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[SoMF] Find an Avatar : Final results (and other stuffs)

Day 2,059, 00:08 Published in Belgium Netherlands by Belgium Incorporated
[SoMF]Find an avatar: Final results

So, there were finally 16 persons who participated to this choice that will impact my life for at least the next month. I will show you a nice statistical graph:

(Did I said that it would be related to the poll?)

As some of you may know, I will also be in vacation for a week and only come back during monday so there won't be any new article during that time (unless there is some internet access in the far away country of Italy where I am going, but I doubt it, they are barely able to remain on the eMap after all, which means that they don't have much Internet access).

To counter the el1temkd contest, I therefore propose a winter game based on this game:

Long live rabbits

It is a funny game where you can deals insane high score (don't post anything if you have less than 1 trillion damage, you would be humiliated 😉 ).

But I am just delaying the unavoidable, right?

So here is the true result of the poll:

Getting confused? If you cannot properly read a graphic, maybe that you should not try to look at it 😛. It's my fault? Fine, here is another one:

It should be fine now 😉.

Ok then, well... I guess I have no hope left... It's lucky that the congress elections are not held on an individual basis anymore, I would be dead 😛.

See you next week everyone and don't forget to keep enjoying this game 😉.

Secretary of Media & FUN



Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 2,059, 00:12


Ely.nea Day 2,059, 00:17

thanks and have fun !

Kaad Day 2,059, 02:55

Thanks! And congratz everyone!

tommot Day 2,059, 03:50

Nice choice

funny game(cute little white rabbit). 😛

Boklevski Day 2,059, 04:12


Or wasn't that your point?

Jofroi Day 2,059, 04:37

Yeah, that's a good point too 😛

Jeiry Day 2,059, 05:02

You look pretty with that avatar. Should bring you many girls.

BelgiumGeneral Day 2,059, 06:05

Highscore: 1350 😛

Jofroi Day 2,059, 07:31

I was serious about the trillion 😉.

Minino. Day 2,059, 06:30


Ronan the Accuser I
Ronan the Accuser I Day 2,059, 17:10

voted ^^ rien compris

MaryamQ Day 2,060, 16:33

In this case, comprehension probably has an inverse relationship to IQ score. 😉

MaryamQ Day 2,060, 16:34

Not sure whether I voted for the game, the graphics or the avatar. Have fun in Italy!

e Vladimir
e Vladimir Day 2,060, 17:12

^^ hahaha

e Vladimir
e Vladimir Day 2,060, 17:12

nice avatar, voted

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