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[SaM] Day 1724 Message from the Minister of Information

Day 1,724, 23:49 Published in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia by abdullah australi

[SaM] is pleased to publish this message from the Minister of Information:

ayuhal muslimoon, asalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu

and greetings to fellow citizens

Yesterday the president came to a temporary agreement with cyprus guaranteeing our second region, al-riyadh, they are also going to take back the region 'hail' for their use as part of the agreement. Since then, eIsrael has proposed a NE against us, which we have replied with a similar proposition. At face value they want to take al riyadh from us, possibly they may even attempt to airstrike our capital region al-bahah.

For this reason i recommend all citizens, friends and allies be on high alert for the outbreak of war with israel, and ignore any battles with cyprus, unless they attack al-riyadh which would break the temporary agreement.

ma' salaam and goodbye

A message from our Sponsor:


fighters in position

This is [SaM] maneuvering behind enemy lines, signing out.


Agabey Day 1,724, 23:58


Cherruves Day 1,725, 03:06

voted + Sub

The Warior of Jochhism
The Warior of Jochhism Day 1,725, 04:20

this is simply why palistine should be free...

Hussan Day 1,725, 05:24


Abdulla341 Day 1,725, 15:52


Ahmed Am
Ahmed Am Day 1,725, 20:09


hazem95 Day 1,725, 21:53

Palestine Will Be Free. Its all just a matter of time 😃

abdullah australi
abdullah australi Day 1,726, 05:04

All Divisions
join #Pak-army for supplies....

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