[SOC] Cozza’s super CP seal of approval

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And now for another article from a State of Cozza

And Cozza’s super CP seal of approval goes to


Why Homer is great
Sometimes Talon Karrde come's over with his UK-TWO band and shows off

But Homer knows how to deal with it

With his sound money advice. We will never go wrong.

So come Election Day. Send him to the Parliament house

*ps - I just wrote this article so I can put that Ned Flander’s gif in it and also I just wanted to write an article with Simpson pictures. But you really should vote Homer for CP

*pps - There seems to be a bit of this Roboa nonsense going on in eCanada. Citizen's are advised to proceed with danger around any Roboa related activity. A State of Cozza will keep you updated on Roboa related incidents around eCanada as part of a citizen's watch