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[tBRE] Alliances of the eWorld - Day 2058

Day 2,058, 09:38 Published in Belgium Belgium by Tony Clifford
"the Big Red Express. One of my favourite newspapers 🙂"
"I think your newspaper is one of the most innovative ones in the game.
Your schemes and graphics should be included ingame and your copyright paid by the admins!
Thanks for such magic!"

[tBRE] Alliances of the eWorld - Day 2058
MPP graphs and figures


Dear readers,
here you are an update of the "Alliances of the eWorld" series!
(last article:
There were not major changes in alliances in the last two weeks, so expect only a quick update.
At the end I added a quick comparison between the last stages of the CoTWO vs. EDEN war and the current war.

In day 2058, the number of MPPs remains stable: 335 MPPs, only 2 MPPs more than in day 2040.

In 2040, the situation was well defined:

CoT countries in light blue. TWO countries in violet. The Non-Aligned Nations in brown.
EDEN in dark green. Asgard in yellow.
Ex-EDEN in orange. Ex-TERRA in light green. Ex-CTRL in red. Ex-CoT in light blue.
(here: the legend of the labels. For Serbia the old label "CS" is used by eRepublik)

This week the situation of MPPs remains basically the same:

CoT countries in light blue. TWO countries in violet. The Non-Aligned Nations in brown.
EDEN in dark green. Asgard in yellow.
Ex-EDEN in orange. Ex-TERRA in light green. Ex-CTRL in red.

The only difference is that now the software recognized only two clusters of countries: a CoT-centered (blue) and a TWO-centered (red) cluster.

On the left you may see the CoT cluster (blue), which includes Asgard countries and ex-EDEN countries like Croatia, Bosnia and Albania.

On the right, the TWO cluster (red), which includes former EDEN countries (Romania, Turkey), CUA countries (Argentina) and non-aligned countries (China, NaN).


Alliances Bar with Weighted Influence of Day 2040

Alliances include CoT (Blue), Asgard (yellow), NaN (grey), CUa (light red), TWO (violet).
The most powerful neutral countries were added (Turkey(orange), Brazil (dark red), China (green)).
The other countries were divided in TWO-side neutrals (light violet) and CoT-side neutrals (light blue). Former EDEN-side countries were divided in pro-CoT EDEN (light green) and in pro-TWO EDEN (red) on the basis of their MPPs in day 2034.

Excluding China-NaN countries, the TWO side is leading on the CoT side with 55% vs 42% of World's damage.

Alliances Bar with Weighted Influence of Day 2058

Alliances include CoT (Blue), Asgard (yellow), NaN (grey), CUA (light red), ACT (light violetTWO (violet).
The most powerful neutral countries were added (Croatia (dark green) Turkey(orange), Brazil (dark red), China (green)).
Other countries were included in CoT-side neutrals (light blue). Former EDEN-side countries were divided in pro-CoT EDEN (light green) and in pro-TWO EDEN (red) on the basis of their MPPs in day 2058.

I analyzed two different situations.

In Situation A we have TWO vs CoT with Croatia, China, Turkey and NaN as neutrals.
In this situation TWO and pro-TWO countries (CUA and ex-EDEN countries) leads on CoT and pro-CoT countries (Asgard, Brazil and ex-EDEN countries) by 53% to 37% if weighted damage, which constitutes a difference of 16%.

In Situation B we have the situation of clusters of alliances as found by the software.
In this situation, the TWO-led cluster leads on the CoT-led groups by a 60% to 40%, a difference up to 20% of eWorld damage.

The CoT-led side is badly overpowered by the TWO-led side. That's explain how the USA (the most powerful CoT-side country) are almost completely occupied by TWO countries.

The table shows you the damage for each group of countries in the several divisions (in billions of damage per month).



I quickly show you how the damage moved, from the CoTWO vs. EDEN war (day 1977) to the current war (day 2058). I used the monthly weighted damage of day 2058.

I divided the eCountries in four groups: cot, two, coteden and tweden. These groups don't correspond exactly to the alliances, but to the sides the countries took (for example Asgard countries are included in coteden, because they were pro-EDEN in the last war, and now their damage is pro-CoT. While New Zealand and Lithuania, which were CoT countries in the last war, are included in two, because they fought for CoTWO in the last war, but now they're associated with TWO).

two: Serbia, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Slovenia, Portugal, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Venezuela, Thailand, Montenegro, New Zealand, Estonia, Austria, Slovakia, Egypt.

cot: USA, Chile, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Brazil, Indonesia, Russia, Mexico, Peru, Germany, Paraguay, Japan, Moldova, India, Belgium, South Korea, Switzerland, UAE, Czech Republic, Denmark.

tweden: Greece, Romania, Argentina, Turkey, China, Ukraine, Taiwan, Colombia, Iran, Australia, South Africa, Israel, Pakistan, Uruguay, Cyprus, Bolivia, Malaysia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Singapore.

coteden: Croatia, France, Italy, Albania, Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sweden, Canada, Netherlands, Ireland, Norway.

Damage by group:

As you see in the table, the two group is the most powerful, followed by cot.
If we sum their influences, we get the CoTWO damage in day 1977: CoTWO = 33.1% + 31.1% = 64.2%. The EDEN side was made of tweden and coteden countries, so its damage was EDEN = 26.6% + 9.2% = 35.8%

If we sum cot and coteden , we get the current damage of the CoT-led side: 31.1% + 9.2% = 40.3%, while the TWO-led side is 59.7% (as already shown in the Alliances Bar section).

What is interesting, then?

Well, from these data, we may see that half of the former CoTWO joined the TWO-led side and the other half the CoT-led side: in fact 33.1% / 64.2% = 51.6% and 31.1% / 64.2% = 48.4%.
An even division of the damage!

We cannot say the same for the former EDEN damage.
In fact 26.6% / 35.8% = 74.3% of ex-EDEN damage has now joined the TWO-led side, whereas only the 9.2% / 35.8% = 25.7% joined the CoT-led side!
Three quarters of former EDEN damage now fights mainly for the TWO-led side and only one quarter fights for the CoT-led one!

We may now see from which side come the current damages of the TWO-led and the CoT-led sides.

The TWO-led side gets 33.1% of eWorld's damage from the former CoTWO and 26.6% from the former EDEN side. That means that only 55% of the TWO-led side damage comes from CoTWO and up to 45% comes from EDEN!

On the other side, the CoT-led countries get 31.1% damage from the former CoTWO and only 9.2% from the former EDEN. That means that 77% of the CoT-led side damage come from CoTWO and only the 23% from EDEN!

Its quite clear now, that the reason why TWO is dominating against CoT is that for every 3 points of ex-EDEN damage that joined TWO, only 1 point joined CoT.
In fact the cores of the two alliances, which fought and destroyed EDEN, constitute about the same amount of weighted damage (TWO: 33.1%, CoT: 31.1%).
The difference comes from the ex-EDEN countries: of the Great Powers of EDEN, only Croatia is pro-CoT (even if recently it fought against Macedonia), whereas Greece, Romania, Argentina, Turkey and China are now allied mainly with TWO and pro-TWO countries.

by Tony Clifford

Total Influence is the damage that was done in battles , the damage you can see increasing in your browser when you click in the Battle Module, and which is counted by eRepublik in the
Weighted influence is a modified stat that takes into account that in the new War Module one single point of influence in lower divisions has actually more military value than in higher ones.

[tBRE] Alliances of the eWorld - Day 2058
MPP graphs and figures


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