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[Summit] Get ready to (subsidize a) party!

Day 1,834, 10:41 Published in USA USA by Pfeiffer.

So the admins announced more stuff about the summit, stating a lot of people from all over are coming. That's cool, must be nice to be able to take off work and/or school for something like that with 18 days notice.

I'm curious though...why such a late announcement? I know I would have tried to arrange to go to something like this given a bit more time. Not like years and years, but 4-6 months would be a nice courtesy to those of us who don't live in Romania. I mean, you're asking 99% of the eWorld to travel internationally, and for those of us in the Americas we have to travel across an ocean.

Passports, VISAs, and time off work immediately come to mind as hurdles to attending...and I haven't even mentioned costs yet. Using myself as an example, just airfare (once you account for fees and bags) was around 1100 USD. You can't bank on being one of the handful they'll give a free room to, so add in the cost of a hotel, food when you aren't specifically at the event, and spending cash for walking around a foreign country (which you'll do when you travel that far), and you're looking at 1600 USD as a minimum.

It's clear something like this isn't meant for the casual eRep player (unless they live in Romania and like free drinks), but for the long time players who spend money on the game. Now, I buy gold pretty regularly, I'm a solid 'Gold' member in the loyalty program, but I can't just drop 1600-2000 bucks on an international vacation with 18 days notice. Which leads me to the conclusion that this 'celebration' is really only for those who live close to eRep HQ (Romanians and possibly people in neighboring countries, primarily), those players who have incredibly flexible schedules and can simply walk away from work for international travel on a whim, and those who have enough disposable income to just fly off around the world at the drop of a hat...and the eRep staff, we can't forget that all of them will be partaking in this party the company is paying for.

Now, as someone who doesn't buy Romper/Scymex levels of gold, hell I'm not even at gnilraps/Oblige levels, I know they probably don't care much about what I've put into this game...but all I'm seeing here are the Admins using the money I spend on gold to not only pay themselves to perform what I would term 'typically slow and non-responsive' customer service, updates designed to encourage the purchase of gold and creation of multis rather than the development of a community, and apparently a giant 'birthday' party for the very small group of people I described above (Romanians, staff members, massive gold buyers).

So thanks, Admin. Thanks for showing us how much you care.

I will state now that some of the eRep staff is awesome. I've gotten to work with and know a few of them, and this is in no way directed at most of them. This is for the people at the top. Alexis, if you're still subscribed to me as you once were...cut the crap dude. You built an awesome game, stop choking the headless chicken so much.

For those who weren't around for it, enjoy the original party Plato:

As always, I remain,

Just Another Guy

Think they'll remove this?



Pfeiffer. Day 1,834, 10:41

First reserved for party Plato.

Dr Heisenberg
Dr Heisenberg Day 1,834, 10:42

I crash parties

Mr.Tosi Day 1,834, 10:43


Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,834, 10:44

I read this.

Party plato!

TTi09 Day 1,834, 10:48

I do agree with fiffer on this

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,834, 10:50

Face it, it would be a sad affair all round anyway -- you ever seen pics of Erep gatherings before? They should just give out free Gold or something, instead of hosting a party less than a percentile of the Erep population is actually gonna attend.


The-Comedian Day 1,834, 10:59

inb4 random RGR rant

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Day 1,834, 11:37

Now if they actually had, say, 5 all-inclusive, golden tickets to the event, that may have been cool. But instead, I am guessing that this will be an investor/well off RL Romanian affair. So ya, pretty lame and totally out of reach of anyone that's non-Romanian.

Rick von Ruger
Rick von Ruger Day 1,834, 11:39

probably will be removed lol

figured i'd comment anyway

Viarizi Day 1,834, 11:45


I am going!

Cyberion Day 1,834, 11:47

Deal with it.
The world does not solely focus on USA

Gnilraps Day 1,834, 11:49

Oblige buys gold?

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,834, 11:57

The Romanians don't want you there. Some of my friends are going and they don't like you. 😉

DokJon Day 1,834, 12:00

With that plane ticket money, we should throw our own party in the states.

Gaara Killah
Gaara Killah Day 1,834, 12:23

Why is not a single person talking about The Doctor?

Tiacha Day 1,834, 12:55

Been waiting for this article. You tell 'em, J.

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,834, 14:04

This is sexi.


Oblige Day 1,834, 14:21

Gnilraps buys gold?

Deificus Day 1,834, 15:39

I lol'd at Gnilraps and Oblige. You two can be cute sometimes.

... sometimes.

Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Day 1,834, 20:04


stewy Day 1,834, 21:46

Cyberion, i believe you missed the point of the article.. I'll spell it out for you though.

" I mean, you're asking 99% of the eWorld to travel internationally", "Passports, VISAs, and time off work immediately come to mind as hurdles to attending" and...

stewy Day 1,834, 21:47

"all I'm seeing here are the Admins using the money I spend on gold to not only pay themselves to perform what I would term 'typically slow and non-responsive' customer service, updates designed to encourage the purchase of gold rather and creation of multis rather than the development of a community, and apparently a giant 'birthday' party"

wow, i agreed with something pfieffer said lol

chazp Day 1,835, 01:09

Where could they have the party and not have 99% travel, seems to me a great deal of the players are from Balkans, and if this pisses you off then it's karma for the lack of wars eUSA has fighting, did I ever thank you for that 😛

Publius Day 1,835, 01:10

This is a game mostly played by balkan students. It is a microniche MMO. This "summit" seems entirely appropriate for the audience.

Cyberion Day 1,835, 01:15

Thanks @chazp to make my point more clear 🙂

@henry, @stewy: if the summit was in USA another group would complain, and you would have financed the flight of eRep HQ to USA, too 🙂

ilphen Day 1,835, 01:25

@stewy, there is actually a thing called EU and Schengen treaty, which means people from about 35-40 countries can travel to Romania without visa or a passport whatsoever, an ID is all you need. but sad story only 1 murrican on the party ;_;
Funny how you call Russia, Middle East, Southern/Northern America 99% of the world, when actually the majority of players are from European countries..
customer service? is very good when I write the tickets, dunnoes what fluffer has experienced

ilphen Day 1,835, 01:28

But I agree, it could have been released a bit earlier.. 20 days, isn't that much,
I'll have a beer for you fluffer can't stand to see you so sad : (

RupTot Day 1,835, 02:08

U mad bro? 😕

Artela Day 1,835, 02:42

Even for those on the periphery of Europe this was a tall ask, especially at only a few weeks if notice. Most who work have vacation years ending in December and so have already used most vacation allowable. Add the costs of the upcoming holiday season on top of getting time off work and the costs of getting to the event, etc and this was a non starter for the majority.

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,835, 04:09

I have to agree with Pfeiffer here, erepublik admins could have at least made deals with airline companies for those who wanted to join the party and had to come overseas. I'm also a gold buyer, i work in real and I would have enough for the travel but I can't just take off 18 days of my work schedule

Pfeiffer. Day 1,835, 07:31

ilphen - the vast majority of tickets get a brush off, and closed. You know this.

Cyberion - nowhere did I advocate having it in the USA, just giving people more than 18 days notice. Some mega gold buyers and moderators knew a few days earlier, but even so...three weeks to plan ANY international travel is really asking a lot.

Thedillpickl Day 1,835, 08:55

Speaking as someone who seldom buys gold :cough: I wouldn't spend much real money just to get drunk with mostly eRep admins and staff. I would like someday if money makes itself available to fly to Eastern Europe and possibly meet up with some I've met here. Funny how I am most friendly with those from Eastern and Central Europe and not so much Western Europe. Is Turkey in Europe or Asia? I wanna meet several people there. 😃:D

Kao nick Day 1,835, 11:58

Comment deleted

Sozo Day 1,835, 14:25

Makes sense when you think about it Pfeiffer. The people Plato appreciates most are those with lots of money and no lives. Exactly the type who'd be able to up and fly away to Romania on two weeks (& change) notice.

Stan Brown
Stan Brown Day 1,835, 14:30

Turkey's in both maybe? It's like right on the border if not both then it's in Asia.

Bizarre Love Triangle
Bizarre Love Triangle Day 1,835, 16:59

Turkey is in Eurasia.

Antwone2012 Day 1,835, 17:21

Buy gold? Seems a bit much, but then again I'm new.

Neo Iasov
Neo Iasov Day 1,835, 17:24

Let's just have an American eRep Party.

That'll show 'em.

Fessti Day 1,835, 17:40


weezo1 Day 1,835, 19:18

@RGR: ''. Some of my friends are going and they don't like you.'' Implying you have friends!!!! i've laughed.

Dell Fargus
Dell Fargus Day 1,835, 19:39

Why the heck would I want to go to a party in some ass-backward 3rd world country?

Creativitya Day 1,835, 20:21

Dell Fargus , just by implying that Romania is a 3rd world country shows how damn retarded you are .

Thedillpickl Day 1,835, 22:11

What the hell's a "Eurasia"? Is that like a treebush? Sorta like a tree but more like a bush? lol


Dell, ya ever go to a party as someones house that you really don't know? A friend of a friend of a friend thing. When you puke on the white couch, break their fancy assed lamp on the end table and crush the garbage can backing out of the driveway you don't feel so bad. Plus you can block their phone number and not have to listen to them bitch about paying them back.

Synesi Day 1,835, 22:11

mh hmm

invaluable Day 1,836, 03:30

Apparently they want people from European countries only (lets say Ukrainians, Turks, Russians and Balkan countries as well), attending that meeting. Just spotting the obvious, lol.

ionutzd Day 1,836, 04:56

I saw brasilians on the list, argentinians, australians, americans on the confirmation list ...

now let's see... 1100 USD the flight (that's what pfeiffer said), about 200 USD accomodation in Bucharest for 3 days (there are lost of hotels and I'm sure you don't need 600 euros appartment at Radisson)..

As seen in , US citizens needs no visa to enter Romania (wish I could say the same thing about romanians entering US)

ionutzd Day 1,836, 05:01


that means you would need about 1300 USD for traveling and accommodation... 1600 USD would be more than enough to get to Romania and enjoy the party. Considering the fact that you live in US, I'm sure 1600 USD is not such a big amount for such an "exotic" location. I'm sure you won't visit Romania another time.

that leaves us the 18 days notice... It's the only part where I agree with you... They needed at least 3 months so that everybody could arrange with work, tickets, etc.

Technician Day 1,836, 05:27

I would not spend $1600 USD to go to Romania for any reason, $1600 USD is a big amount even for such an "exotic" location.

poe101591 Day 1,836, 05:29

It's not surprising a small company would throw a anniversary party. So what, they want to invite players to join them and want to make a little 'thing' out of the whole idea. Complaining that the money you've spent on this game is going to something inaccessible to you seems a bit idiotic, do you really think eRepublic would exist if it wasn't making some sort of profit after taking in account of wages?

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