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[SaM] Tips for Arab youth [encore]

Day 1,871, 01:43 Published in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia by abdullah australi

[SaM] is delighted to re present this issue titled 'Tips for Arab youth' as an encore.


asalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu yaa ayuhal muslimoon,

and greetings to fellow citizens

this issue will detail some important advices that if followed will make you a stronger player and more beneficial to arabian progress in this game.

we, the arabs and friends of arabs, have struggled for over a year to control this small country from malicious foreign political takeover, whilst most of our regions are occupied, you will come to learn that is a temporary necessity, in order to maintain the political control in the hands of arabs and friends.

many of us have done this great effort, anticipating a 'baby boom' of arab players, now that the game has been translated and released officially in the arabic language, we look forward with hope that our hard work will be of benefit.

i have personally received several messages from new arab players asking about various things, the type of things that many others are probably wondering also, thus i have compiled this issue for you, as a reference of 'tips', in order to improve your gaming efficiency, success and enjoyment.


This can not be emphasised enough, do not waste gold on useless health packs or companies (at least until you know clearly how the economy functions!).

For the new player GOLD should be used to upgrade your training facilities,in particular the facility that is free to use everyday, you will have 20 gold in the first few days, use it to upgrade your training facility so that everyday you will get +10 strength free.

After that keep saving it until there is a discount on the training facility (usually ever 2-3 months)use it to upgrade the basic training further.

Join the ARMED FORCES and complete the 'daily order':

The ARMED FORCES Military Unit (MU) provides food to members below level 25 that completed a certain number of fights each day. It is also provides a place to meet other new players using the 'citizen feed' on the right hand side.

Once you are a full member, complete the Daily Order of 25 fights each day, and you will receive bazooka parts and an energy bar!

Use the highest quality weapons you can afford:

This will mean you use less energy in each fight and will finish your 'Daily Order' easier, do more damage and rank up faster!

If you do the above tips, then after 15 days (+10 strength per day = 150 strength)then you will be able to assemble bazookas! bazookas do 10,000 dmg per hit, which means you will make a big difference in battles for Arabia and can even compete for the battle hero award that will net 2 GOLD and a shiny medal in your profile.


All the damage you do for Arabia goes toward the 'True Patriot' medal, after 100,000 damage you will get 5 GOLD, the next is after 250,000 then 500,000 and so on.

Make Friends:

This is a very social game and as your network of friends grows you will find more enjoyment. From coordinating attacks together and winning the mini battles, buying and selling, or just chatting together and learning new things.

Also you can learn to use IRC (internet relay chat), many erepublik players use it from around the e-world, their are channels for each country, channels for trading and also fighting as a mercenary (if there is no battles for arabia), see this article for tutorial:

Listen to the Seniors:

They have a lot of experience in the e-world, so hear them out before criticising them, they put a lot of effort into the programs that are running, and generally keeping the country functioning.

Get involved in politics:

Once you understand how the game works, and if you want more to do, get in touch with members of government and ask how you can help manage the affairs of the nation. Maybe one day you can be in congress and president too!

Once you pass level 25:

you will be in division 2, BH medals are harder to get, to offset this the government has established the

'Supplies for Soldiers' program is active:

Supplying Q7 tanks to Divisions 2, 3 and 4 in battles for Arabia only

Final Advice and Summary:

Take it easy. Don't rush to fight non stop, doing your daily order of 25 fights is sufficient, save you bazookas and go for BH when fighting battles for arabia. save the gold to upgrade the basic training facility. meet new people and HAVE FUN 🙂

This is [SaM], hoping that one of the 'arabs translates this, signing out.


abdullah australi
abdullah australi Day 1,871, 01:51

و هذا فيديو لتوضيح طريقة اللعب و ما يجب أن تفعله دوريا . هناك بعض الأشياء الأخرى لا يوضحها الفيديو يمكنك السؤال عنها

Count Davos
Count Davos Day 1,871, 04:53


boooot Day 1,871, 08:56


Abdullah Al qahtani
Abdullah Al qahtani Day 1,871, 09:47

نبى نشرات بالعربي رجاء كل دوا تنشر على حسب لغنها ,, واللعبة تحلو أكثر

mounir Day 1,871, 09:58

عبد الله نحن نبحث عن متطوعيين يساعدوننا في ترجمة بعض المقالات. إن تود الترجمة إتصل بأعضاء الحكومة...

نحن نحتاج إلى العديد من المتطوعيين في الترجمة إذن إن تريدوا أن تفيدوننا لن تخجلوا و اتصلوا بي أو بعضو من أعضاء الحكومة

Anonymus Hungarus
Anonymus Hungarus Day 1,871, 11:19


Just D0 1t
Just D0 1t Day 1,871, 13:24

┌─... ─┐
│▒│ /▒/
│▒ /▒/─┬─┐◯
┌ ┴─┴─┐-┘─┘

Aamir1khan Day 1,873, 00:22


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