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[SaM] starting a resistance war : بدء حرب المقاومة

Day 1,352, 02:36 Published in Egypt Saudi Arabia by abdullah australi

The publication Sawt al Muqawamah (voice of the resistance) has disbanded operations in UAE and shall henceforth be published in Egypt, and will shortly be renamed.

Revised game mechanic of starting Resistance Wars:

Previously one person with 10k could start a resistance war (henceforth ‘RW’), if the campaign was successful the instigator of the resistance war would get a ‘resistance hero’ medal.
Now that has changed and 10 people with 1,000 each can all pool together to start RW’s, and if successful, all 10 will get resistance hero medals! It was fitting that since [SaM]’s foundation was muqawamah ie resistance, that our chief editor was the first to support a RW for our region of lower Egypt.

Note that RW's can only be started in regions that are under occupation, apparently by citizens of the original nation.

Sawt al Muqawamah is open to accepting quality articles, advice and especially pictures submitted by fellow citizens and friends, forward any such material to [SaM] chief editor abdullah australi

Also if anyone fluent in arabic would like to translate articles then please make yourself known to us.

This is Sawt al Muqawamah, waiting for the RW to start, signing out.


abdullah australi
abdullah australi Day 1,352, 02:39

first denied hahaha

Gamal Abdel Nasser
Gamal Abdel Nasser Day 1,352, 02:49

Second support


Falc0ni Day 1,352, 03:09

Voted. Egypt is lucky to have you

eliesaad96 Day 1,352, 03:46

third support

Alecsandru010 Day 1,352, 03:58

And it is one RW/per country.It can`t be started 2 RWs at same time.

voice Day 1,352, 04:10


mangusta1995 Day 1,352, 06:40

8th support

abdullah australi
abdullah australi Day 1,352, 19:51

Region Liberated !!! resistance are now reorganising and going on offensive in red sea coast

ugura Day 1,353, 01:20

everyone should do as much damage as possible. nothing is too small or too big, come one citizens it id time for you to do your part.

Starfool Day 1,353, 03:23

До С. Арабија и Египет: To Egypt and S. Arabia

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