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:::: Snowman Mission Reward ::::

Day 1,856, 02:35 Published in Israel Israel by LiorD
Snow fight!

Description: Snowman challenges you! Complete first mission requirement to accept the challenge.
You need to defeat Snowman before the end of Day 1875.

DIV 1: Defeat 22 opponents in 1 day, Defeat Snowman,
DIV 2: Defeat 44 opponents in 1 day, Defeat Snowman,
DIV 3: Defeat 66 opponents in 1 day, Defeat Snowman,
DIV 4: Defeat 88 opponents in 1 day, Defeat Snowman,


DIV 1: 2 x Bazooka Booster, 2 x BH Rocket, 2 x Energy Bar
DIV 2: 4 x Bazooka Booster, 4 x BH Rocket, 4 x Energy Bar
DIV 3: 6 x Bazooka Booster, 6 x BH Rocket, 6 x Energy Bar
DIV 4: 8 x Bazooka Booster, 8 x BH Rocket, 8 x Energy Bar

The Rockets damage varies according to the division you are in:
Div 1 : 75.000 damage
Div 2 : 375.000 damage
Div 3 : 750.000 damage
Div 4 : 1.500.000 damage

© Swooshy

Snowman Mission Reward:


Perfect.Knight Day 1,856, 03:02


Chukamika Day 1,856, 03:20


Angie Varona
Angie Varona Day 1,856, 03:53

Voted... more rockets? pss

orerez Day 1,856, 05:25

I finished the first part as a DIV2 soldier, but I will finish the second part as a DIV3 soldier ... I wonder what will my prize be ...

orerez Day 1,856, 05:29

I got the DIV2 prize. Bummer.

daniels22026 Day 1,856, 08:21

What is happening?! The mission change suddenly, appear 0 (zero) opponents remaining to be defeated, snowman defeat, mission accomplish, and then disappear from Missions board!

I received only one rocket as reward and the mission seems to be finalized. But I know for sure that I didn't defeat all 88 opponents required by the initial text of mission!

israeli tov
israeli tov Day 1,856, 13:25

holly shit the price is worth the prize

eIDF Reserves
eIDF Reserves Day 1,857, 23:49


natan65 Day 1,857, 00:20


Steveeven Day 1,857, 14:58

@daniels: I had the same problem too. They show that I completed the mission with 0 opponents etc and I got one rocket. However, shortly after this problem, the game underwent a maintenance period in which this problem is fixed. I did my mission, killed 88 opponents and snowman, and got my reward.

Contact game support/bug if this issue is still bothering you.

Neta12 Day 1,857, 15:37

סיימתי תמשימה איזה אושר גדול, אושר גדוללללללללללל

Heitor cruz
Heitor cruz Day 1,857, 22:45


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