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(RR#4) It's All About Communication

Day 1,889, 12:05 Published in Japan Japan by Myung Kei

Today, it is all about Communication! Communication two adversaries, three allies, numerous points of view from Immigration, and one broadcaster. Let's get to it!

An Interview with Geezus

I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down and interviewing Geezus, Party President of the Dai Nippon Party, and leader of the Nippon Power MU

1) How did you first find eRepublik? When did you decide to come to eJapan?
I was invited to eRepublik by a colleague. In the beginning, I was interested in the economic system, I believe that a beginner may achieve the most with that. I came to eJapan when I was half year old in eRep, because I thought that eJapan had so much opportunity. There are just a few citizens in eJapan who are really interested about business and economy, so I believed I could achieve many things in a pretty short time.

2) Can you describe what kind of person you are in real life? (outside the game)
I think that in a game like this, people act as they would IRL. So I think I am a similar person IRL as I am in eRep. I do take part in conflicts and I also hate lies. I got used to taking responsibility for others and having to work hard for everything. IRL people usually value these things, usually.

3) You have been known to be quite the eRepublik Businessman, how many companies do you run? How many employees do you have?
I have 90 companies and 40 employees. I don't play for the money - I already have a lot - but I am always searching for new opportunities. I am proud for my q5 weapon activity, for example.

4) Who is your best friend on eRepublik?
I never distinguish my children IRL nor my friends. There are many people who can count on me, whenever there is a problem.

5) You run one of the largest MUs in eJapan, Nippon Power, how did you build it up?
Beginners were never really respected by other MUs. In my MU, there are no expectations, but there is always help - it's no wonder why we became the largest.

And now for the more difficult questions, questions that would harp upon the very political controversy that we all come to know. But despite the barrier between languages and the sensitivity, he played it off rather well:

6) As a former MoF, you were caught up in a bit of a scandal involving eJapan's banks. Can you please explain, in your own words, why the National Bank of eJapan was permanently banned twice?

I am responsible for the temp ban - I was "too" active in the monetary market as the MoF, but I did no irregular deed: I bought gold when it was cheap, and I sold it when it was more expensive. I still don't understand this incident... so after this unjust punishment, I never used the bank.
The first bank was banned because DEN007 transferred money to the bank - he was also perm banned so I think there were some real mistakes, maybe many.
The second bank were banned because of the "donation action" I think. More Japanese citizens donated the new bank and there was some fake gold in the mix. I can't prove anything because the admins refuse to answer.

7) Why do you believe people blame you for the banks being banned?
Are you serious? What do you think? 😛

8 ) Can you explain why your party supported the immigration of the Serbian militia group? Why do they agree with you on so many issues?

For powerful nation, we need powerful people. I believe very strongly in this, so it is no wonder that I help people who think this same way way. Arhangelord and his friends helped out a lot with defending our regions. I am proud my party looks at them not as foreigners, but allies.

9) Do you find it hard to communicate in English?

Sadly, I am not good at English, but I'm trying to do my best.

10) Why do you not come onto the forums or IRC? Could you ever see yourself coming back?
I am not active on the forum and chat because people attack me there without rhyme or reason. Anything is possible, but right now I am not planning to return - but Kitsune Usureki will be there instead of me.

My time had run out, but it was a nice interview for a man brave enough to answer a passing critic.

(Special Thanks to Kitsune for helping in the translation; and Geezus for the interview)

Rising Sun Radio; or The Kei Variety Show

The rumors are true, after grueling hours of testing, recording, and speaking on Skype, the Rising Sun Radio Live Edition will soon be operational! Whohoo! What does this mean?

Currently on the forums, there is a section that is titled Rising Sun Radio, which has a playlist of some pretty awesome songs. This playlist for eJapan however, is only a small segment of what Rising Sun Radio is going to represent. With the help of Skype and Audio Cable technology, ordinary citizens of eJapan can create and broadcast live radio programs. That's right! Live! To an audience!

At this point I would like to announce the launch of the Kei Variety Show! What is this show going to be about? A full hour of Politics, Games, Music, Radio Dramas, Interviews, pretty much absolutely everything and anything! Remember to check out the Kei Variety Show, coming soon, only to Rising Sun Radio!

Props to DankChronic and Oraizan, the ISP, and the eSoS for getting this project rolling. Stay tuned to the media for further details!

USA to Liberate eJapan and eSK (Gangnam Style)

As announced recently by the High Command as well as the American Department of State, eUSA is now an official trial member of the CoT alliance. Injecting a new dynamic and fighting ability into the alliance that eJapan now calls home. The question on everyone's mind now is: what will the eUSA do with this newfound 'circle' of friends it has allied itself with?

As most eJapanese know, eJapan has had a long, love-hate relationship with our friends across the Pacific Pond. From the famous "Kyushu Incidents" of wars past, to the Terra alliance where eJapan was admitted and then ejected, to the various eMericans who have impacted local politics and culture (positively and negatively), the eUSA never fails to capture the attention of the eJapanese public. But this 'special relationship' with eJapan is about to become very interesting.

President Fingerguns announced that she put her proverbial 'fingers' on the trigger and has launched an operation, coordinated with the eJP and eSK governments to finally eliminate eTaiwan off of the map. The operation would also eventually lead to the restoration of our original regions, warming eJapanese relations with the eUSA.

As our vMoFA ahava has stated. eTaiwan is trying to be sly and defensive, and has intentionally declared war on eSK to try and prevent a liberation effort, provided by the eUSA, to move forward. With this complicated chase looking like a rip off of the movie "Catch Me If You Can," it will definitely be an interesting time in eAsia.

That 1also Provides some hilarious comedy to the situation.

Disclaimer: Last Column
As I ranted to you last time in this column, you may have recognized that I singled out a particular person, well, 5 brownie points to Usu for guessing this mystery person. Yes, I conducted an interview with this person right after I accused them of various things; however, I thought it was only honorable and just to at least ask this person's point of view and get it out there. This person's viewpoint is as important as my own, but it's value comes from people's judgement.

Do I retract what I said in the more conspiratorial parts? Yeah. Do I retract my points about humility and citizenship? No, because we can all be a little more humble and a bit more sportsmanlike, after all, it is a game, and I play it to.
The Pot and the Kettle, or "Why can't we be friends?"

Time to clean the dishes! Wait, what?

If you have been paying attention (hint hint) there is a big hullabaloo over the arrival and citizenship of the Janissaries, a Turkish Military Unit, in eJapan. Like the average, rational citizen of this country, I thought this was going to be a fantastic opportunity. Here a very powerful Military Unit decided it wanted to come to eJapan and help our nation out in battles; the MU promised to not engage in eJapanese politics, and decided it would be a part of eJapan's IRC and forums. Sure enough, the MU has kept all of it's promises. So far so good. . .

Except, one little thing: Yes, our good friends the eSerbians.

Apparently, eSerbia has some long and deep run resentment toward eTurkey. But to make a long story short, eTurkey switched to the EDEN alliance, ticking off the eSerbians and their allies pretty badly. So, the eSerbian immigrants have objected to the eTurks coming to our shores, and scratch their heads as to why eJapan would allow "enemies of CoT" citizenship.

To me, this is a sad game of the pot calling the kettle black.

I'm sure we can all appreciate the honest effort that the eSerbians have put into our country, donating money, helping to fight in resistance wars, taking part in our administration, etc. But with the arrival of the Janissaries, the eSerbians scream bloody murder, and now ordinary citizens view the eSerbian efforts with suspicion. The Serbs claim the Janissaries are PTO'ers, but eSerbia is not exactly viewed favorably in eAsia. In fact eSerbian players have, at one point or another, PTO'ed eSK, ePH, eMalay, eSingapore, and eThailand before. eTurkey by contrast, has never attempted anything like. Who exactly should eAsians be more naturally suspicious of? Don't forget the PEACE/PHOENIX colonies in V1, eSerbia had it's own.

The CoT-TWO 'alliance' is irrelevant because that can easily turn on a dime.

Now, all I am saying is that the eSerbians should give the Turks a chance, like we gave them a chance.

Because in eJapan, our two most important things are:
1) Community
2) Fun and Drama (lol Drama)

We don't have the "Balkan" image of this game: Where all that counts is Military Power and Diplomacy. We don't necessarily believe that every person from an 'enemy' country is evil. We love our community, and we love those who want to be a part of it, like the Janissaries. "Winning" is not everything to us. That's why we can go on for so long being wiped.

This is a very small, but proud country. Except for one time in it's 4 year history, eJapan has never come under serious PTO threat. Sure, the drama and politics in eJapan are fierce, but that's because eJapan is a country which has "created" it's own culture. A culture of Empress Days and Kanji, Trolls and Emperors, Pictures of the Day, and eMarriages, all due to the wonderful effects of immigration. Most of us are not Japanese IRL, but we have been made eJapanese.

And we love and tolerate the heck out of people who will love and tolerate us back.

The Links I Recommend?

- Oh look, an eBank. Money, money, money!
- Look Mommy! I can learn Japanese!
- Tyr…Lol
- Why yes, the forums are here.


ligtreb Day 1,889, 12:10

Voted. Not just for the Monopoly, but for the eventual liberation of Japan's regions!

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Day 1,889, 12:13

Second Denied: Spread the Love!

dralf81 Day 1,889, 12:22


Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Day 1,889, 12:23

I see my argument voiced in here. Approve and broted.

Minami Saki
Minami Saki Day 1,889, 13:29

Voted !

bobbySAURON Day 1,889, 14:34

Voter with love and tolerance :3

ArisaChan Day 1,889, 14:39

Voted hihi
Drama hihi

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,889, 14:44

In the future, please send me PM with your fresh articles when i publish my own, soo i can put your's link inside, like a comercial, for free. I have a lot of efriends and i come fast to TOP5 even when i don't deserve it, i see top quality articles that don't have readers, it's a shame. (you can do that and with current article too).

DankChronic Day 1,889, 15:02

Voted, another great article Myung Kei.

Eupasos Day 1,889, 15:08

Voted !

Squibeel Day 1,889, 15:09

voted. shouted.

Oraizan Day 1,889, 15:25

According to Bobby, that friendship beam is mine.
Mi-mi-mikuru beamu!

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Day 1,889, 15:39

I would rather try to make the top five on my own, and see if I succeed or fail by my own terms, but thank you for your offer anyway.

Zodiarque Day 1,889, 15:43

Voted, Shouted, Everything you want just take it !

I'm so proud of you Deputy Kei !
Keep it up !

Please everyone ^^ Let's be calm and friendly to one another. The point of eRep in eJapan is to enjoy having fun in a multicultural community. We are peaceful country, and yeah eventually peaceful country loses but we don't care as long as we have each others. I wish this was explained to every willing immigrants so that they know this is no place to seek glory or power but rather a place for interactions.

And may everyone acknowledge that the few RL japaneses playing really welcomed that multicultiral aspect of eJapan. It feels so warm and nice to see that much people willing to choose Japan citizenship over their original countries' citizenship, maybe showing eventually more proud. ^-^

I may be a bit emotionnal sorry... Hereby, I just wanted to thank you all, eJapan natives, immigrants, old and young players, for I trully think that even if you tear each others apart at some point, I believe you all desire the same in the end, that would be the best for eJapan.


2.D.G Day 1,889, 16:03

Translation...... what?

Zodiarque Day 1,889, 16:58

Gomen gomen ! 2.D.G-sampai... My comment was maybe too long and off-topic.

*bows respectfully*

tarasino Day 1,889, 21:47

Nice article.

Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Day 1,890, 23:38

v ^^

the tormented one
the tormented one Day 1,890, 00:52


ardishabutaro Day 1,890, 01:02

too long, but i read it all.

great article. voted

Morishima Day 1,890, 01:17

great article
thank you for give me a permit for translate

here comes the Chinese version

Robert E.Lee 1861
Robert E.Lee 1861 Day 1,890, 01:28

We have different perspectives of the game i bring out a personal oppinion
because where ever i been there were some rules about this matter (accepting citizens from enemy side while they loosing badly)

Accept Martians as u like i cant stop u but i will choose to not agree with it!

Think Twice
Think Twice Day 1,890, 05:43


2.D.G Day 1,890, 09:16

No zodiarque, I ment :
"(Special Thanks to Kitsune for helping in the translation; and Geezus for the interview) "

Did geezers not speak english in the interview?

Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 1,891, 08:11

Interesting interview...

Jin Yang
Jin Yang Day 1,891, 10:35


kowalski_afc Day 1,891, 11:18

v 50, sub 100, send me tanks!

BTW, can someone advise me about the forum? Do anyone have enough nerves to ask me on few questions about the forum on igm?

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