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... so i sold my soul to the devil

Day 1,803, 19:23 Published in Sweden Sweden by Mcrave
This is a story of a man who thought he could play with the devil and win.

War, war can make a man do things beyond reason, with no concern for your life or the life of others.
Power can make a man lose his mind, become ruthless power hungry and soulless man.

Combine those two things, war and power, and you will have a man who would do anything to achieve his personal gain.

I thought i could handle it, but i was wrong, deadly wrong.
I had seen war, been in war, i had lead an army to both victory and defeat.

The fact that i always survived made me belive that i was a god, a god of war.

Hero they used to call me, a savior from heaven.
When all seemed lost and warriors fell to the ground, i was the one they call.
I saved the day, the little village and its people and it felt good.

I was truly a hero.

All this made me rich and famous, my ego become larger and larger.
Soon there was not enough wars to satisfy my needs, so i created wars.
I become the same men i used to fight and kill.
I started to conquer land by land, village by village.

I plundered them on everything, food, women and money.
The people who loved and saw up to me started to fear me.
I was no hero.

But i was not enough, i didn't feel satisfied, i wanted more.
Power, i wanted to have the power to rule the world.

So i sold my soul to the devil and in return he made my the king of all mankind.
I was a god, a master and a soulless warrior.
I enjoyed every minut of my life, but who wouldn´t, rich and glory and all the power you could imagine in your hands.

When the time went by i started to realise what i have done.
All the wars i have been through, all the power i had didn't mean anything any longer.

I was alone, empty, a soulless man with no purpose, no meaning.
I ruled nothing, it was the devil who hade the power, he had my soul.

The devil tormented my soul together with thousand other souls in the fires of hell.
I wanted my soul back, my life back.
To be complete again.

So i went down to hell and demanded my soul back from the devil.
Only to be laught at, and the devil cast me to the ground and he said, i gave you everything you wanted, who do you think you are? coming here and bargain with me!
Your soul is mine to torment for a thousand years. Go back to your world you your worm or i will kill you.

So i decided to do a last battle, a fight with the devil, a fight for my soul, for my life.

I wandered in hell, thinking, gathering my strength.
Waiting for the right time to strike.

The time went by, i beginning to recruited an army of lost souls, who also wanted to be free.
Trained and gave them all my knowledge of war.
I become their hope and hero.

The final day came, and i was ready, my army was ready to face the lord of hell.
One more fight, a final epic battle against a great enemy in his own domain, in hell.

Legion of lost souls marching to war

The epic final battle in hell

So the question all want to know now is, did i get my soul back, did i play with the devil and won?

Hell yes!

Now i am the ruler of it all.

Out of the Shadows and into the sun
Dreams of the past as the old ways are done
Oh there is beauty and surely there is pain
But we must endure it to live again

A man who casts no shadow has no soul



Svamppaj II
Svamppaj II Day 1,805, 07:28


Mcrave Day 1,805, 07:45

@Dr Uberstein I am coming for your soul.. moohaaa

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