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[Samnorugh]Your New minister of Defense

Day 1,869, 08:10 Published in India Thailand by Samnorugh

Recently i have been elected as acongressman and i am grateful to evrybody, who are associated with me and who are not. now i approach an attempt to be a minister of defense. i am well in associations of defense and spy and always alert. i always discuss matters with anybody if needed, and if needed in this position of being at the ministry i will not give a chance of complain to the new president and fellow ministers. just handle me the seat of defense and i promise that u will never have to waste a sweat or headache on the matters of defense.

as i have seen from the article of death and taxes, i have understood our trickery with the thais.I will always try to hold the boundary's together and unite them under the flag of the tri colours. As you must have seen that i have not disturbed any of the congress rules, i want to discuss openly if i can make thai a natural enemy.Wildquark's approach for MoFA has acceptance by all including me. I am not quite good at finance, so i approach for the role of MoD in the upcoming election with firm practice of strategies and ideas.i am not quite rich but with the help of loans and donations i will ofcourse appoint a few defense weps.

after we get back the regions of thais we will try, i hope so to get the whole peninsula under our control. I appreciate abhinay the present MoD and require his and everybody's opinion. I will be hard at work i just ask a person.for instance any ex-MoD to give me an introduction to the position.



Chengis Khan
Chengis Khan Day 1,870, 23:21

Nice dream but u can't

Samnorugh Day 1,870, 00:06

wel i dont need ur decision foul head boy

terlika Day 1,870, 01:22

ugh well nothing personally mate but why u dont try first something like minister of education or deputy minister of defense being MoD is extremely important for the country and there is no room, for mistakes

BrknSword Day 1,870, 02:13

Good Luck,mate

Zinaa Day 1,870, 02:58

If u want to be a politician, first try to be polite to people that will eventually vote for you!

Wild Quark
Wild Quark Day 1,870, 03:16

lol Nice Initiative, but I was in FA cabinet already as dMoFA and also CP Uv ajeD asked me to take up MoFA and replace Alector lol I should have made it clear in my acceptance article haha But yes this article will definitely put you forward to being considered to take up the MoD spot

Samnorugh Day 1,870, 08:34

well,@ Zina- first of all chengis always uses slangs even if i didnt. He is jealous and i am 100 % sure he will write out something for becoming a minister.

@terlika-obviously i will try my best sir to give my full effort

Xicor13 Day 1,870, 09:13

Sam,I appreciate your initiative,but please bro,some previous experience,a couple or maybe upto 5 terms as dMoD should set you up to be the most prefered MoD of the country which might actually help the biggies (Abhinay,Neel etc) get a break,but for now,please be their apprentice and learn.

Chengis Khan
Chengis Khan Day 1,870, 09:14

Hey I was just joking sam ok u think I jealous but why shall I be jealous? U r not the MoD now nor any special minister then and yes u think I use slangs so take this blo*d* fuc**ng ass**** sall* chodi** lawra kutte kaminey. Hahahhahahahha 🙂 🙂 🙂

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