(Survey) The invisible hand

Day 6,073, 00:00 Published in France France by Maitre Nico

An invisible hand influences erepublican life. His ultimate goal? Dethrone Plato by any legal means possible. For this, she needs an individual who has the will to fight until the end and to get his hands dirty... It was quite easy to find him given that he is desperately looking for his heart which was stolen by his sweetheart and put in a chest... In exchange for his services, he will receive the key allowing him to open the chest in order to recover his heart... In the meantime, he is condemned to no longer share the joys of life and the possibility of transforming into a hideous and cruel beast ...

To succeed in his mission, he will have the choice between two very distinct paths:

- There is the road towards absolute neutrality, synonymous with perfect balance between diplomatic and military forces...

- And there is the road leading to unlimited purge across the entire world, synonymous with blood and tears...

Note that if necessary he can pass through places allowing him to overcome obstacles more easily.

Another task will also fall to him... Indeed, his country has serious problems, the communists do not redistribute wealth, the imperialists do not want to build an empire, the democrats are silent, the "youngists" do not propose program favoring new people and most patriots are not too motivated to recover the integrity of the territory...

In short, it’s a disaster, and it must therefore be remedied.

Your mission, if you accept, will be to direct him to the destination of your choice by responding to the following two surveys which he will respect for a limited period of at least 1 week and a maximum of 3 months or until at the next consultation:

Survey #1 : https://strawpoll.com/e6Z2AeJrGgN

Survey #2 : https://strawpoll.com/BDyNzj14OyR

Start of the challenge: 07/14 from 9 a.m.

Thank you in advance for your participation and enjoy the game 🙂

For the most beautiful tigress of erepublik 😘