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[tBRE] The military strenght of CoT countries - day 1794

Day 1,796, 08:21 Published in Belgium Belgium by Tony Clifford

Finally, Belgium entered CoT and it is now the 11th country of the alliance.
Here you are an update of CoT military strength.

As an alliance CoT went down from 11.3% in 1780 (see: to 10.2% of eWorld influence.
Bulgaria remains the most powerful member with 41.8%, Chile reached (thanks to div 1 and div2 soldiers) the 27.7%, Mexico the 8.3%, the remaining 9 countries constitutes the 22.1%.
Here you are the total and the weighted influence of CoT:


History of CoT strenght (percentage of eWorld's influence):


by Tony Clifford



BrunoCND Day 1,796, 08:27


tommot Day 1,796, 08:41

As always, these articles are very informative.

NLSP Day 1,796, 09:20

like always, voted 🙂

GoopyPants Day 1,796, 09:42

So if CoT is 10.2%, and of that eBelgium is 1.6%, that means that

eBelgium is less than two hundreths of a percent of global influence.

That means if we were six times stronger, we'd almost be 1% of global influence. Wow!

Considering there are about 50 countries, not particularly impressive numbers.

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,796, 10:20

Weighted Belgian strength is 0.16% of the eWorld. As you should know, there are 70 countries.
Among them the 3 superpowers (US, PL, CS) account for the 26.5% of total influence.
If you include GR, MK, RO, HU, and BG, you have that only 8 countries account for an half of the total.
The median country of the eWorld is Moldavia, with 0.4%. Belgium is a third of it.
So, yes, Belgium is a weak country. That's why Belgium must be very careful in its foreign policy.
Think about it.

GoopyPants Day 1,796, 10:46

right, but the only reason eBelgium hasn't been occupied is that it doesn't have any resources anyone wants. Not because of diplomacy, or military might, or sneakiness, or good friends.

Viridi Day 1,796, 12:59

You can argue whatever point you want to make, but that doesn't mean it's true, Goopy.

p0lluxx Day 1,796, 13:06

Nice article !

Ely.nea Day 1,796, 17:10

i like this kind of article, interesting : thanks

boer jan
boer jan Day 1,797, 03:03

very impressive, and when you know that eBe has almost 80 active fighters than we are doing really a great job

Oli Stonesen
Oli Stonesen Day 1,797, 05:15

thanks for all these datas. Always a pleasure to read something from you. Now we know why it is important to have strong allies, capable to defend us against other great powers.
eBelgium is tiny, but is allowed to live anyway thanks to COT.

Cotarius Day 1,797, 07:58

Good to see how everything is going and i like that article is easy to understand without many text.

I think if you want that eBe becomes stronger you need to get back all the old eBe CS who are strong and who have good influence.
Then we should not argue but help each other and I don't see that on short notice we rather make each other black.

I like that I see "new" people standing up with positive energy and want to make somethinh out of it, keep up the great work.

Olv007 Day 1,797, 10:03

I suggest you do the same stats for yesterday and today. I did more than 20m of influence, mostly for CoT countries.

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