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[SaM] Break it Down

Day 1,349, 20:05 Published in Egypt Saudi Arabia by abdullah australi

The publication Sawt al Muqawamah (voice of the resistance) has disbanded operations in UAE and shall henceforth be published in Egypt, and will shortly be renamed.


Some readers may wonder why this was published in the new players section, well mainly because [SaM] cares about the young players, and aims to help them understand what’s happening in their eNation and eWorld in general.
At this present time it’s easy to be lost for words about what to tell the young’uns, what does one say that won’t demoralise them and cause them to never login again? How about the facts of the present situation and our hope for the future?

Break it down

Upon examining the map we find little pictures of fruit, cattle, oil and metal, these are resources, every region has a unique resource, the more variety of resources a nation controls the more bonus to productivity they get and thus the more their military-industrial complexes will prosper, their taxes, national treasury and so on. That is how the eWorld goes around, people constantly fight for resources to fight for more and so on. One could reasonably conclude that is why Egypt is occupied, easy pickings so to speak.

Going back to the map, we see Northern Egypt is occupied by our northern neighbours Cyprus, and Cyprus is governed by a well organised turkish group called ‘INCI’, and rightly so. [SaM] doesn’t find that too objectionable, in fact that gives eEgypt the benefit of a buffer from the rest of Europe, like they’re our big brothers, if a bully wants to smash you they must get through him first!

The rest of eEgypt is occupied by Macedonia aka FYROM, a small nation state in the Balkans, in real life anyway, in eRepublik they have a disproportionate amount of players and they are now a ‘superpower’. Macedonia has three ‘home’ regions in the Balkans and 4 regions in Egypt, they have made their capital on the red sea coast in order to benefit from the extra regions productivity.

In eRepublik there are two main ways to get out of this situation: Fight, or Deal. Fighting needs money, and money comes from either a big national economy, or the peoples credit cards, eEgypt does not have either of the amount needed to take on a superpower. Which leaves the other common option, which whilst humiliating is probably the only way to get at least some of our regions back in the short term, so this is what we anticipate the government is working towards at the moment.

Editors Message to Fellow eEgyptians

Greetings everyone, I am Abdullah australi, a migrant to eEgypt and formerly of the eUAE resistance.

I came here to help, thinking that this place was pretty well sorted, and all I had to do was help the youth. Well it seems over the last few days everyone’s dirty laundry is being hung out, frankly the behind the scenes dealings disgust me.

I originally wrote a very damning article, but decided that in the spirit of reconciliation I would leave it and keep it simple.

Sawt al Muqawamah is open to accepting quality articles, advice and especially pictures submitted by fellow citizens and friends, forward any such material to [SaM] chief editor abdullah australi

Also if anyone fluent in arabic would like to translate articles then please make yourself known to us.

Vague Thought Provocation:
صفقة فاوست : وهب النفس للشيطان

This is Sawt al Muqawamah, underground again because of occupation, signing off.



Commius Day 1,349, 20:11

Good Luck friend 🙂

Track13 Day 1,350, 02:20

Vote! Good article bro.

Ahmed AE
Ahmed AE Day 1,350, 05:20

Voted 🙂
We really needed this 🙂 this Article is My MUS sticky 🙂

Arab League
Arab League Day 1,350, 06:26

Voted.. good luck in Egypt M8

ugura Day 1,353, 01:17


Starfool Day 1,353, 03:24

До С. Арабија и Египет: To Egypt and S. Arabia

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