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[tBRE] Alliances of the eWorld - Day 1977

Day 1,979, 06:55 Published in Belgium Belgium by Tony Clifford
[tBRE] Alliances of the eWorld - Day 1977
MPP graphs and figures

Dear Belgians and others. Sorry for the delay in the update but the War with France took a lot of time to manage.
Last article:

What's interesting, the Belgian-French war may be the last join effort of TWO and CoT, as the MPP between Serbia and Romania strained the relationships between the two alliances.
This "Alliances of the eWorld" issue may be the last one to cluster TWO and CoT together...

In day 1977 the number of MPPs dropped to 296; 23 MPPs less than in day 1956.

Day 1977 MPPs situation

On the left there are CoT (light blue), TWO (violet) countries and ex-CTRL (red) countries, with some other countries.
On the right we have EDEN (dark green) and Asgard (yellow) countries, and some others.
Ex-TERRA countries (light green) and ex-EDEN (orange) are on both sides.
The Non-Aligned Nations (which grew to 3 members and 3 trials) in brown.
4 small nations are without MPPs: United Arab Emirates, North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Denmark (which is in union with Germany).

In these three weeks the number of MPPs which link the two sides slightly decreased, but the situation remains the same. Among allied nations, only the USA mantain MPPs with both sides. Russia and the Czech Republik remain in the middle.
All the other countries remained in the same side. With Brazil that now shows a preference towards CoT.

Day 1956 MPPs situation


The Alliances Bar
Thanks to the improvements of the site, I decided to update the alliance bar using the weightd influence instead of the total influence.

I explain quickly:
Total Influence is the damage that was done in battles , the damage you can see increasing in your browser when you click in the Battle Module, and which is counted by eRepublik in the
Weighted influence is a modified stat that takes into account that in the new War Module one single point of influence in lower divisions has actually more military value than in higher ones. (In the last month: 1.0 div1 = 3.0 div2 = 8.3 div3 = 42.6 div4)

Alliances Bar with Weighted Influence

Alliances include TWO (violet), CoT (Blue), NaN (grey) Asgard (yellow) and EDEN (dark green).
The most powerful neutral countries were added (Argentina (green), Brazil (dark red), Russia (orange)).
The other countries were divided in TWO-side neutrals (light violet), CoT-side neutrals (light blue) and in EDEN-side neutrals (light green) on the basis of their MPPs in day 1977.

Among the Alliances, we may see a growth of 1.5 percentage points in weighted influence of CoT (from 23.9% to 25.4%) and the doubling of the influence of NaN (from 0.8% to 1.6%) thanks to the addition of four new countries.

What's interesting, is that if you consider total damage, TWO is the most powerful alliances (709 billions/month) and second is EDEN (609 billions damage). CoT is third with 540 billions/month.
But if you consider weighted damage, the two most powerful alliances are TWO (685 billions/month) and CoT (569 billions/month). And EDEN is only third (564 billions/month).
This shows that CoT perform better than TWO and EDEN in the lower divisions, giving CoT a somewhat hidden power worldwide.

Also the Babyboom of Argentina is clearly showed by the data, whereas total influence is 78 billions/month, the weighted influence grows to 97 billions/month.

Using weighted influence and considering as non-aligned both Russia and NaN countries, the CoTWO-side increased its damage advantage on the EDEN-side to 26% of weighted damage from 24%.

The figures:

Coalition is a comparison between the two main sides and Russia and NaN:
CoT+TWO+CoTWO neutrals+Brazil vs. Russia vs. NaN vs. EDEN+Asgard+EDEN neutrals+Argentina

by Tony Clifford
[tBRE] Alliances of the eWorld - Day 1977
MPP graphs and figures


Kalif Batan
Kalif Batan Day 1,979, 07:05


aVie Day 1,979, 07:12


don zebosk
don zebosk Day 1,979, 07:17

hard voted

Mamefabi Day 1,979, 07:18


GregoryG Day 1,979, 07:21

I hoped this article would come after the Ser-Rom mpp passed.

Great job nonetheless. Always a pleasure to read.

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,979, 08:18

One MPP doesn't make any difference, as all countries are treated equally. It should be nice to find a way to weighten countries by damage, but I didn't find yet.

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,979, 08:31

ok ok. i found a way. but i havo to play with it to understand how it works.

GregoryG Day 1,979, 08:48

That would be absolutely awsome if you could make a weightened chart

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,979, 09:46

I did it with and without the CS-RO MPP, the graph doesn't change: the CoTWO net of MPPs and the EDEN net are too strong.
The only difference with the weighted chart is that Russia is not neutral, but definitively pro-CoT.

nimnul Day 1,980, 01:59

Russia is pro-CoT for about a year now. Nice that the graph is going to show that finally (:

Jeiry Day 1,980, 09:07

Would be nice to have a "weighted-chart", but I guess many small countries would loose visibility.

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,980, 06:05

if you add Romanian-Serbian MPP there are more changes in EDEN than CoTWO. but if CoT stops to sign MPPs with Serbia, we will see changes in the future...

nW0lf Day 1,979, 07:34


Alexandross Day 1,979, 07:35

Nice article, Cliffe

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 1,979, 08:24

Missing these articles when you were in eSA (:

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,979, 11:45

subscribe! or do you subs only if they give you 100 Q1 food?

Kucing Imut
Kucing Imut Day 1,979, 08:29

voted \o/

Ely.nea Day 1,979, 08:30

nice job like others : congrats !

MUFC992 Day 1,979, 08:32

No CUA no vote ::PP

Good article brah

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,979, 08:40

CUA is not an in-game alliance.

Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Day 1,979, 09:12

Great job! Nice analyses

Tenshou Day 1,979, 11:17


Olv007 Day 1,979, 11:27

Always a pleasure to read !

THE SPIRIT III Day 1,979, 12:26


Mystela Day 1,979, 14:35


Pescaman Day 1,979, 15:20


Cahid Arf
Cahid Arf Day 1,979, 15:22


CatBea Day 1,979, 15:23

Well done...o/

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,979, 16:42


Rexdeus Day 1,980, 02:47

great work!

Qadis Rowein
Qadis Rowein Day 1,980, 02:49

great one, voted!

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,980, 03:36

this is ace, good work

Gyurak Day 1,980, 06:33


yomancitizen Day 1,980, 06:43

still awesome graph

TheUnit H. Pacas
TheUnit H. Pacas Day 1,980, 12:41


Hail CoT!

kuckuck Day 1,981, 02:49

Good job

Pertazeta Day 1,981, 05:19

>de good job

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