[South Africa] The "PTO" in Brazil

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The So Called "PTO" in Brazil
I, Oceanus, am excited to support the new effort to fight back against Brazil. I'm talking about the Press Takeover! Our plan is to smother Brazil's voice, to demoralize and decentralize their community. Brazil wants to accept us into their "empire", and our home belongs to them. Lets show them what humble and gracious Brazilian citizens we are... Lets show them the strong and determined separatist sect now existing in their "empire", lets show them the South African Resistance!

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No matter who you are, you can support the Press Takeover. South African expats, supporters of our cause, enemies of Brazil! Subscribe to the papers listed at this link:
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Once you have subscribed, check your RS Feed each day and vote all of the South African articles you find. It should only take a minute or so. If you have the time, read the articles! None of us will be spamming , and they will all hopefully be worthwhile and nice bits of news. Right now it is mostly articles like this one (vote for it), and others about the South African Resistance. I doubt we'll run out of material as there is alot of organizing to do. But if we do, maybe a nice story or poem about our home in Africa would be fine. So long as its not spam and is worth reading. Also, to the publishers, add [South Africa] to the beggining of your articles. This will distinguish you from Brazilian ones, (don't let yourself be fooled by imposters though) and will also make an interesting sight when you look at Brazilian media and see a wall of "[South Africa]"

Brazil: Only Another Obstacle
I know that if everyone who supports the South African cause joins us in voting up articles, that we can easily erase Brazil's media and strengthen the South African community at the same time. To some, this may seem trivial, but I say no: it is essential (And will also be alot of fun). It is the strong will of our little country that will overpower Brazil and bring our liberation. We do not have as many citizens, but we have better ones. We may not have as many resources, but we have more ingenuity. Our's was an extraordinary nation for having been so small. Time and time again we have confronted and overcome obstacles that seem impossible for a nation with only a few hundred active citizens. If the scale were even, and we had as much manpower as Brazil then it would be us who might be conquering THEM! But that is not our way, this is what sets us apart. We have always fought only for the nine provinces of our homeland and never for imperialist gain.

South Africans and Foreign Supporters
and drown Brazil's voice!

/\OH, to my Ambassador Corp. (No I haven't dismissed you : D) These are your new objectives /\

Ons Vir Jou Suid Afrika