[SFP] Presidential Endorsement June 2015

Day 2,780, 18:56 Published in USA Peru by Jude Connors

Greetings and Salutations, Comrades:

The party primary has come to a close and the winner has been determined. Before I announce the winner, I want to thank those of you who participated in this month's primary vote on the forum. This is a good gauge of activity in the party and I am hoping others join the forums so that everyone can participate in future votes. Remember, the SFP Forums are our home for interaction. It is also there that you can find the Member Assistance Programs as well as other fun and helpful topics.

With that being said, it is time to inform you of the results of the Country President primary.

With 95% of the vote, BeachBunny has won the Socialist Freedom Party endorsement for Country President.

As a reminder, both candidates have opened up threads in the Socialist Freedom Plaza that are updated regularly with information and also available for Q&A. Make sure you congratulate BeachBunny and feel free to question both candidates. And remember to support BeachBunny on the 5th as a proud member of the Socialist Freedom Party!

If you are a new player here, looking for a place to call home... or if you are a seasoned veteran of the game, looking for more fun and opportunity... the SFP is the place for you. Come visit our forum and see for yourself that SFP is the party of Activity and Opportunity! Be a part of the Revolution that makes eUSA Better! Be somebody! BE SFP!