Day 2,788, 09:00 Published in USA Peru by Jude Connors

Greetings and Salutations, Comrades:

I come to you today to state my intent to once again run for Chairman of the Revolutionary Committee and President of the Socialist Freedom Party. It's been a whirlwind of a ride the past couple of terms, but I think that the Socialist Freedom Party is on the right track. Sure, we have had a few bumps in the road, but I believe that if we stay the course, we will ultimately reach our destination. I want to continue to help the party progress into the future.

As I stated in my last article, I wholeheartedly believe that the best path to the future for the party is by reaching the Top Five. We continue to recruit like crazy and get another 30 or so members, and we will crack the Top Five. Once we are there, we can work within the system to change the system. Sure, we have had two or three (and even FOUR) party members in Congress each month for the past half a dozen months, but we can do even more with six, eight, or ten members in Congress. Fighting Civil War after Civil War against the Congressional-mandated Dictator law isn't going to change anything. That has been proven twice already. But changing the law WILL make a difference. We cannot, as a party, continue to shoot ourselves in our own foot... that does nothing but wound us. This is why this has been... and will continue to be... my main objective in the party:
Replacing a Top Five Party with Our Glorious Party!

WE have already made strides and are beginning to be accepted by the other parties as a major contender. The fact that our voting block can change the outcome of the Congressional elections is a major reason for this. But we must continue to grow. And we will get there, Comrades, with the work of our Recruiting Team and our Multi Reporting Squad. I stated on eNPR that I expect SFP to be a Top Five party by September, let's see if we can do it sooner!

1. As stated above, the top priority will be the contiued growth of the party until we replace another party in the Top Five.

2. Overhauled Media Program - I already got the ball rolling on this with Tom Cauchon heading it up. I would liek to see this rolled out within the first week.

3. Revive Young Socialists - We are getting an influx of new players into the party. Let's organize and maintain a program devoted to mentoring them in their first days in order to set them up for future success.

4. Weekly Department Reports - It kinda happened, but I will name an attack dog to get the department heads posting weekly about their programs.

5. Fun - We already set-up the #sfp-fun room on IRC, now let's get an entire department to schedule events and other fun things!

We've made strides, but we need to keep on the path of progress. I believe that I can lead the party into the future. I ask for your support and the opportunity to continue to head the Revolutionary Committee as its Chairman. Please vote for me as President of the Socialist Freedom Party on the 15th!

As always, feel free to message me at anytime.

So why aren't you a member of the Socialist Freedom Party? Whether you are a new player looking for a place to call home or a seasoned veteran looking for more fun and opportunity, the SFP is the place for you. Come visit our forum and see for yourself that SFP is the party of Activity and Opportunity! Be a part of the Revolution that makes eUSA Better! Be somebody! BE SFP!