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[SaM] Weekly edition: Links for New Player Guides and PP advice

Day 1,569, 05:08 Published in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia by abdullah australi

Greetings and salutations fellow citizens,

This week [SaM] presents a pair of links to new player guides for the benefit of our growing population:

دليل النجاة فى الجمهورية الإليكترونية

another article regarding recent changes:

Party President advice:

[SaM] is dedicated to political stability in eSandi Arabia, we advise all Party President candidates to cancel their candidature except the candidate elected by TAGE (Arab Confederation), if you are not sure then immediately cancel it.


Greetings brother and sisters, friends and compatriots, i hope everyone is well, despite the terrible situation that our eNation is in, we must continue to move forward, every little effort counts, every baby step is a step nonetheless to freedom, little efforts that everyone can do include:

-inviting friends to the game as saudi citizens
-advertising our cause through facebook, forums, chatrooms and messageboards
-checking for new players online and messaging them, supplying them and generally encouraging them
-getting on irc to #ksa and #eegypt, teaching new players how to use irc
-supporting the native producers
-being politically active and working with the TAGE (Arab Association) representatives
-publishing articles and using 'citizen feed'
-have fun!

peace be upon those who follow the guidance.



Thelionman Day 1,570, 20:26


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