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[号外] Runaway RoC

Day 1,887, 12:08 Published in Japan Japan by ahava3233

Hey, it's ahava3233 reporting as a private citizen, not as a government official, overseas from New York! Boy are things getting interesting over here.

The United Nations...or excuse me, the new CoT building in Midtown Manhattan!

So if any of you here in Japan are unaware, the USA has just become a trial member of Circle of Trust and has immediately stated it will take action in the name of CoT within the Asia-Pacific region around the Sea of Japan. Their voiced plan is to liberate us (Japan) and South Korea in an operation they have dubbed, Operation Gangnam Style. Effectively, the original plan was launch a surgical strike against the Republic of China starting with the USA getting a foothold in South Korea with their full cooperation. From there, the US plan was to neutralize the remaining Taiwanese on the Korean Peninsula and continue on to the Home Islands. You can view the statement by the President of the United States on this campaign here.

However, as you can see, Taiwan has reacted in force by NE'ing South Korea, and they're winning by a huge margin in the originally planned foothold.

Taiwan, what is your plan exactly? Are you trying to delay the US advance? Are you going to require the US to charge through more territory or trade Jeollanam-do between South Korea and yourselves repetitively to keep the US out? That's a lame plan; I think you already know that with America's involvement your downfall is inevitable, because with America on the front lines, there are, so many of us. Karma is a bitch, just give up and play nice and maybe America will give you back your homeland when you're finally evicted from our territory.

It is inevitable, Taiwanese President Yech

That's all for now folks, tune in for more articles from in the future and comment and vote up. 日本万歳!



ahava3233 Day 1,887, 12:09

I've been giving too many Matrix references lately... :/

Sanoyel Doenza
Sanoyel Doenza Day 1,887, 12:11

First. o7

Five To Nine
Five To Nine Day 1,887, 12:18


2.D.G Day 1,887, 12:27

ahava, forgetting the "SAVE SOUTH KOREA" plan a few months back? :>

ahava3233 Day 1,887, 12:43


The strategy and the variables are much different this time. For one, America itself is the well-braced front line of this war. not Japan or SK. I don't think things are going to turn out so well for you in the coming weeks.

Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Day 1,887, 16:38

So CoT is agent Smith, and Taiwan is Neo?
Don't want to be pessimistic about how it turns out....

ahava3233 Day 1,887, 17:05

Hahaha neither survives actually in the Matrix...and I'm just playing fun on the "it is inevitable statement" from the matrix movies.


bobbySAURON Day 1,887, 21:35

Stop watching the Matrix movies over and over again ;___;

ahava3233 Day 1,887, 21:47

@bobbySAURON I only rewatched them once, I don't know I'm hooked now cuz they're so cerebral 😃.

theoria8606 Day 1,888, 00:44

V for Voltron

Soultama Day 1,888, 12:04

I hesitate to write much since it is just wasting both of our time after all. But I have to say, well, this is absolutely not karma.

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Day 1,888, 12:32

It would be karma if Taiwan were the aggressor, which they were not. Their only fault was for not upholding their part of their conditions they gave me, and instead continued to add new conditions and refuse to acknowledge us as a sovereign nation. That is not Soultama's fault however. This is, however, justice to a country who has overextended itself due to misplaced arrogance as a "superpower" of Asia.

I would have preferred Japan and Taiwan to become close after my muck up as I've told you Soultama, but it requires both parties to see each other as equals at the table.

ahava3233 Day 1,888, 13:08

""Their only fault was for not upholding their part of their conditions they gave me, and instead continued to add new conditions and refuse to acknowledge us as a sovereign nation. That is not Soultama's fault however. This is, however, justice to a country who has overextended itself due to misplaced arrogance as a "superpower" of Asia."

That's where their karma comes from...and Suoh you make a good point indirectly, "That is not Soultama's fault.". Every nation in this game is an aggregate of differing opinions, not a homogeneous whole. Same goes for Japan as well.

I just gave permission to an eRoC citizen (Morishima) to translate this article given he/she asked, you should see it in your papers soon Soultama.

Soultama Day 1,888, 13:47

Yeah, you always have your right to make your claim, ahava. Just as you have done the same thing when the no-ball brothers messed everything up.

Nevertheless, the change of the eJapan emperor is impressive and admirable. Welcome back.

Greatmoff Day 1,888, 18:15

I have to agree with the person formally known as Nowe (i'm not good with long names).

I've always considered Taiwan a bit of a bully since it joined this game, that said Japan has frequently made things harder for itself, and only has itself to blame for a lot of its problems.

It does take two to make an agreement, and the lack of an agreement in the past between Japan and Taiwan was through no lack of trying on Soultama's part. He was respectful and helpful and fully worthy of respect.

Kami Neko
Kami Neko Day 1,888, 22:16


Inaba Tewi
Inaba Tewi Day 1,889, 01:56

Do not forget, eUSA had betrayed eJP

Joe Rooke
Joe Rooke Day 1,889, 04:05

I suppose with such a small community, eJapan shouldn't really expect inspiring leadership though.
In the past few months the sheer amount of drama and people running in their own interests as opposed to working for bettering eJapan is why I've essentially sunk into two-click mode and people such as Greatmoff left.

ahava3233 Day 1,889, 08:44

@Inaba, this is more of CoT, rather than USA matter tho. USA is helping bc of CoT now.

Oh and RoC is still running away, they''re giving us Chugoku in an attempt to force us to NE the US to get them out (by creating an enclave)...LAME. It is still inevitable guys...

Fulva Papoulias
Fulva Papoulias Day 1,889, 22:26


Albert tseng
Albert tseng Day 1,890, 08:59

if u are a fox , dont pretend that u are a tiger.


Dante Luo
Dante Luo Day 1,890, 17:22


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