[RO GOV] Clarification regarding Hungary's request of rejoining ASTERIA

Day 2,724, 11:28 Published in Romania Romania by Ministry of Foreign Affairs RO

Good evening,

Yesterday, May 5th, 2015, Asteria had a meeting where the main topic was Hungary's request to rejoin the alliance, request sent by Hungary's CP to Asteria SG.

But we need to go back one month, at the beginning of this HQ's term.

The mutual hostility that exists between Romanian and Hungarian soldiers is well known. Monthly mutual NE laws (especially from Hungary's part) were proposed in the last year (since Hungary left Asteria) and all of them failed to be accepted by the congress. There were just a way to tease each other.

One month ago, this surprise came

and only the fact that it needed 66% stopped a huge conflict that would have probably destroyed ASTERIA.

The surprise was bigger few days later, when ASTERIA's new SG, Aca Djekic brought the hungarian MoFA, Azurefalcon in his team.

From that moment, Hungary started a huge PR campaign in order to find a way to get back into ASTERIA as a full member. From that moment, there were no other NE law proposals from Hungary against Romania and Hungary started to help ASTERIA, accordingly to her pro-ASTERIA statute.

Hungary even went to South America, occupying bolivian regions, but didn't get to a real campaign against Chile, being blocked by Peru and Argentina. Meanwhile, they were planning on asking a vote in ASTERIA to rejoin the alliance.

Exactly one week ago (April 28th), Romania decided to "fly" to South America to help our Argentinian brothers, who had very difficult moments and were about to be erased by Chile. We considered this a perfect opportunity to test how ASTERIA + HUNGARY works in a real campaign.

The same day, the ASTERIA HQ asked Romania to join a small meeting with Hungary on April 29th, in order to try to solve the problems between the two countries before requesting the vote of ASTERIA members.

At that meeting, the Romanian PM announced Hungary and HQ that a final decision will be given AFTER the South American campaign ends and a MU Commanders meeting will be held, because our MU leaders are the ones who should vote about a military decision. The meeting had 4 participants, ionutzd as PM of Romania, Azurefalcon as MoFA of Hungary, Colonel Bruce and Informer as witnesses.

Let's get back now to ASTERIA's campaign.

Despite the fact that the South American campaign turned out the way we wanted, we were very careful about the way every part involved collaborated into planning and giving advice for the campaign.
We watched closely who was involved in sketching, planning the attacks, when and where, what time of the day etc.

We had a pleasant surprise seeing that this month's military HQ finally started to work as it should.

After the campaign against Chile ended, we asked for a Commanders meeting for Tuesday, May 5th, 11:00 ER, in order to be able to offer a final answer on ASTERIA's meeting at 12:00 ER, as promised.

After presenting all the facts to our commanders and talking individually with every commander, then with all of them into the meeting, we reached to a final decision, also presented to ASTERIA.

As long as Hungary wants to return to Asteria as a full member, Hungary needs to assume all the duties that comes with full membership, including full support and MPPs with all the other members (Romania included) and not only for joining the alliance, but for the entire period Hungary is a member. All ASTERIA members are equal and should be treated equally by the other members.

So our decision is to accept Hungary's request ONLY IF Hungary will have MPP with all ASTERIA countries BEFORE requesting rejoining ASTERIA and for the entire period of membership. In case Hungary decides not to sign an MPP with Romania and every member BEFORE joining ASTERIA, Romania will use its VETO.

We need to insist about one small problem. The MPP between ASTERIA's countries is a MUST HAVE, it is one of ASTERIA's rules and it's not negotiable. ROMANIA WILL NOT accept derogation, no matter who will ask for this.

Furthermore, our request was seen as a normal and legit request by every member of ASTERIA, most of them asking Hungary to present its point of view in this case.

Following this, Hungary's MoFA resigned from the position occupied in ASTERIA's HQ and left the meeting channel, publishing an article - http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-voeh-moral-of-april-for-ehungary-2521859/1/20 where he accuse Romania for their failure.

Romania will fully support its allies and understands the relation between some ASTERIA countries and Hungary, so it's willing to collaborate for a common interest, but ONLY following our alliance's rules.

The government of eRomania