[Suggestion] Economical Licenses

Day 2,098, 02:48 Published in China Romania by CornelB

You know there are, Market Licenses, right?

Why not replace Market Licenses with ECONOMICAL licenses?
You buy a Economical License from country X an😛
- produce using their bonuses
- hire employees from their country
- pay taxes for them
- sell on their market

Economical Licenses could be a permanent thing and one could only change the economical license every X period (1 month / week / whatever)
They could be lease base😛
A one-time license purchase would allow you lease/ pay X/month to that country's treasury for using it's economical facilities (Congress-set fee).

Upon changing Economical license, all employees would be fired.
You could still SELL in countries where you have Economical license (current market License).

That would eliminate 90% of the citizenship requests, in my opinion.
And TO attempts masked as Economical Requests.

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