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[SINERGIA] Military Module /// Preparing for War (Chapter II)

Day 2,126, 13:40 Published in New Zealand Netherlands by pamadapa

First I want to make clear, this guide is not a "Dogma", is a personal appreciation of the game, where many may be agree or not. It aims to orient those players newer or recently that are in eRepublik and do not understand some issues. Thanks and I wish to be useful.


The Military Module is based on fight in battles for your Country or its Allies. YOU should read Chapter I, Where I explain Basic Concepts (Chapter I), or military module mechanics.
Perhaps this is the most exciting module eRep, and certainly where many players spend money.
If you want to be a good soldier and perform better on the battlefield, you must know certain very important issues that I describe below.

Energy is one of the most important things in your life eRepublik. You can find the energy value easily from the sidebar. The Energy is very important because it is essential to be able to fight (besides train and work)

The energy we can say that is composed of 2 parts:
> Enables or Current Energy: is what we can spend without consuming food. It can be seen dark green.
> Passive or Accumulated Energy: is what we should spend it to consume food. She can see light green

There is a maximum limit to recover energy as the experience level of your character. The maximum energy of a new citizen is 100 and will increase to 20 at all levels up to level 21. At level 21 a citizen will have a maximum power of at least 500. After level 21, the maximum power can be increased by purchasing an Energy Center.

When you use energy to (fully or partially), a countdown timer will appear, where you will recover 10 energy every 6 minutes.
You can raise energy instantly by:
• Eat food
• Consuming energy bars
• Buying First Aid Kit (not recommended at all for its high cost)
• Advancing to a new Level

Eat Food: This is the main way to get energy, they can be obtained from our production (Food Companies) market purchase or received as a donation from other players (Supplies of Government or Private)
There are many qualities and recover more energy the higher quality (Q). They are appointed by virtue of their quality: Q1 to Q7 food.

Eat Energy Bars: If you do not have more energy (you use the maximum limit), you can restore the energy consuming an energy bar, which is equivalent 100 energy per unit (there are also 200 energy per unit but must be purchased in exchange for Gold).

Also it is recommended to keep them and use them on a special occasion, such as an important battle or to win a medal BH or CH.
Energy Bar we obtain:
- Completing the Daily Order (DO)
- Buying with Gold (recovering 200 of energy per unit)
- By increasing Military Range
- Fulfilling the missions, which periodically offer game Administrators.

First Aid Kit: When you can not recover energy will have the option to purchase 10 energy per 0.5 Gold. You should not use it, it prefeible wait 6 minutes and recover 10 energy.

Experience Level up: when this happens, recharge the maximum energy you have available.


we can divide into 2 groups:

> Standard Weapons
> Special Weapons

Standard Weapons: In this group we find those that can be produced and commercialized in marketplace.
The effectiveness of weapons in combat depends on its quality.

Quality of a weapon determines two features: the durability and firepower:
A weapon durability determines how many times you can re-use before having to be removed. For example, a Q1 weapon can only be used once, while Q7 weapon can be used ten times.
The firepower of a weapon determines how much damage it can inflict. On the battlefield, this translates to how quickly an opponent can be taken down, and how much influence is added.

Attention: It is important to consider the Division to which you belong, it is better not to raise faster experience, passing it to another division, not with little strength. One way to regulate that growth is fighting battles only really necessary and using High quality weapons (Q7)
Generally, in battle is better to be efficient in their hits, doing a few hits and a lot of damage. It is therefore preferable to fight with High quality weapons, doing more damage per hit, spending less energy and slightly increasing your XP.

Special Weapons: this group are weapons which can not be bought. They get gathering his respective items (parts for construction) or completing missions eRep Administrators often offer.

Bazooka: is a special weapon that kills your enemy with one hit. It cannot be bought, sold nor donated. Bazooka can be acquired by collecting bazooka parts from battlefield or by completing the daily order of your millitary unit. Sometimes bazooka parts are sold as Limited Time offers
In order to create a bazooka, you need 5 different parts. Once you have at least one of each you can assemble the bazooka in your storage.

Citizens are required to have at least 150 strength in order to assemble a bazooka.
bazooka is a special weapon it also has some special features. When you use a bazooka your enemy will be killed with one hit. Every hit will deal exactly 10,000 points of influence and you will be rewarded with 1000 rank points.
Bazooka also has a durability of three strikes which means you can kill three enemies with one bazooka and thus deal 30,000 points of influence.

Bazooka Booster: Bazooka also have personal Damage Booster also known as Bazooka Booster. Sometimes bazooka booster is sold as Limited Time Offer. Bazooka Booster allows you to inflict more damage depending on your division:

Rocket(GTG Missiles): By owning a Rocket Factory you will be able to produce your own rockets that will give you more damage in a battle.
In order to produce the rocket each day you will need a certain number of Q1-Q6 weapons as production resources.

You cannot use weapons that are partially used
The damage will be added only to the battle damage and to the Battle Hero and Campaign Hero medal. No rank points are awarded. The damage is added to the True Patriot progress. The damage is added to the Top Damage

You cannot have more than one rocket in your storage, thus if you already have a rocket you need to use it before producing another one. The damage booster is activated the moment you built it and is valid for 5 minutes. Both rocket and damage booster can be built daily, at a limit of one per day. You can only store one rocket in your inventory.

ASM Missile or Small Bomb (SB): is a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Missiles are 1 hit promo weapons, that could be obtained after winning a Battle Hero medal in promo or can be acquired after completing certain missions. The ASM Missiles damage varies according to the division you are in:

Nuclear bomb or Big Bomb (BB): Nukes are 1 hit promo weapons, nuclear bomb can be acquired under the same conditions has the AMS Missile. The differences are that, no matter your Division the Nuclear Bomb can be used in battle to deal 5,000,000 instant damage.


Each soldier has a MILITARY RANK. Military Rank shows the amount of influence that each individual soldier has done throughout his career.
When you military rank up you will receive a free energy bar and you will earn a bonus of 5% with each attack.

The only way to increase the RANK POINTS of a soldier is to defeat your opponents in a war on a battlefield and completing special missions. Citizens receive rank points after defeating an opponent successfully. The number of Points Classification depends on the amount of influence that a soldier added, after defeating an opponent. For example, if a player defeats an opponent and adds 50 war influence in any battle, he gets 5 Points Rank (influence/10).

Attention: The natural enemy bonus does not affect the amount of rank points received.

STRENGTH is the main military skill, which you can increase by training. Strength and your Military Rank is used mainly for one thing: doing damage on the battlefield.
Strength can be increased by training at several locations specifically devoted to helping you become stronger, training grounds.


Influence is effective damage you do in every hit. Is determined by relation between force and military rank.

Thus, two players with the same military rank and different strength, different influences will have, more damage for one whose strength is greater.
Influence is the damage we cause when we defeated an enemy in the battlefield, this influence along with that of the other soldiers help move the bar influence or domination (wall) of each Division and gives us Rank Points, for promotion Military Rank.

Maxhit is the maximum damage or maximum influence can do in a single hit with Q7 weapon. In Maxhit formula involved, besides the damage of the weapon, Strength and the Military Rank.

Food Fights (FF) it is called in this way the available energy divided by 10. You will need to know how to calculate if you request supplies.
For example in this case, are available 89 FF (390 + 500/10)


Military units are groups of soldiers with members and leaders. Military units can be used to manage different kind of armies such as National or Private Armies.

Regiment is a sub-group of the military unit. Each regiment can have maximum of 50 members - 30 members can join it and 20 members can be invited by the current regiment members. Once a regiment reaches 30 members, a new regiment will be automatically created. Each regiment has own captain who's in charge of posting orders to soldiers and keep their lines organized.

Chain of Command: In all military units there is a specific chain of command that involves:

> Commanders: the Commander is the head of all military unit. They have the highest power in military units. Commander can kick members out of the military unit and post orders to soldiers. They can also post daily orders to all regiment.
> Second commanders: are deputies of the commander. Commander can appoint two second commanders. Can kick the military unit members who have been in the unit for more than two days. You can set the daily order for the entire unit too.
> Captains: are the leaders of the regiments. The captains have the ability to remove members who have been in the unit for more than 2 days from their regiments and establish daily orders his regiment visible military unit profile.

Membership types: There's two different types of members in military units: recruits and members. Only difference between recruit and member is that recruits can't candidate nor vote in the captain elections of their regiment. Every new member will be held as recruits until they complete recruit's orders


CAMPAIGN of the DAY (CoD): Is the campaign (war) most important of the day, until that time according to the criteria of the President of the Country, is the only one who has the possibility of modify.

DAILY ORDER (DO): Every day, according to the MU's priorities, a Daily Order is set by Captain, Scond Commander or Commander. Is the most important Campaign at that time according to the criteria of the leaders of MU.

To have daily orders, you need to be in a military unit. DO can be set every day after day change and members have until the next change of date for its completion.
Only one order can be established: Kill 25 enemies in a specific battle.
Once you complete the orders that will be awarded with an energy bar and 5 parts different bazooka. You can only complete orders once a day.

COMBAT ORDER (CO): this is a recent feature added by administrators. Allows you to accept combat orders established by military units (including other military units than yours) and receive money to do damage in battle, but only in some cases. Combat Order Only one can be accepted at a time.

Combat Orders can only be set by military units and only through their commanders
With combat order, military units will be able to immediately pay the soldiers to do damage on one side and division in a campaign.
By setting combat order, commanders established a specific price per million damage dealt. Depending your division, you receive more or less money. Division 1 Should be the best pay per million but it is harder to make 1 million damage.
The reward will be given yet instantly after each death, not after reaching 1,000,000 damage. Combat orders can be customized to avoid paying an "over-kill". The money will be granted only if the value of dominance in a battle does not exceed a certain percentage of the value set by the Commander. Example: an order of combat can be configured to give money to any person who fights in the campaign of "A" country vs. country "B", provided that the value of domination is at most 52% for the country "A" . This means that as soon as the country "A" has more than 52% influence, no more money will be awarded.

In order to pay for Combat Orders, all Military Units will have an associated currency account. Any full member of a Military Unit who has at least level 25 can donate currency to that Military Unit. The currency gathered in a Military Unit account can only be spent on Combat Orders.


This was our second part about the Military Module, in the next already we get fully into the battlefield. I hope it is useful for beginners citizen. See you in the next publication of the Ministry of Education 😉

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If you have doubts, you can consult me or any other citizen that you want, and has experience in the game. o7

Support the effort...



JarkesH Day 2,126, 15:49

Good job o/

Plitvicki Inspektor
Plitvicki Inspektor Day 2,126, 22:21

votado mate!!!

Crusadercarl Day 2,127, 00:18

I read it all and you reminded me to set the CofD:D Thank you bro.

And another amazing effort. I am learning from you after 4 years here!

AlmostallBlack Day 2,127, 01:19

Great article. I finally understand how divisions work!

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