[STATE] Country Briefing - North Korea

Day 4,657, 22:36 Published in USA USA by Department of State

The eUS State Department presents the following briefing on North Korea as a service to the local and global public. Most of it is based upon a recent interview with the NK CP: Maxinoi II de Aviles.

Who are the eNorth Koreans?

With a total population of just under 100 players, NK is predominantly composed of RL Spaniards with some players from RL Sweden and/or Latin America. Recently, some Albanians arrived at the country, raising suspicions in an otherwise intimate community.

Religion and Society

Dioists will be glad to learn that the dominant religion in eNK is "Warmism-Isabelism", a local branch of a eSpanish faith:

"Warm is everything and nothing, Warm is in every place and in no place at the same time. But he is not good or evil. To understand it you can imagine that Warm is similar to a god, but not exactly cause Warm is over any god" (de Aviles).

The national spiritual leader is the Prophet/Demigod Isabel Yo Jong, hence the country's name: "the People’s Elizabethan Republic of Korea". Isable is also the current MoFA and is credited with the social revival of the country approximately a year ago.

Supreme leader, prophet, demigod and beloved mother of all Koreans Isable, along with current CP Maxinoi II de Aviles

But worry not if you're planning a trip, all religions are tolerated in NK and English is widely used

Politics and Government

Due to a perceived PTO threat the country recently embraced a defensive dictatorship, a not so common practice in today's New World.

Relative to its size, the country is investing heavily in institution building, a rudimentary constitution was recently ratified and a national army was created. There's a program in place to encourage air fighters.

The top 5 parties maintain good or at least cordial inter-party relations, worthy of note is the local communist party: Workers Party of Korea, which opposes the dictatorship as well as rejects the dominant religious dogma. Their constitution can be viewed here.

Workers Party of Korea

Geo-Strategic Posture

"We're a peaceful country. It's true that we have nuclear weapons, but it's only for our protection, we'd never think of pressing any red button and bombing Washington" (de Aviles jokingly…).

NK ranks around 60 in country ground damage and 35ish in air damage. As its military capability is limited it tries to maintain neutrality. The CP states Sweden, Israel, Cuba and Estonia as friends of NK. Most military activity is centered around TWs with these countries. The country has no specific attitude towards the eUS.

That's it for today, thanks again to NK CP Maxinoi II de Aviles for allowing us a glimpse into his unique community, stay tuned for more State Department media.