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[tBRE] Alliances of the eWorld - Day 1942

Day 1,943, 10:33 Published in South Africa Belgium by Tony Clifford

South African readers, for the first time in this country, I'll give you here an update on the eWorld's MPPs!
Last article:

In day 1942, the number of MPPs is 290, 18 MPPs less than in day 1928
As you can see here, the number of MPPs continues to drop since a long time:

Day 1942 MPPs situation

On the left there are CoT (light blue), TWO (violet) countries and ex-CTRL (red) countries, with some other countries.
On the right we have EDEN (dark green), Asgard (yellow) and ex-EDEN (orange) countries, and some others.
Ex-TERRA countries (light green) are on both sides.
6 nations remains without MPPs: United Arab Emirates, North Korea, Portugal, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and Denmark (which is in union with Germany)

Two weeks ago we saw Russia mostly in the CoTWO-side, but the recent Polish-Russian war had the obvious consequence to put Russia again in the center of the playground.
Apart from the USA-Swiss MPP (which btw will not be renewed this month) and the long-lasting USA-Albanian MPP, only Russia has MPPs with both the main sides.
Moreover, the Polish-Russian war made easy to distinguish CoT and TWO countries, with CoT countries equidistant between Poland and Russia: no surprise that CoT Presidents decided to stay neutral in the war.

Russia is the only country which clearly doesn't accept the division of the eWorld in two sides.
Russia has 15 MPPs: 9 MPPs on the CoTWO side (7 MPPs with CoT countries and 2 MPPs with neutral/pro-CoT countries) and 6 MPPs on the EDEN side (3 MPPs with Asgard countries, 2 MPP with neutral/pro-EDEN countries, 1 MPP with an EDEN country).

The second event is the movement of Switzerland towards the EDEN side, after a successful PTO attempt performed mainly by Romanian players.

Day 1928 MPPs situation


The Alliances Bar
Thanks to, the alliances bar based on the total weekly influence (last article:

Alliances include TWO (violet), CoT (Blue), Asgard (yellow) and EDEN (dark green).
The most powerful neutral countries were added (Argentina (green), Brazil (dark red), Russia (orange)).
The other countries were divided in CoTWO-side neutrals (light blue) and in EDEN-side neutrals (light green) on the basis of their MPPs in day 1942.

After the beginning of the Russian-Polish war, Russian damage cannot be counted on the CoTWO side.
The CoTWO-side decreases its damage advantage on the EDEN-side to 21% of total damage.

The figures:

Coalitions B is a comparison between the two main sides and Russia:
CoT+TWO+CoTWO neutrals+Brazil vs. Russia vs. EDEN+Asgard+EDEN neutrals+Argentina

by Tony Clifford



Alexandross Day 1,943, 10:34

Nice article, Cliffie!

Beskyd01 Day 1,943, 10:43


Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,943, 10:49

Brilliant as ever Tony.

Dr. James McCrimmon
Dr. James McCrimmon Day 1,943, 10:52

Nice article, V+S

NicknameFromRonny Day 1,943, 11:32

Great job as ever. Question for following editions, could the old alliance bar be included in the article? Thx!

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,943, 11:36

Non-sense. Actually, the bar changes substantially only when some country changes side...

NicknameFromRonny Day 1,943, 12:15

Oh, ok.

Gyantse Day 1,943, 11:35

Good Job

Cmurgh Day 1,944, 06:48


Mr. Wet
Mr. Wet Day 1,944, 19:46


Benelix Day 1,944, 22:09



redbirdusa Day 1,944, 22:10

Awesome work.

Badger06 Day 1,944, 22:41


Grimstone Day 1,945, 00:03

Voted, thanks for the effort of compiling this info for us.

Don Vin
Don Vin Day 1,945, 00:38



Don Vin
Don Vin Day 1,945, 00:38


nW0lf Day 1,945, 01:15


Tenshou Day 1,945, 09:30


Mystela Day 1,945, 09:32


Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Day 1,945, 09:32

Nice. This could all get interesting when CUA forms.

Rican Day 1,945, 09:35

Voted... very enlightening !
thank you

Coyolxauhqui V
Coyolxauhqui V Day 1,945, 09:43

Nice work! Good Article man! o/

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