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[SINERGIA] Military Module /// In the Battlefield, Guerrilla Fight (Chapter IV)

Day 2,153, 19:56 Published in New Zealand Netherlands by pamadapa

First I want to make clear, this guide is not a "Dogma", is a personal appreciation of the game, where many may be agree or not. It aims to orient those players newer or recently that are in eRepublik and do not understand some issues. Thanks and I wish to be useful.


In this guide, we will focus our explanation in the modality "Guerrilla Fight" (GF). This is a way of fighting that is a choice each of us. Which has had among the most players very well received but, as with everything, there will be some players who do not look as attractive.
The "guerrilla fight" is a way different from the usual combat, in which melee fight against an enemy, is a Player Vs Player (PvP), because real-time allows us to confront with another opponent of "similar features" to ours, although in practice are often quite large gaps in strength between them and other players.
Has been officially implemented into the game on Day 1,947. Since Day 2,113 of the New World, Guerrilla fights are available for Resistance wars too.

As comment before beginning to the topic, I can say that believe it or not, to win the GF we must develop a strategy, be attentive at all times and of course we have some luck, although this last is something extrinsic to us. 😃


Weapons and Armor:

The first thing to do is to equip yourself for battle, so that we can have a better chance of beating your opponent. The Guerrilla Fight inventory is available on any battle page, next to the statistics button.

There are four classes of primary weapons: Pistols, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, and Snipers. Each class of weapons is effective at a certain distance
Wearing armor allows you to withstand more damage, but the extra weight will slow you down.

The equipment for Guerrilla Fights cannot be manufactured. It can be bought from the inventory page or received when winning fights. The weapons don’t have a durability, but they must be replaced when their ammo and clips run out. Armor items have a durability, which indicates the number of fights they can be used in.
All Guerrilla Fight items have attributes that directly influence the player attributes.

Player Attributes

At each fight, your Strength and Military rank are weighted against the opponent’s Strength and Military rank to determine your “Bonus Damage”
The player who is weaker will always have a Bonus Damage equal to 1 (or both players if they are roughly equal).
The stronger player will have a larger Bonus Damage (max. 4), depending on how much stronger he is.
The actual damage inflicted in the Guerrilla Fight is the sum of the the Bonus Damage and the Weapon Damage.
Armor, Accuracy and Agility are attributes influenced by the equipment worn in combat. Each attribute is explained below:

Armor: you can receive an amount of damage equal to the Armor rating before starting to loose Energy
Accuracy: modifies the chance to hit your target
Agility: determines the distance you can move in one turn. The default value is 200m.

Joining a Fight
After you have purchased all the necessary elements and Having equipped as it sees fit, were ready to start the battle against other contenders.
You will be able to join a Guerrilla Fight after defeating five opponents on the battlefield, If one side involved in the battle has more than 1400 Domination Points the fight will not start. You will fight against an enemy player with the closest attributes to yours, if there is at least one available, If there are no enemy players looking to join a Guerrilla Fight, you will have to wait until one does.

The Fight

The pre-fight screen shows a head to head comparison of the two opponents
The “Bonus Damage” is an indicator of each player’s strength in relation to the opponent (if there is an even match, both players will have similar Bonus Damage)
Both players enter the fight with maximum 100 Energy
The Energy that is about to be used in the Guerrilla Fight is now removed from the total Energy

The combat is divided in rounds; players can perform one action per round. The basic actions:

- FIRE: shoot with the equipped weapon
- MOVE: get closer or farther away from your opponent
- DODGE: lowers the opponent’s hit chance. If a grenade is present it will be used.
- RELOAD: when you run out of ammo the FIRE button will turn into RELOAD
- CHANGE WEAPON: opens the weapon list

Each weapon has an “Ideal Range”
The weapon has maximum chances of hitting the target when fired from the Ideal Range
The distance to enemy should be as close as possible of the weapon’s Ideal Range
When firing out of the weapon’s range (regardless if it’s farther away or closer to the enemy) the Hit Chance will drop
Each turn there is a chance to deal critical damage to your opponent
The grenade always has 100% chance to hit but deals no critical damage and if you use it when the opponent moves, reducing effective damage.

Fight Results

The player who loses all his energy first is defeated.
In case of draw, the player who dealt more damage wins.
The energy that isn't lost in the guerrilla fight is returned to the total energy.
Each player will add an amount of damage to the influence bar of the battle, depending on his strength & military rank. The winner will add more damage than the defeated player.
The damage added to the influence bar is accumulated with the damage dealt prior to guerrilla fights. It also counts for achievements.
Player will receive rank points according to the amount of damage added to the influence bar.
The winning player receives one item as reward.

Strategies Tips

Do not consider myself an expert, but I have more battles won that losses. So that I take the audacity to give you some tips if you do not understand GF:
Will exist different opinions, I give my simple view, but broadly speaking these tips can be very useful.
As a first step I must say that the strategy will depend on our ability (GF experience and Force) and of course that has the opponent.
That's why basically can be divided into 2: For those who are in lower divisions (Div 1 and Div 2) and strategies for higher divisions (Div 3 and Div 4).
To DO NOT large and How this guide is oriented for new players, I'll just develop strategies for them.

Lower Divisions
The characteristics that are relevant for a player of D1 and D2, is
> No Win XP
> It adds a fixed amount of Influence (Damage), independent of the energy used

This means that in the hypothetical case in GF, the contenders do not fight (only move and dodge) would add influence and rank points, equivalent to 100 energy using weps Q7, but without spending energy and weapons. (The winner adds twice as)
You remember that in the earlier guides said it was important to stay as long as possible in the lower divisions to gain more strength and get in better shape, to the next division. This is called "Hold the Division". With this, you increase the Military Rank (increasing the damage we do in battle), without adding XP, which is perfect for what I am explaining.

Because in the reality it is difficult to find contenders who do not fight, the goal of a low Division player should be concentrating in concluding the GF with the greatest amount of energy possible. To which must dodge and / or move out of range of enemy weapon. This is advisable, when opponents have much bonus damage, armor and experience (the latter is easy to know since the Pre-Fight Screen, shows how many GF has won and lost). Some rivals are cooperating, not attacking us just to make sure his victory. If contender is similar to you, you can try going for the win.

As you can see this issue goes a hard to explain, but to finish no matter what division you are:

► You must decide first if you want to go to win or lose because it depends if you spend money on armor and weapons.
► Try to anticipate or guess the opponent's movement
► No dodge (use grenades) if you think your enemy will move, reload / change weapon unless it is extremely necessary.
► Never forget the number of turn
► Count the times that your opponent dodges (if using grenades) and their shots, so you know when need to reload or change weapons.
► Avoid unnecessary movement, placing you in the ideal range of the weapon you use and stay away from the ideal range enemy weapon
► If you know you have no chance of winning, try to finish as much energy as possible.


So far we have come with this guide on the subject of GF. The process of learning the basic commands and strategy can take us time. However, little by little gaining the experience necessary to give very good battles in this module. So do not be discouraged, patience and try to put into practice what they have learned and so could able to obtain good results. I hope it is useful for beginners citizen. See you in the next publication of the Ministry of Education 😉

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If you have doubts, you can consult me or any other citizen that you want, and has experience in the game. o7

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Tijana R Day 2,154, 11:03

Good one!!!

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Beautiful, nice work pamadapa:)

pamadapa Day 2,154, 13:12

Thx Bros o7

I wish more comments and votes 😃

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