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[TD] - A Beginners Guide

Day 1,823, 12:26 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Fenyang

There are hundreds of article out in the eWorld explaining how the games works, some are in great detail and some are straight to the point. This beginner's guide will explain how to do things from my point of view, but I won't be going into too much detail as there are guides out there that are almost perfect:

This is probably the best and most indepth guide I could find, and provides information on other important parts of the game such as IRC, medals, forums and so on.

First Steps

When first joining the eWorld the first tasks you should carry out is getting a job, training and fighting and you can perform these tasks every day.

A job will provide you with GBP (Great British Pounds) each day you work and will consume 10 energy. Usually when looking for a job it is best to go for the highest wage as you will need to buy food to restore energy lost whilst working, fighting or training each day and to buy weapons for fighting. There are times when you may find yourself working for the minimum wage but will be provided with food and weapons for free.

Training will provide you with strength each day you train, with the basic training facility, the weights room, giving you +5 strength a day which consumes 10 energy and is free to use. There are three more training facilities, which are the climbing center (+2.5 strength), the shooting range (+5 strength) and the special forces center (+10 strength) all which cost 0.19, 0.89 and 1.79 gold respectively and consume 10 energy each, which can take the total up to 40 energy per day to train and costing 2.87 gold per day. All training centers start at quality 1 (Q1) and can be upgraded to quality 4 (Q4) which costs gold.

War is a major part of the eWorld, and you'll usually find that there are many wars going on everyday either against your own country or against your countries allies. Fighting in a war is simple; you click the fight button on the battlefield page and you will inflict damage on an enemy and you will lose energy and one durability of your current weapon. As well, once you have fought an enemy you will gain experience points, rank points and the damage inflicted will add up each time you fight. As you lose energy, you can replace it with food. Every 6 minutes you can recover another 10 energy, up to a maximum of 500 energy. Weapons will lose durability each time you fight and with higher quality weapons, they will have higher durability.

Joining a Party

When I first joined the eWorld picking a party was actually quite difficult and at the time of the article I am without a party. If you look through the various parties you will probably notice that almost all are libertarian with the only difference amongst them being whether they're left, right or center. I am not much of a political person and this means very little to me, so my advice to new players who, like myself, know little about politics but want to join a party, join one with people who you like and get along with because from the looks of things most parties have similar ideas.


Every player will start with a few company buildings which they can use to make raw materials to create weapons or foods. It is important to note that if you are a player not willing to buy a huge amount of gold, companies are probably a waste of time for you, and you should just use what you start with. The process of creating raw materials and weapons or foods is simple; under the work as manager column, click the body shaped icons and in the next column, raw materials, the raw materials you make or consume will be shown, and in the column besides that, final product, will show you how many weapons or foods you will create. Click the start production button and the raw materials and weapons or foods will be created, simple as that. You can then either use the final products yourself or sell them on the market.

Military Units

Military units are basically a group of players who work together to inflict heavy damage in wars (strikes) in a short amount of time. There are many military units out there and most will give free weapons and foods out for strikes. Some military units may require you to work for their company for a small wage but in return will give you free weapons and foods everyday. When joining a military unit the most important factor is joining player who you like and get along with as most seem to have the same daily orders each day.

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voted! good read and that tutorial is great (:

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Very true, just different paths on how to achieve it, or so they like to say.

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