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Day 1,885, 08:09 Published in India Canada by Roger Griswald

Over the last month and a half I have called eIndia home. I worked to spur on a greater level of interaction and debate in the country. To this end I endovoured to post a plethora of articles in the media and was an active participant in discussion on IRC.

While I was active, the media module was full of articles and more citizens are engaged in debating the day-to-day actions of their government.

I also, albeit controversially, heavily criticized the foolish mistakes and errors of the December CP and his failure to negotiate simple diplomacy and the ending result of us being wiped by eCroatia. I was proud to see the people of eIndia ending the anti-transparent rule of Uv Ajed, and am happy to see the new CP actively providing updates in clean and clear newspaper articles.

This month I choose to throw my hat into the ring in the bid for Party President of the Forward Bloc. I had never thought that I would be a serious contender for election as of my overt critiques of the government, however I was honoured to have garnered as much support as I did, finishing just three votes behind Uv Ajed.

Over the last week, my military unit has slowly left the eIndian shores as the collective group has never felt truly welcome in eIndia and decided to stem the constant ostracization by moving to a more welcoming community. I have struggled with whether to stay or follow the herd. While I am still considering this, the acts of xenophobia that were employed against Addy Lawrence during the recent election are weighing heavily on my mind.

Addy is a strong supporter of eIndia following a shift in alliances (something that made him unpopular with many other UAgg members), he played an active role in the India United Party and served in Congress with no issues of concern raised. He is also a tycoon of industry and employs 179 eIndians. The tax revenue from his companies alone accounts for $8,000 INR a month to the treasury. However, while he has proven to be a friend and loyal citizen there was work done to block him from winning a genuine election by vote rigging. Addy has announced that he is clearly not a welcome member of the eIndian community and will be moving away.

Added to Addy, a number of UAgg members have/are leaving eIndia, costing eIndia an enormous opportunity and undermining the chance of eIndian sovereignty.

It appears that some of the leadership in eIndia thinks that a baby boom should be the priority and I agree, however I would also like to remind them that the loss of UAgg means that eIndia will loose roughly 100,000,000 influence in battles daily, employment of hundred of eIndians, revenue in excess of $12,000 a month from taxes, and the combined experience of some of the games oldest players.

It is very sad that things are not working out, however it has become clear that many feel that UAgg is not worth the benefits, even though the group has never acted in a hostile way against eIndia.

Its sad to say goodbye, but not when you are being told to leave.


SEP M.V Day 1,885, 08:16


MaestroAkel Day 1,885, 08:18

WTG Roger

DiegoIceAge Day 1,885, 08:19


Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,885, 08:24

hmmm. Interesting. You lost by 3 votes and addy by 6 votes. And you guys think that we are hostile. Answer a simple question: who voted for you? your multies or eIndians?

You guys want to win PP election the very first time you contest ? No surprises here, when UAGG's referendum was asked, I was against a pvt. MU coming and the reaction i got from Zina80 was we are RACIST and the explain she gave me is because i opposed it. You want to win things without opposition ?

Be a good sport RG. When you guys are getting votes from our people, you blame others for not voting for you / addy ?

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,885, 08:25

Ahoy Roger, and best of luck in your future endeavours.

UAgg will always have each other, eIndia will always have eIndia, and for a few short months, eIndia had UAgg. One day, eIndia will have their babyboom. Until then, the cow of eIndia will bear the yoke of the wipe that eCroatia placed upon it.

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 1,885, 08:27

I sympathise with my eIndian brothers. UAgg is nothing more than a mobile PTO unit.

/me stirs the pot.

Antich Bananich
Antich Bananich Day 1,885, 08:31

I'm in eIndia for more then 2 years, and eIndia was home for many foreign players (mostly EDEN members), as RL eIndians were small in numbers. There were always tolerance and unity (in 95% cases:) especially every election cause of organized ATOs. All parties worked together as one, and members moved inbetween for ATO purposes. I can only say - GREATest COMMUNITY of every nationality.

But in last 2 months it seems (to me) that eIndia has lost faith in new citizens (foreign) and that tolerance has very much degraded. I hope i'm wrong, but last month prez and lack of media communication and transparency raised my doubts for that.

Anywayz, good luck to everybody, and farewell. Seems like couple of us (CRO community) are gonna leave soon, but we wish eIndia all the best, whatever road you choose.

See ya all on the battlefield _:)

Treian Day 1,885, 08:34


I think you're missing the point..... Roger is not saying he's sore about losing his election, he's happy that he did so well.....

He's saying that Addy was going to win his election in a legitimate way until the powers that be stepped in, brought 11 or more players into IU to vote against Addy to make him lose......

Had it been left up to the TRUE party members of IU, Addy would have been PP, but strategic voting against him took place...... THAT is the only issue anyone is taking exception to.....

On a side note..... where we come from. multi's are not the norm. we don't multi. ( however your accusation is noted and summarily laughed at then dismissed )

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,885, 08:34


I ran for PP of India United, a party that had 49 members. Incredibly, 61 votes were cast in this PP election. Incredibly, 15 of those 61 votes were cast in the last two hours of the election and all of them went to vigorious. Prior to this point in time, I was earning two of every four votes and vigorious was earning one, the balance was split amongst the other candidates. A block of votes acted in the final hours of the election and this block clearly did not want me to win as I was leading by six votes at the time. It is not that I lost, it is how I lost.

Also, it's not just the most recent PP election, the congress election went in a similar fashion, with our members getting very low priority on the ballot cards and voter turnout by party inconsistent with votes cast in an apparent effort to keep UAgg candidates out of congress.

We aren't leaving because we lost, rather because we feel there is no chance of winning. We asked what was required for us to stand a fair chance. We were told to wait patiently on the sidelines for two months and build trust. We did that. We stood on the sidelines. We fought for eIndia. We hosted article writing competitions. We volunteered our time, tanks and political connections for eIndia gain. eIndian tooks those tanks, benefited from those efforts of time, and leveraged those political connections.

After all this, strategic moves to keep us suppressed and requests to give more.

I have given all that I can give, and I do not see fair value in return. It is time to go.

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,885, 08:36

Look at the Yuuva election, 90 members but only 35 votes, that is a voter turnout of 40%. India United voter turnout was over 100%. How do you explain that?

It's blatently obvious.

To deny it is like the NRA saying guns aren't the problem, just arm the teachers or put armed guards in the classrooms.

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,885, 09:02

There is no concept of different political parties here (atleast that's what i have seen in the last 5 months of my existence here). Give it 2 more months. Stand for next PP election as well. You have done a lot, why waste that. You are getting votes and respect. Don't tank if you think you are being used just for that. I still remember CFovetS trying to get support from his frnds in the Thai RW and Zina80 tanking a lot.

Come on guys, Croats and Serb (who are like arch-enemies in this game) can find a common ground to work things out, you think we can't do that.

@Treian, if Roger didnt get vote from his multies, it obviously means he got vote from RL indians. gotcha. ???

@Addy, thing is you underestimated Vigorious. He is well known to all BRATS. Morning 10 to 12 pm is the peak time in india. we are used to voting during the time. Mind you i am supporting neither you nor vigorious. All i am saying he he would definite get 20-30 votes easily given that he has helped a lot of newbies. I gave him the BRATS command a day back as well to him. You had a good competitor.

Alias Vision
Alias Vision Day 1,885, 09:13


Do you appreciate the hill you are asking us to climb? You've been here 1.5 months longer than us yet you are telling us we haven't paid our dues.

Anotherlamedrunk Day 1,885, 09:26

Everyone in United Aggression would we welcomed back into Canada

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,885, 09:39

@AV, climb it and you will see the light that i am referring to. You are this close to reaching it. This is not the reason you should exit from here. I ask you to stay for the same reason you stayed back when half of your MU went.

what's with UAGG, one calling me a racist because i opposed her, the other telling me i accuse of not paying the dues. Thought you guy can do rational debate.

There is no way i can stop you guys from leaving. To my eyes, when things go against u, u guys come up with excuses of how badly the country is treating you. If u have the balls to weather this storm, stay here else go away like others. U can interpret whichever the way you wish to.

Alias Vision
Alias Vision Day 1,885, 10:37

We can do rational debate. Disagreeing with you and telling you what we think/feel does not make this irrational does it?

The problem with situations like these is that you can only look through the looking glass one way.

I would stay, you can ask anyone in my MU and they will tell you as much. But to stay I want to be able to have conversations with the whole of India, not just you. It seems to me that whenever I enter into a dialogue with someon and they see me write something they don't like, they stop looking at words and get caught up on the badge that I'm wearing. I'm not defined by the colours I'm wearing you know.

Ind1anMartyr Day 1,885, 11:00

neel... let it be please : D

@ Antich - UAgg is a different kettle of fish... im sure you know that lolz

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,885, 11:30

@citizenneel: I just want to be clear, I have no multies. I hate them and have in my 3 years of playing lost many elections because of them. I have no interest in cheating. AND YES, I got my votes from real eIndians. I was the only candidate to write an article in my party and I also messaged every single member with my ideas for improving the party. So yes, they were real votes because I actually campaigned.

@Ashwamedh, I am not sure why you think us the enemy, but Antich is absolutely right and we are not another kettle of fish, I genuinely tried to improve eIndia, but all i have got were cold shoulders and excuses that "that not how we do things". My argument is that how you do things is not working and we need to change things to make it work.

Stolch Day 1,885, 11:31

Let me get this straight, you call Indians xenophobes and racists and expect for them to welcome you with open arms, hand you the key to the Taj Mahal and generally defer to your 100 Mil earth shattering military awesomeness and 12K economic gold mine?

I call it, sore looser......

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,885, 11:34

@eRichard Parker: Reread your comment, I call it impressive. Also I never used the word racist, you did, but that's typical for you.

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,885, 11:36

also @eDick: You are totally going to win, your PTO will work and eIndia will suffer for it. Congrats.

Stolch Day 1,885, 11:40

Addy, cut the crap, how many of your votes were from your fellow MUnians and how them voting for you would have anything to do with Indian politics.

Nothing of course, they vote for you cause they know you, well the other candidate got votes against you. The same way you carry votes with you because you're not Indian you gain votes against you for the same reason.

Instead of waking up and realizing you did not convince Indians of your own worth and accept your failure, you go around parading your perceived worth and their stupidity and narrow-mindedness for not accepting this generous gift/offer.

Be serious for Pete's sake, no one likes arrogance, either do better or just drop it and go on. This you're guilty of not wanting me thing is ridiculous.

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,885, 11:46

@eDick, you should cut the crap also, you are a former eBulgarian CP that is in eIndia under a new account that doesn't have the shackles of your past eLife so that you can influence the population for you own goals. So lets relax it a bit on the mudslinging, as you certainly have the most to loose. You are pissed at EDEN because you hate Turks and they let turkey into "your alliance".

Talk about being childish. I didn't want to get into this personal stuff with you, but it appears that you can't resist launching personal attacks at those who stand in the way of your plans for eIndia.

Addy was blocked by efforts that should only be used to block ATOs and you know it, so stop being an ass.

Stolch Day 1,885, 11:47


Unfortunately you're very far from reality, I came here because I was asked to and I'll be gone the moment I'm asked to leave.

Besides that I've stated that I'll not engage in political activity, PP, congress or CP. I have put on myself that limitations by the way. I don't need it to be part of the community and to contribute, titles do not make you who you're and what you achieve.

Time though is humbling, please remember to revisit this moment in 1 years time, then we can talk again and you can tell me who's judgment was better.

This has gone too far though and so I'll stop engaging you, definitely no point anyway.

Stolch Day 1,885, 11:48


Please do not insult, I do not do it, have the decency and minimal manners no to do it yourself, loosing an election is no reason for that.

Now have a nice day, I'm done talking to you.

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,885, 11:49

Please do us all a favour and tell us who asked you to come to eIndia. Who was it that invited the former CP of Bulgaria at a time when eIndia was discussing the very notion of joining CoT and who was it that asked you to publish articles pushing the country in that direction?

Stolch Day 1,885, 11:54


Last little bit of education for your ignorance. As a former Bulgarian president and a Bulgarian player, all 3 times long term peace treaties were negotiated it was always done by me. I do not hate Turks, I do not like cheaters and in this game because of Stankovic Alexa, Turkey is a synonym of cheaters, he's back with his 99th account by the way.

The rest is BS and character assault, nothing new, seen it before and a classic EDEN tactic against people who are not sympathetic to the sect BS that get's sold.

I don't care about EDEN at all, and everyone in India knows who I am from years before you even noticed India existed on the map. That is your problem you need to legitimize yourself I do not need to.

done and done, have fun playing the game

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,885, 11:55

come on, you didn't answer the question, who invited you to eIndia?? Who was it that invited the former CP of Bulgaria at a time when eIndia was discussing the very notion of joining CoT and who was it that asked you to publish articles pushing the country in that direction?

Kthetra Alb
Kthetra Alb Day 1,885, 11:56

Come back to Albania Roger 😉

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,885, 12:02

@eRP: also I am not really sure how to respond you stating that all Turks are cheaters because of the actions of one person.... very telling.

Stolch Day 1,885, 12:09


You're a good twister I'll give you that. So I'll quote myself:

"I do not like cheaters and in this game because of Stankovic Alexa, Turkey is a synonym of cheaters, he's back with his 99th account by the way."

Nowhere do I say that Turks are cheaters, I said that Turkey is a synonym for cheaters in the game because of Stankovic alexa.

You on the other hand said that I'm a xenophobe because I hate Turks, because I'm Bulgarian:

"you are a former eBulgarian hate Turks...."

You're definitely unable to push forward with you cheap propaganda, so now in your inability you resolve to character attacks and insinuations, fair enough as you wish.

By the way I'm also Canadian, does that mean all canadians hate Turks too and are xenophobes as well, including you? Don't answer and look even more foolish.

CptKaydee Day 1,885, 12:39

"Nowhere do I say that Turks are cheaters, I said that Turkey is a synonym for cheaters in the game because of Stankovic alexa."

Are you a moron? You just called the nation and people of Turkey cheaters. You can't address the nation than say its a single person of that nation.

You're a pathetic troll. Just leave and allow the normal and respectful ones to play the game.

Stolch Day 1,885, 12:50


When you elect repeatedly and over time the biggest cheater in the game ever seen to represent you infront of the world, you have no one but yourself to blame for being regarded as a country of cheaters.

Stankovic Alexa has been banned countless times, created tens of thousands of bots and hacked hundreds of accounts. He's back again by the way.

As for your insults and personal attacks, well whoever has no arguments usually uses personal attacks. Can't even qualify it as trolling, cause that requires imagination too.

Anyway I'm done engaging on this topic so your attempt at bringing out some long gone issue to somehow compromise my integrity blah blah, will just have to be done without me.

Good luck and have some more respect for yourself not to act as red neck douche bag on the internet for virtual political power.

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,885, 13:27

wow, you are so rediculous, you attack me with personal insults and xenophobia and then claim that I am xenophobic as justification. First of all I never said you were xenophobic, I said you were a racist for likening all turks who play the game to cheaters.

Also, while I think these are important issues, you are using a bunch of distractions to avoid answering the root question. So I will ask yet again:

"Who invited you to eIndia?? Who was it that invited the former CP of Bulgaria at a time when eIndia was discussing the very notion of joining CoT and who was it that asked you to publish articles pushing the country in that direction?"

That is the third time i have asked in response to you saying you were invited to come to eIndia.

CFovetS Day 1,885, 13:55

Ash invited him and Vlad.

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,885, 14:28

Ash is becoming quite skilled at advancing an agenda under the radar as of late.

Graf Sprat
Graf Sprat Day 1,885, 14:33

What a hissy fit on losing an election.. LOL...

Ethel Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg Day 1,885, 14:43

1. @citizenneal - not one single member of UAgg has any multi's - we do not play that way. You must because you expect that we are like you. We are not.

2. While I might not have agreed with Addy's choices, this did not alter our friendship one bit - nor did it make me suspicious of his intentions. I found the debate of differing opinions healthy. Addy never expected me to change my opinion to accommodate him, nor did I expect him to do so for me. Yet through all this, my respect for him was not diminished, but rather grew deeper. India missed the boat on this - they wanted us to be happy with nothing, and give our fire power and tax monies to your coffers without having any voice here.

3. @Graf Sprat - Roger Griswald never had a hissy fit in his life.

Stolch Day 1,885, 15:08


Please point to any and all insults towards you from me.

The only one that has used insults here is you, calling me "eDick" one of them. I'm quite tired of your BS, I have no idea what has prompted this outburst but this is the last I answer you on anything, as far as I'm concerned I do not care to engage people who will use personal attacks to promote their inability to support their position with arguments.

" I said you were a racist for likening all turks who play the game to cheaters."

This above is just laughable, you do need to learn a little of what is race and when you have racism or not.

This is notwithstanding the obvious and pointed attempt again to twist my words.

They're widely regarded in the game as the country of cheaters, because they have stankovic alexa among others who has been elected as CP to represent their country on multiple occasions in front of the whole new world. Stankovic alexa is the biggest cheater in the history of the game and he's back playing for Turkey again and probably back to his old tricks with account #n.

It seems that you're very much offended and feel the need to defend the honour of stankovic alexa by attacking my character, that's your right, be my guest, I end my conversations with you here.

Plugson Day 1,885, 15:55

Reading through these comments, I'd say this is definitely not an environment I'd want to remain in. Hope you have better luck elsewhere, Roger.

Lonqu Day 1,885, 16:52

What I see is a complete failure by both sides to put each other in the other's shoes.

eIndians, how would you feel if you witness what you assume to be blatant organisation of votes to exclude you? Granted, you don't need position to do something good, but you would be very annoyed nonetheless.

However, UAgg do not seem to realise there is a general wariness of them, simply because they are in a group, even have their own MU, and are proEDEN. Granted, the deal said 2 months, and I think you've proven yourself to me. However others are not so easy to win over. So how do you think those extremely wary people will react if you run for PP immediately after the period is done? It's an issue of trust, and I'm afraid 2 months was not enough.

Tbh, all this led to an unfortunate situation that could have been avoided. Throw in the greatly exaggerate statements from both sides and you got a potent mix.

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,885, 17:46

@Alector: you are 100% correct. We certainly underestimated how unwelcome we were.

@eRP: Dick is a common nick name for people with the proper name Richard, it was not meant to be offensive. More colloquial. That being said, I don't understand why you keep ignoring the simple question of who invited you to eIndia, I will now ask for the fourth time:

Who invited you to eIndia?? Who was it that invited the former CP of Bulgaria at a time when eIndia was discussing the very notion of joining CoT and who was it that asked you to publish articles pushing the country in that direction?

Fessti Day 1,885, 17:53


Plugson Day 1,885, 18:41

"Tbh, all this led to an unfortunate situation that could have been avoided. Throw in the greatly exaggerate statements from both sides and you got a potent mix."

Couldn't the same thing be said of the eCroatia-eIndia affair? Tbh, the failure to find common ground that peacably benefits both sides is a common pitfall in this game. Seen it many times in many forms. Must be this new-fangled internet medium that complicates relationships.

off whisky
off whisky Day 1,885, 19:40

@Roger Griswald, you made yourself ridiculous today. Don't know what you were doing the last month and a half,but you should have noticed that such a level of arrogance as yours is a big no no in eIndia. Definitely you might have some high expectations with yourself,but that's your problem.

Graf Sprat
Graf Sprat Day 1,885, 20:44

Roger Griswald never had a hissy fit in his life.

@!Ethel, There's always a first time for everything, unfortunately, looking at the reaction, I dont believe its the 1st time. But It was not Roger who I was referring to..

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,885, 21:18

Roger Griswald never had a hissy fit in his life. x3 😛

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