[Sisk Contest]What would i like to change in erepublik!

Day 2,444, 02:59 Published in USA USA by Kody5.
This is my entry to Sisk's Contest

~New guerilla sytem and decoration for example:
Giuerilla Fights decorations for Rank 1 rank 2 and rank 3 weekly in MU and in Country.
~New Fights for example in 0 meters you can fights with punches kicks and other stuff.
~You can win TP medal for fighting for you country allies or for alliances.
~You can win exp and prestige in Guerilla Fight.
~Guerilla Shop(For exxample you can buy weapons or armor in marketplace)

~Pary President can remove members (This will help a country stay out of PTO)
~New Party president Medal(Awarded with 2 gold)

~New titles for Minister's

~Medal for 100 subscribe for 500 subscribe and for 1000subscribe.

What would i like to chaneg in erpeublik:http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-sisk-contest-what-would-i-like-to-change-in-erepublik--2419952/1/20