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[SC] We prevailed!

Day 1,710, 01:02 Published in China China by mihail.cazacu

We had a very challenging month of July.

Our strategic objective was to make sure each country had a Congress. That meant we needed to compensate our inferiority in firepower with better coordination.

That in itself was quite a challenge, but the difficulty was increased by several orders of magnitude when the American government went against the feelings of the American people and started the senseless war with Canada, thus cancelling almost all the EDEN MPPs.

Luckily the American players had a different opinion about that war. The majority of them moved to Canada. By doing that they were able to keep supporting us during the American prime time, when Europe is asleep.

We are very grateful for their support, especially since they had to fight both for Canada and for us in the same time. We were on America’s side when PEACE invaded the USA, we were on America’s side when Poland and Serbia invaded the USA and we will always stand by the American players in time of need. Because you guys always stood by us in our time of need.

The other major blow came when the Real Life government of People’s Republic of China banned the access of the Chinese players to eRepublik. That happened right when we were fighting for liberating Portugal and Albania, the last two EDEN countries where the Congress elections were endangered.

But in spite of all that, we managed to prevail.

It was a very costly victory:

- Croatia, Greece and Italy’s daring war with Serbia placed a huge strain on the treasuries of those countries;

- The Argentineans dug deep into their personal reserves of candy bars and bazookas to make sure Portugal and Albania can hold elections in July;

- China, with almost half of their active players out, had to put up twice the effort to support our campaigns during the Far East prime time;

- Finland went all-in and drained ABC, keeping them out of the other theaters of war. Their effort tied down forces almost 3 times larger;

- Israel, Ireland, Republic of China (Taiwan), Bosnia, Norway and the Netherlands sent their troops wherever it was needed, never complaining about “having to fight other people’s wars”;

- India launched a daring attack on Thailand and Indonesia, triggering a disproportionate response from the enemy side and thus making our task easier;

- Ukraine dragged Slovakia in a war, which is actually fought by Poland. Cooperation was never great inside ONE, so providing more opportunities to drain Poland is always a good idea;

- Turkey was down to 3 provinces when we finally secured the Albanian Congress;

- Romania sacrificed one core region to secure the Portuguese Congress.

When large countries like Croatia, Greece, Argentina, China, Turkey and Romania sacrifice themselves for small countries like Portugal and Albania, when a small country like Italy or Finland almost goes bankrupt fighting for her allies, it becomes clear why EDEN has outlived any other enemy alliance:

1) We stand by our allies no matter the costs;

2) When others are ready to go in bed with the enemy, just for the sake of having 10 out of 10 resources, we don’t mind sacrificing our core regions so our allies get to hold elections;

3) We know people play for fun, and fun means to feel good, which mainly means to feel good about themselves. It takes a special kind of person to feel good after backstabbing and betraying their allies. And that kind of people play for ONE.

Is there any wonder that under such circumstances, countries of the eWorld are still preferring us, the underdog, to the alliance of the egotistic bullies?!

In our darkest hour, when we had no MPPs with the USA, when half the Chinese players were unable to log in the game we were contacted by Colombia, who expressed the desire to join EDEN as a trial member.

Colombia, a country of only about 300 active members, always in danger of being invaded by Indonesia, could have chosen to have an easy life. They could have sided with the bullies, just like the ABC countries did. Yet they wanted to join EDEN, when EDEN was down. Just like Israel, RoC, the Netherlands and Belarus joined, also when we were struggling for our very existence.

People will always come to us because they like us. People like us because we are doing what is morally right.

We like each other because we are doing what is morally right instead of doing what it takes to get 10 bonuses out of 10. Those bonuses are just pixels on a computer screen. We are human beings, and normal human beings value friendship, honesty, loyalty and decency more than they value pixels.
And as long as we will keep valuing friendship, honesty, loyalty and decency, we always find means to prevail, in spite of being the weaker alliance. We just proved it during the month of July!

We actually proved we’re more than just an alliance.

We proved we are a Brotherhood!



eDarkAngel Day 1,710, 01:05


What about Ukraine signing MPPs with Estonia and Latvia? Estonia is at war with core member Finland. Ukraine NE Russia part of TERRA wich is an allied alliance to EDEN, or after the departure of Brazil and USE, TERRA is no longer of any interest because France and Germany will drein Poland anyway and Russia is too friendly with the devil incarnate Bulgaria.

rockandrollnene Day 1,710, 01:06


eDarkAngel Day 1,710, 01:07

Anything about the EDEN PTO of USA?

mihail.cazacu Day 1,710, 01:11

I look at the map and I see not only Turkey has freed all her core regions, but they are now holding Burgas. Could that be because you guys traded the Brotherhood for ONE?

You and your new friends are still the top dog of eRepublik. How come we keep winning without the American MPPs and with half of the Chinese players eliminated by their RL government?

Darkslowstar Day 1,710, 01:14

keep up the good work Mihail 🙂

eDarkAngel Day 1,710, 01:15


You obviously have trouble with your vision the same as you do with your morals

What I do see however is that both Paraguay and Chile have congress though both were singled out for deletion by the mighty and righteous alliance.

EDEN is the most hypocritical alliance ever existed, at least admit like ONE that you care only about damage and no one will bother you that much.

By the way, congrats on Romper for Q7 weapons, that will surely complete his aims at a new war module!

eDarkAngel Day 1,710, 01:18

By the way when is Ukraine getting suspended for treason against EDEN and it's allies? Don't deflect the question mister SC......

Oh yes, what happened to the new charter that was supposed to be made, the one that does not allow the free interpretation to the will of those in HQ.

And the PTO of USA?

Actually all are rhetoric questions we both know the answer to them both 😉

mihail.cazacu Day 1,710, 01:27


We care so much about damage that we sacrificed core regions, depleted our treasuries, spent our personal reserves of candy bars and bazookas to provide Albania and Portugal with Congresses.

And what PTO of the USA are you blabbering about?

The American ISE director has contacted our APTO team leader avec in order to coordinate against the ONE and pro-ONE candidates who had slipped on the American Congress list. We did our best to help, but still some clowns got elected.

eDarkAngel Day 1,710, 01:32

I loled

So ATO means to put in 7 Romanians, 3 Greeks, 3 Croats and who knows how many Turks into congress. Do you really believe yourself when you throw all that garbage at us.

By the way not a word about Ukraine it too was sacrificing for EDEN when it allied Estonia which is in a war with brave Finland (2 times bigger then Estonia). Oh yes draining ONE is heroic duty of all small countries.

So now India will finally become a member after 18 months on trial right?

eDarkAngel Day 1,710, 01:35

Oh I forgot, anything about the peace that was offered to Turkey, you know the one you were so for.....that Turkey refused. Well that was of course only words, it is more important for Turkey to be draining Bulgaria, it fits with the theme here.

And while I'm on a role, let me personally congratulate EDEN and Croatia for achieving the great feat of not holding for more the 5 days an original Croatian region for the past 5 months.

mihail.cazacu Day 1,710, 01:57


Correct me if I am wrong, but Turkey refused because Bulgaria could not promise she would not invade other EDEN countries.

As for the congressmen, the Americans have their own rules about who is allowed to run for congress and who is not. They wanted help against those who were not allowed, we provided it to the best of our abilities. We would be able to work better next time if we start cooperating earlier than on the election day.

chugaystyr Day 1,710, 02:12

NE from EDEN country Ukraine to eRussia, good step, yepp.

nimnul Day 1,710, 02:14

Nothing about Ukraine fighting hard "for the good of EDEN" against Finland and Russia.

mihail.cazacu Day 1,710, 02:27

If Ukraine attacks Russia, the game mechanics would cause Ukraine to lose all her EDEN MPPs, just like the USA lost all her EDEN MPPs when Canada was attacked.

Russia, on the other hand will benefit from her alliances with two enemies of EDEN, Chile and Bulgaria.

No matter how we look at it, right now it seems Ukraine is the side who planned badly while Russia's alliances with both EDEN and two sworn enemies of EDEN look like very smart moves.

The Graverobber
The Graverobber Day 1,710, 02:29

"Correct me if I am wrong, but Turkey refused because Bulgaria could not promise she would not invade other EDEN countries."

yes, you are wrong. we would be able to seal it, if the turks promised they will not expand in Iran or in any of their neighbour countries. and they refused that.

nimnul Day 1,710, 02:33

Unfortunately EDEN made Chile and Bulgaria enemies on his own. We decided not to make this mistake.

mihail.cazacu Day 1,710, 02:33

@The Graverobber:

The Turks' expansion was a matter of negotiation between them and Iran, just like your expansion to Russia would have been a matter of negotiation between you and the Russians.

What killed the deal was the mentality "I don't care if I am not doing well as long as my neighbor also doesn't do well".

You can always get a good deal once you look for mutually _advantageous_ arrangements instead of mutually _restrictive_ ones.

eDarkAngel Day 1,710, 02:34


Corrected, you obviously have trouble not only with your vision and morals but also with your information.

Bulgaria offered more then that, for both countries to remain land locked in their original regions. Basically all they had to do was agree not to attack Iran and they refused.

mihail.cazacu Day 1,710, 02:38


Nope, both Bulgaria and Chile chose to be enemies.

Bulgaria left EDEN by her own accord, nobody kicked Bulgaria out.

Chile was expelled from Terra after being caught plotting against Argentina.

You guys managed to MPP them both while also MPP-ing the rest of EDEN. That is what I call outstanding diplomatic acrobatics.

And that is why I would not worry about Ukraine if I were you. Their acrobatics with ABC are nowhere as good as yours.

eDarkAngel Day 1,710, 02:38

@ mihail

Please keep up with the hypocrisy it is soo good to see the real face.

So it is ok for Ukraine to declare war on an allied country because they would loose their EDEN MPPs, it is also ok for them to sign MPP with a country which is at war with another member of EDEN.

Awesome, thanks fo demonstrating why EDEN is the most hypocrite alliance around.

eDarkAngel Day 1,710, 02:41


So Ukraine is plotting against Russia, why is it not expelled? They're not even hiding it, by it's lies of a bunch of hypocrite liars that Chile was plotting, but that is another story.

Bulgaria left a backstabbing alliance that had the guile to "suspend it" for treason, check question about Ukraine again.

Once a hypocrite always a hypocrite. By the way I'm still waiting for the infamous logs of Bulgaria colluding with ONE while in EDEN, you know the ones you all lied about.

mihail.cazacu Day 1,710, 02:45


You are illustrating the self-defeating mentality I was talking about:

Instead of Bulgaria negotiating the lease of the Russian surplus regions of North Caucasus and Volga (and from Volga you can lease Mazandaran and Semnan if you come to an agreement with Iran), _you cared more about Turkey leasing something from Iran_

Where did that lead you? To yet another month of ping-pong.

Keep up the good work!

eDarkAngel Day 1,710, 02:49


Mihail you keep turning around and around on your words so much you'll get disy soon, this is the same as the Bulgaria should hate and fight Turkey because that is the only way to get BB that you were shoveling 2.5 years ago, which changed to leave your RL prejudices and ally Turkey.

Morals don't change with the situation, you can't sell them or exchange them, because it's more advantageous. That is called hypocrisy.

eDarkAngel Day 1,710, 02:52

By the way we got nothing to loose, we are playing the game we wanted to with honest people and countries who aren't self-centered and no ready to sell out their allies for bonuses, damage or rhetoric.

But you do keep up your good work, there are still some disillusioned countries out there left, most of which were won on EDEN side by countries that are not in EDEN anymore. They will all figure it out sooner or later.

hfskin Day 1,710, 02:52


The Graverobber
The Graverobber Day 1,710, 02:53

so..Turkey can demand of us to not go to war with any Eden neighbour, but we can't ask them to not do the same ? if it be so, it will be one side deal for obligations for just us and it will NEVER be accepted by our congress.

mihail.cazacu Day 1,710, 03:36

@The Graverobber:

You could have used the time for restoring your bonuses through peaceful lease agreements.

That is what Turkey also had in mind. They don't have anybody to attack, do they? I mean _really_ attack, not just land-swap.


You are playing with countries which are indeed of big help. That's why you ended up with Turkey in Burgas in spite of ONE being the uncontested top alliance and in spite of Turkey not having the US MPP.

Mustafa Kemal Atajerk
Mustafa Kemal Atajerk Day 1,710, 03:41

Where is didey's spyish hungarian gold >.>?

Fettis Day 1,710, 04:12

"By the way not a word about Ukraine it too was sacrificing for EDEN when it allied Estonia which is in a war with brave Finland (2 times bigger then Estonia)."

Heh. Actually we were fighting ABC, as Estonia if part of it. 😉 Like this:

mihail.cazacu Day 1,710, 04:37

@martinoz: Huh?! Day 1,710, 05:16

"I look at the map and I see not only Turkey has freed all her core regions, but they are now holding Burgas."
Do you need glasses?

mihail.cazacu Day 1,710, 05:59

I might

8-3=1 Day 1,710, 06:46

hail EDEN!

zeusdinolimp Day 1,710, 08:34


Emerick Day 1,710, 08:43


Black Amorphis
Black Amorphis Day 1,710, 12:03

@mihail.cazacu: say what ?

Wildrunner Day 1,710, 12:42

That meant we needed to compensate our inferiority in firepower with better coordination.

Any prooves to back up this statement? Becase all the stats show exactly the opposite.

Wildrunner Day 1,710, 12:46

Finland went all-in and drained ABC, keeping them out of the other theaters of war

Is Ukraine mpp with Estonia and now with all abc part of that draining war. What about the ukrainian attack on russia? Why not a single edenite comments on this? lol

Wildrunner Day 1,710, 12:49

Is there any wonder that under such circumstances, countries of the eWorld are still preferring us, the underdog

Quit this BS already. You are not the underdog. All the stats show u have a billion of dmg advantage over your opponents yet your organization sucks so hard that every months half of your alliance fights for congress while the other half enjoys 10/10 for months and years already or fights vs allies. Something of which you constantly acuse ONE btw.

Wildrunner Day 1,710, 12:53

I look at the map and I see not only Turkey has freed all her core regions, but they are now holding Burgas

You are delusional as always. First turkey doesn't hold Burgas. Second Turkey freeing their regions has nothing to do with you LOL, we ignored turish front and secured chilean and paraguay congres. ; )

Ivo4 Day 1,710, 13:05


4ndre1 Day 1,710, 13:08


Rona1d Day 1,710, 13:11

cry me a river EDEN we don't want a war against Canada, but also we don't need to fight in youre balkanics wars with no sense since 4 years!! C'MON 4 YEARS!! and btw it's hilarious to see that Ukraine declare a war against Russia? wtf? well it's time for defense the Mother Russia against the EDENites b#%^

mikel_ahone Day 1,710, 13:13

Seriously, do you really believe what you write? If so, you have a big problem. If not, good trolling : )

P.D. "People will always come to us because they like us. People like us because we are doing what is morally right." Amazing sentence. I repeat again. I DON'T ACCEPT ANYONE IN EDEN TELLING ME WHAT IS MORALLY GOOD OR MORALLY BAD.

Hail damagehood o/

Maegalodonus Day 1,710, 13:13


vejderr Day 1,710, 13:13

bunch of lies 😃

eDarkAngel Day 1,710, 13:14


I stand corrected, Ukraine MPPed only Estonia....oh wait, never mind. You must be trilled about it though no?

@ Mihai

When you spin webs, they tend to get out of control after a while and in the end one always ends up in his own web tangled up beyond hope.

You're about to see what a true ally is all about and so will Ukraine....actually they already know but choose to sell it for....even they don't know what for. Now they will see it from the opposite side.

eDarkAngel Day 1,710, 13:17

As for the underdog thingy, seriously you need to check up on thouse eyes, EDEN and ONE are evened up in damage after Spain left, with EDEN having an advantage when you count the PRO-EDEN countries.

CoT would compensate the diference if it was not for TERA, which despite Russia's close ties to Bulgaria still mostly fight s for EDEN, hence the thank you EDEN is sending them with the quietly sanctioned actions of Ukraine.

So let me try again, when is Ukraine getting suspended?

Andrej.M Day 1,710, 13:22


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