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Day 3,239, 16:57 Published in USA USA by Cubby

This is not a tall tale, nor a relevant one.

You see, on a crisp fall Sunday afternoon, I determined that if Cerb wasn't good enough to be Party President of Socialist Freedom Party, then I was. Now, it's not like this was some monumental task. In fact, to call it a task at all would be quite a stretch. For all I had to do was change the name of We The People, which I was already the current (and forever😉 Party President.

Simply, since the current in-game Party president of the party that was Socialist Freedom Party determined that it was no longer a worthy name, and identity, I adopted it. This, the SFP, that had reigned as the anti-party-that-wasn't-Black-Sheep, and that had built up a culture and leadership and narrative that made it something.

And all at once, was it something again? Had it returned? Had the name given it who it was?

No. The name was not. The name isn't. The name is irrelevant.

The loyalists behind SFP are good people--passionate people. But they found themselves in almost exactly the same situation any of us could find ourselves. They were trusting of new players, because they are inclusionists -- not the opposite as many might peg. And that trust bit them in the ass cause this game is so sparse that a tumbleweed is about to be re-elected PotUS. (There, I said it.)

So I became the PP of SFP, I ruffled a feather or two, and even the PP of the party-that-was-SFP thought something great had happened. But it hadn't. It was just a name.

To those that built the SFP, I say "Carry on. Play your game, and fight back."
To those that love to destroy and keep the anti-whatever down, I give you a one finger salute and fart in your general direction. I'll taunt you a second time. But keep on playing. Without a little upsetting of the apple cart we'll have nothing but a long way to push apples.

So SFP, if you need me to raise the flag again, just let me know. Until then WE THE PEOPLE will just keep on being both the anti and the anti-anti. We'll be us. And the name doesn't make it so, the PEOPLE do.


*Forever? Yeah. Cause I might as well if no one else wants to take it. And if they do, fine. I'll take it when they get bored of it again.