress. That's all.

The Great CornhoIio
The Great CornhoIio Day 2,316, 04:00

Never trust the hue hue's.

Dio Maximus
Dio Maximus Day 2,316, 04:19

and the Turks as well. They stopped being a nation worthy of respect long time ago.

TheJakal Day 2,316, 04:32

"why did the Brazil government not declare NE on Iran immediately after they landed here?"

They had no region to attack, RW in Sistan & Baluchistan wasn't started yet.

About "base", I was also informed (by Turkey) that Brazilian original plan was to hold Balo as base, but Turkey made them promise they would leave asap. I don't say it like our mofa "I heard some rumors", I do have the logs to confirm it.

Anyway, no point in thinking about this, we did what we had to do ..


kualkerr The Warrior Poet
kualkerr The Warrior Poet Day 2,316, 04:39

The previous MoD clearly stated he does not have the time to do justice with the designation and he should be replaced asap.

The 'mess' was created cuz of inactivity of CP at the wrong time, but he has serious rl concerns which we should respect. Afterall, its good to see that all has ended well. That's all that matters.

Good article. Voted.

TheJakal Day 2,316, 11:35

Thats because TDK and TheCaliph did the governments job.

kualkerr The Warrior Poet
kualkerr The Warrior Poet Day 2,316, 12:37

Ok g, if that makes you sleep better at night.

ComKar Day 2,316, 21:32

kualkerr bhai yeah redenko ki adat hai.

kualkerr The Warrior Poet
kualkerr The Warrior Poet Day 2,317, 23:13

lol... its Jakal..

Radenko is just a common ignorant slob.. Its jakal who is the 'fitnaa' of this nation, actually. But never mind. We really ought to stop feeding the attention seekers now 🙂

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Day 2,316, 15:25


Poco Curantism
Poco Curantism Day 2,316, 17:51

What a dogs breakfast.

JESSE X Day 2,316, 19:21

Brother as I said to you, we would never let you feel the taste of being wiped like we are now for the 8th month, when I give my word its like real life, I don't step back on it.

Regarding the NE, it was used with Uruguay, that is why the delay on sending on Iran and not liberating asap! it was a bad timming and as you can see, lack of coordination by my part, once more I'm very sorry for disturbing you guys and creating the problem for y'all.

Hope and wish a brighter future to you and to e-pakistanis!
We kept our word, we left after two days.

Iron Punch
Iron Punch Day 2,316, 21:01

check my comment on the shout

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