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@Standing for PP elections..!!

Day 1,906, 07:09 Published in India Croatia by naman007

Hi eIndians,
This is my first article for Party President Elections.

Recently there were CP elections and we were successfull in getting the position of Country President...
Wishing Best of Luck for our country president Xordin....

Dear YUUVA's and all who are interested,
I have decided to run for Party President of YUUVA This month.
This article is to give you a reason why should you vote for me , and my plans if I get elected.

"Here Are Some Keypoints":

1 ) We need an Increase in Citizens and to Look After Our Young members

2) We need a Happy, Tough and Functioning Military

3) We need to make our Country Conducive for Business

1) Social Schemes:

I will be expanding our social schemes and offers to the newer citizens this month.
I will also try to expand our offers to people who join us on the Forums, It’s a key thing that we as a Party encourage all new players to join the forums, Join the IRC, Never mind which party they choose to join, In the end our aim is to improve the eIndia as a country!
link for IRC:

2) Recruitment:

Recruitment will be one of my top priorities next month, Bringing in New Members and also the old experienced players who’s generally active is an achievement for me, and the future of Yuuva depends on them.


Congress results last month was another fantastic, another one of my top priorities will be too win more seats as a party in the House of Commons. I will research many ways for us to be effective on the elections to win more seats as possible.

4) CP Elections:

I as Party President will be electing an effective Candidate for Country President election. Our Candidate WILL have full support from the partyand also will be help him in formation of his cabinet. That all I have to say.

5) Media:

Media will be used often by the party, I will try to make the best of the current crappy Media Module. Media members will publish article. The goal is for a new article to be released every 3 – 5 days.

6) Opportunity’s for EVERYONE:

As stated above, Recruiting new Players will be a target for me, Another target will be too open up many Opportunity’s for everyone, Especially the newer players. Opportunities will include massive involvement in every area of YUUVA. I plan to introduce Policy to become Friendlier towards New Players.
WE NEED YOU to build this Party to be a force in eIndian politics and bring our fine Nation together to work as one .

Thanks for reading,
Your Votes Count!

Please help by voting and subscribing. 🙂🙂

Congress member(YUVAA)



Dranze R
Dranze R Day 1,906, 07:35


Alias Vision
Alias Vision Day 1,906, 10:59

Good luck!

GouthamKrishnan Day 1,906, 19:43

Good luck buddy o7

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,906, 21:34

"Another target will be too open up many Opportunity’s for everyone"

Lip service, this statement is grandstanding to buy votes. I did not see this in my time in eIndia.

Stolch Day 1,907, 06:05


I think your butt-hurt act is getting boring: P


I think you need to adress some other issues first before asking for more responsibility:

1. Why did you have an avatar of BSD (a croatian military unit, historically sponsored by Romper), before changing it to the current one?
2. Explanation on the two law proposals you did without consulting anyone in congress on your first day as elected member of congress?
3. Do you have the needed experiance to combat potential PTO threats as a PP of the biggest Indian political party and who would have the final say about congress lists for the next congress elections? These congress members will have the right to give out CS. As has happened with another very inexperienced congress member from the party .
4. What makes you qualified to "elect" the next CP candidate from the party? This is in congruence with the previous question?

And lastly please provide some specifics to the general statements you have made as nowhere there is a "how" only populous statements "opportunity for everyone", "massive involvement in every area". Nowhere is there a single specific topic in your presentation.

Please do not consider this comment as hostile, on the contrary I believe it is part of the growing process in the game and constructive criticism is good.

Asmitatheone Day 1,907, 20:27

Well said Stoich. In fact this is our favorite error while asking for votes.
We say we will do-this and do-that, but hardly ever chart the path of how to do it.
This is not specific to this article, but to most support seeking articles in eIndia Media.

naman007 Day 1,907, 20:32

@ erichard parker
1) bcoz i dont know much about the game and i copied any of the avatar of any player but i have
understanded i will not do it again...
2) bcoz i don't know much about the game and i proposed any law.... 🙁
3) no i don't have experience combat potential!!
4) i will tell in an article......

Wildy Quark
Wildy Quark Day 1,910, 07:14

Good luck

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