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[tBRE] The military strenght of Belgian Military Units- day 1808-1815

Day 1,818, 02:04 Published in Belgium Belgium by Tony Clifford

A new analysis only for my fellow eBelgians.
Here you are the strenght of the Belgian Military Units for days 1808-1815!!!

Total Influence is the damage that was done in battles , the damage you can see increasing in your browser when you click in the Battle Module.
Weighted influence is a modified stat that takes into account that in the new War Module one single point of influence in lower divisions has actually more military value than in higher ones. (In this week: 1.0 div1 = 3.5 div2 = 8.6 div3 = 15.2 div4)

The weekly divisional, total and weighted influence of Belgian MUs

The strongest Military Unit is naturally the Belgian National Army, with the 44.2%. Then there are "Other" people (Belgians fighting alone or for foreign MUs) with the 12.3%. In third and forth place: the Belgian Civilian Army with the 12.2% and the Belgian Training Academy with the 10.5%.
Among the non-state owned Belgian MUs, the strongest is the Libertad Guerrilla with 7.8% of weighted influence, followed by the Belgian Armed Forces with 7.5%.


Fighters of Belgian MUs

And here are the fighters of each MU: number of Daily Active Fighters, Daily Influence per Active Fighter and Daily Total Members.
The Military Unit with the most weighted influence per member is the Belgian National Army, then the "Others" and the Green Militia.
note: roundings were performed on these data. Arithmetic operations using these stats may results in slightly different numbers than those shown

by Tony Clifford



BrunoCND Day 1,818, 02:11

Nice article as always

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,818, 02:16

Great Article

Fail Belgium
Fail COT

Jeiry Day 1,818, 02:31

Very interesting for me, I can see my personal numbers. ^^

1) What's the difference between "influence" and "weighted" in the first chart ?

2) If I got it, to have the Daily Influence (2nd chart), you take the weighted influence divided by the number of active fighters and by 7 (by the way you should note day 1807-1814 if you don't count 1815 in it). Sometimes, the numbers look correct, sometimes not, I'm probably wrong somewhere.

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,818, 02:50

Thanks, I will add this info in my next articles:

1) total influence is the damage you actually did in battles.
weighted influence is a modified stat that takes into account that in the new war module one point of influence in lower divisions is valued more than in higher ones.
That's why Kylero does better than you, with less influence: he's in div2. Last week div2 influence was values 4.4 times more than div4's.

2) It's because of roundings I did. Days were 1808-1815.

Cotarius Day 1,818, 04:03

Great article

Olv007 Day 1,818, 05:08


Viridi Day 1,818, 07:14

Aw, I didn't know people fought in Green Militia.

DaJoXTeR Day 1,818, 11:17

voted !

Stijn Puttemans
Stijn Puttemans Day 1,818, 12:37


Ely.nea Day 1,819, 01:01

nice article, i know profits to be in an army, but several players are fighting alone to be free of orders 🙂


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