[SFP]Jude Connors for Chairman-President ONE LAST TIME!!!

Day 2,847, 19:20 Published in USA Peru by Jude Connors

Hi! I'm Jude Connors, Chairman of the Revolutionary Committee and President of the Socialist Freedom Party. Today, I again ask for your support once again in my bid ONE LAST TIME for re-election as Chairman-President.

What has been accomplished over the past four months? We have successfully reached our goal of Top Five party, we have worked together with two different parties to ensure an SFP Congressional Delegation, we have successfully created an OFFICIAL MEDIA weekly newsletter, we have had numerous members serve on the Cabinets of multiple Country Presidents, we have reinvigorated a supply program and opened it up to ALL eAmericans. In short, we have made ourselves significant.

For the first time ever, the SFP Chairman-President will be setting up the Congress list for the Congressional elections, barring any unseen circumstances. This is the party's first time to the rodeo, and I think it should be handled by someone with experience as a Top Five Party President. I am one of the few that has that kind of experience.

And this is it for me. No more. I'll be done. I just want to make sure the party starts off on the right foot. As a few of you know, I have been sending a regular mass message to some of the party members I believe are candidates for Chairman-President in the future. This is a commitment I have made to seeing the future of this party in the hand of our next generation. I will continue that commitment and include all of the information about the many things a T5 party leader must do for Congress elections. I want to pass the torch, but I think I should stick around one more month to ascertain that the torch stays lit before I pass it.

So consider re-electing me as SFP Chairman-President - ONE LAST TIME!
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Chairman of the Revolutionary Committee
President of the Socialist Freedom Party

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