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[Statistics]All Countries Presidential Elections 2012.05

Day 1,631, 13:47 Published in Portugal Portugal by jotapelx


Today we will analyze the last presidential elections around the eWorld. It is also a good opportunity to look to the demographics of the eRepublik. The numbers are much better for our community since the last elections with the rise of active population but there is still a drop of the total number of voters from the previous presidential elections. The total active population of eRepublik rose from 214,329 in 6th of April, to 244,909 in the 6th of May, representing a 15% gain. But the numbers of voters dropped a bigger percentage: 9%, from 57,258 to 51,920.

First we look into the Ranking of the countries which have a bigger number of voters, and then we will group the information by Alliances and by Big Alliances. The mapping of the countries to each Alliance was done in this article

After going through the rankings, we will look into the participation ratio in a graphical version to allow the comparison between the total population and the number of voters.

If we consider that the total number of voters is the actual active population of each country, we will see some charts with the representation of each Alliance in our pie charts.

The data of these statistics is from day 1629 at 08:00.

In the Top of the Ranking there was a swap of positions between Poland and Serbia. The Biggest Climb was from Malaysia, climbing 13 positions in this ranking. South Korea and Republic of Moldova fell 13 positions.

Bulgaria increased their population 73% with an outstanding Baby boom, from 9626 to 16657 Active Population. But the biggest change was in Colombia, which more than doubled their active population from 1950 to 4408 Active Players.

Noteworthy is the mandate strength of the candidates from Latvia with a participation Ratio of 30%, and the CP was elected with a 72% result. Slovakia and New Zealand also have a very strong mandate.

The increase in the number of players was felt across almost all Alliances. Although their participation in the elections had mixed results in all Alliances

And by Big Alliances we have:

The next charts give an idea of the Participation in this election and in the Congress elections against the total population of each Alliance

And by Big Alliances we have:

The next charts gives an idea of how the distribution of voters per Alliance

And by Big Alliances we have:

The Active Population distributed by Alliance and Big Alliance can be seen in the next charts:

And by Big Alliances we have:

And that's all for the Presidential Elections

As always, in order for this information to reach a wider audience, please vote, subscribe and shout this article.

Best Regards,


PS: I'm proud to say that this newspaper has a Chinese translation in .



Somwhere in Time
Somwhere in Time Day 1,631, 13:58

Great job mate.

Darren OKitty
Darren OKitty Day 1,631, 14:08

Dude, seriously, i need to flip my head when i want to read what does the bar says. change it.

teXou Day 1,631, 14:08


sgtchewy Day 1,631, 15:22

Great job

fagyan Day 1,631, 15:39

great job

Habro Vitalik
Habro Vitalik Day 1,631, 15:51


csc11 Day 1,631, 16:02


Lokahi Day 1,631, 16:58

Dude, seriously, i need to flip my head when i want to read what does the bar says. change it.

25RUS Day 1,631, 17:37

good job!

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