[Swiss] Avio players 11week giveaway!

Day 3,936, 06:34 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Swiss Dep. of Defence

Eleven weeks how our project works, and now with some new awards. The rapid progress of the Swiss state, as well as its players. Certainly on this road, Swiss have to thank their friends.

Also, there are friends who recognized the project as a good thing, and personally supported it financially.

Li Shaoran (Spanish Air Strike coordinator)

On this occasion, I would like to thank everyone who supported us in this project and helped us a lot.

Awards for this week :
N.J Spykman 28000 q2 food + 10000cc for the first place in the number of kills + q3 house

HilmanMaarif 16500 q2 food + 8000cc for the second place in the number of kills + q2 house

Borgogian 13000 q2 food + 6000cc for the third place in the number of kills + q2 house

333oraNNN 12500 q2 food + 4000cc for the fourth place in the number of kills

Daree III 8500 q2 food + 2000cc for the fifth place in the number of kills

tef1 500q2 food

Vincent Rekdal 5000 q2 food

VioletEvergarden 1500 q2 food

Liakouris 500 q2 food

MugiwaraNight 3750 q2 food

Andrew Manst 3000 q2 food

THUNDER ALFA 1750 q2 food

Murdersas 41250 q2 food

I hope this project, will made some change's in Swiss community on avio plan,and we will have a lot of member's in Military Unit, and soon strong Avio player's also.

Again i will remmember our community players, to join our discord channel.

For any question, please

Best regards,
Country President