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[SaM] message from PP and how PTO can harm your country

Day 1,879, 17:25 Published in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia by abdullah australi

[SaM] is pleased to publish this message from the party president:

ayuhal muslimoon, asalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu

and greetings to fellow citizens

The party president election is nearing, all arabs and friends of arabs are encouraged to join the party and vote for me, abdullah australi, to limit the possibility of PTO and assist in the security of this eNation.

The party presidency is a position that offers no medal or payment rather it is a position of responsibility. i have done fulfilled this role several times and ensured that security against PTO and smooth transitions of presidents and congress, in full consultation with the citizens of the eNation and the government. part of that was to, along with my colleagues, oversee a new system of revenue raising, that is the donation of gold from the congresspeople to the treasury, for the advancement of public programs, such as the baby feeding project (all new players are receiving food and weapons) and the weapons for warriors project.

I once again thank my colleagues in the government for their articles requesting everyone to vote for me, though i felt one thing is missing that i will rectify, that is perhaps some questions about why it is necessary to prevent a PTO, as many of our new players may not be aware, below i have put a few points, from my own experience, what i witnessed in eSingapore, eUAE and eEgypt.

We must work together to prevent this happening here. beware of PTO tricksters that offer gifts of food and weapons in exchange for votes. in the long term you will benefit much more from stable governance than once off bribe.

ma' salaam and goodbye

How PTO'ers mess up your country:

-First they will usurp whatever gold is in the treasury and spread it amongst themselves.
-then they will take all the currency.
-then they will raise taxes dramatically, in order to raise more money to steal.
-they will bring their friends in and 'sell' the president medal to losers that would never get it in their own country.
-they will deliberately ignore young players and never help them, to prevent a babyboom that will overthrow them.
-business and economy ruined from all this, many good people will leave.

This is [SaM] with abdullah australi, anticipating your vote, and signing out.


Anoir Guevara
Anoir Guevara Day 1,879, 18:24


Anonymus Hungarus
Anonymus Hungarus Day 1,880, 07:26


mwatin Day 1,880, 13:50


Count Davos
Count Davos Day 1,880, 14:24


mohammed saudi
mohammed saudi Day 1,880, 18:45

تم الامر بنجاح

Abdulmajid Day 1,881, 14:34

أنا يا صديقة متعب بعروبتـــــــي.......... فهل العروبة لعنة وعقــــــــــــــــــاب
أمشي على ورق الخريطة خائفــــاً ...... فعلى الخريطة كلنــــــــــــــــا أغراب
أتكلم الفصحى أمام عشيرتــــــــــــي.... وأعيد ... لكن ما هناك جــــــــــــواب
لولا العباءات التي التفـــوا بهــــــــا .... ما كنت تحسب أنهم أعـــــــــــــــــراب

.. ارجو ان تكتبو بالعربي

هل العروبه لعنه وعقاب؟؟؟

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