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[State] Announcing a TW with Thailand

Day 3,276, 21:29 Published in USA USA by Department of State

If you haven't been paying much attention, eRepublik's 9th birthday is fast approaching. The old folk out there amongst you will remember that some of the birthday tasks always involve fighting. Right now we don't have any of our own battles , because our reconquest of Sumatra was a cakewalk. Again.

An opportunity for a Training War with Thailand has arisen. This is refreshing, as we don't get to battle them under normal circumstances.

If you’re unclear, a Training War (TW) is a war conducted in a controlled manner where all territories are returned to their owners at the conclusion of the war. Why would anyone do that? Because war is profitable for citizens. There are abundant opportunities for earning True Patriot medals (at 1000 CC apiece), Freedom Fighter medals (at 1000 CC apiece) and Resistance Hero medals (at 5 gold apiece). Plus the usual suspects in Battle Hero, Sky Hero and Campaign Hero. So please, take the chances on offer!

The TW will progress as follows:

1. After the eUSA retakes Sumatra, eThailand will pass a declaration of war against the eUSA.
2. eThailand will attack and lose.
3. A training war on eThai territory will proceed as follows:
i. Southern Thailand
ii. Eastern Thailand
iii. Central Thailand
4. eUSA will win all direct wars
5. eThailand will launch resistance wars as soon as possible, and win all resistance wars.

The sequence in points 3-5 will repeat until the Training War is concluded, which will be at the end of the 9th birthday celebrations.


Department of State
Department of State Day 3,276, 21:29

[eUS State Dept] A US-Thai TW is coming

Dio Eraclea
Dio Eraclea Day 3,276, 21:32


Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 3,276, 22:12

Long time since I've seen this.

Selak Ivan
Selak Ivan Day 3,276, 22:52

Thai? How come?

Ilene Dover
Ilene Dover Day 3,277, 23:03

Because we can, and it's different to normal.

N.oName Day 3,277, 01:24

better build a wall and make ubod pay for it xdxd

ubod Day 3,277, 15:19

I dont have 8 billion 🙁

yet 😃

Ivanov Leonid
Ivanov Leonid Day 3,277, 01:35

Does this already Trupm's or still Obama's decision?

Severrus Snape
Severrus Snape Day 3,277, 01:46

"because our reconquest of Sumatra was a cakewalk. Again"

As if eUSA has been waging war against some superpower.. You disgust me.

Propaganda at its finest. Pity you have people to believe it lol

N.oName Day 3,277, 02:03

no one said indonesia was a superpower.
paranoia at its finest
: (

Wild Owl
Wild Owl Day 3,277, 02:32

We just elected Trump as PotUS, so let me tell you straight up that we can believe everything.

Ilene Dover
Ilene Dover Day 3,277, 02:38

It's a government paper. Propoaganda is allowed.

Garmr Day 3,277, 08:35

You are more than welcome to offer me a real challenge, come and invade the US ❤️❤️😘😘

Garmr Day 3,277, 08:33


Citizen 8942290
Citizen 8942290 Day 3,277, 09:37

They will say: the highlight of his failed presidency was a training war with Thais

Garmr Day 3,278, 13:21

Comment deleted

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 3,277, 10:32

sisa ubod

almnet Day 3,277, 11:59


Iamnameless Day 3,277, 18:03

sure let's go

Gabrielz_Horn Day 3,278, 07:07

ok but dont hurt them, just slap them around a little.

YutuKaron Day 3,278, 11:09


PimpDollaz Day 3,278, 14:53

Make America Grate Again

BangIades Day 3,278, 16:20

Training war? Better wipe Thailand and make America great again o7

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