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Day 1,997, 13:01 Published in South Korea South Korea by ManuR
The 9th of May also has a triple significance for the Romanian people.

Besides Independence Day was proclaimed in 1877, Romanians celebrate Victoria Coalition UN the World War II on 9 May 1945 but also Europe Day.

At the 9th of May 1877 by a speech in the Parliament of Romania by Mihail Kogălniceanu,

the country declares itself independent from the Ottoman Empire (recognized in 1878 after the end of the Romanian independence war).

Victory Day or 9 May marks the capitulation of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union in the Second World War.
Signing of the unconditional surrender of Germany took place in the Soviet headquarters in Berlin. Thus ended the Second World War in Europe.
In many countries 9 May is recognized as the Victory Day over Fascism and considers it a non-working day.

In Europe, Europe Day is an annual celebration of peace and unity in Europe.
Now Europe is commemorating the historical declaration by French foreign minister Robert Schuman
May 9 was chosen as the Day of Europe by the European Council in Milan in 1985.

Don’t forget to enjoy the life and the game and of course don’t forget to be happy in this wonderful day.

ManuR, e-South Korean citizen



MadiMadeleine Day 1,997, 13:06

be happy!

ManuR Day 1,997, 13:09

thanks for voting Madi :- )
is also my father's birthday :- )

MadiMadeleine Day 1,997, 13:17

Many happy returns of the day!

Losto Day 1,997, 13:09

Today is Germany controlling Europe again. Fail.

ManuR Day 1,997, 13:11

that is life and history :- )

zedkar Day 1,997, 13:10

Don’t forget to enjoy the life and the game and of course don’t forget to be happy in this wonderful day.
Well i really like this one and it's about the same with your one "You'll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile."

All the best 🙂

evilgod Day 1,997, 13:43

Felicitari! Nimeni nu mai scrie d'astea acum:(

ManuR Day 1,997, 13:50

Unicul meu articol sobru. Mersi de apreciere 🙂

Storm7 Day 1,997, 13:44

Happy 9 may day!

FRin Day 1,997, 13:56

Felicitari !

ManuR Day 1,997, 14:01

Olecuta de istorie nu strica 🙂
chiar daca nu e un articol foarte original

Lucia38 Day 1,997, 14:20

Pe tema asta am avut ieri o discutie in RL. Din 4 persoane, niciuna n-a stiut ca 9 Mai e o zi importanta pentru Romania...🙁

FANTOMA88 Day 1,997, 14:24


JohnCV Day 1,997, 14:29

Victory Day of communism over Fascism. A great day to celebrate for the west, and a day to never forget for the east.

Krontzo Day 1,997, 21:46

Victory's Day or the 9th of May : D!

Kapetan Uks
Kapetan Uks Day 1,998, 07:53

Oh, good... And to think that all this time I held the belief that Romanians were on Nazi's side during the war... Obviously that was a mistake : )

nagant895 Day 1,999, 06:42

Battle: Abbey 11 mai 2013 15:47:54
Vehicle: T26E4 Super Pershing
Experience received: 7.535 (x5 for the first victory each day)
Credits received: 86.850
Battle Achievements: Sniper

ManuR Day 1,999, 06:51

:- D Felicitari pt victorie
te-ai votat singur....nagant895 voted this.....ce-si face omul cu mana lui se cheama lucru manual :- P

nagant895 Day 1,999, 07:30

numai ca dracia asta de comentariu (pus de mine) e din alt joc! 😉))))

nagant895 Day 1,999, 07:32

revenind la art intr adevar 9 Mai e o zi deosebita pentru Romania! V&S

Cincinescu Day 1,999, 06:55


oare cati romani mai stiu ca pe 9 Mai s-a declarat independenta Romanie fata de Imperiul Otoman?
nu ma refer la persoanele care au facut cat de cat scoala in vremea raposatului Ceausescu.

ManuR Day 1,999, 07:33

nu stiu, dar ar trebui sa rie multi...daca nu au baut cerneala in loc sa mearga la scoala

nagant895 Day 1,999, 07:39

nu mai pune intrebari grele noii generatii ))))))

msriasu Day 1,999, 07:31

Daca scriai si de insemnatatea zilei de 10 mai aveai 2 voturi, asa doar unul mare de tot! S e de la sine inteles pt un astfel de articol!

ManuR Day 1,999, 07:38

articolul s-a vrut un raspuns la
ma gandesc ca sunt destule publicatii eRomanesti care sa evidentieze 10 Mai - Ziua Regalităţii.

nagant895 Day 1,999, 07:43

10 Mai a fost totusi ...a doua Zi )))) ce treaba are 9 cu 10?

Alina V
Alina V Day 1,999, 07:51

Pe vremuri era 10 mai "caci ea ne-a dat/domn puternic tarii noastre/libertate si regat". dar asta se intampla inainte de 9 mai 1945.
Discursul lui Kogalniceanu a fost pe 9 mai dar, daca nu ma insel, hotararea a fost adoptata pe 10.

nagant895 Day 1,999, 08:07

Un vultur veni din munte si ne a zis Romani eroi, Stiu un print viteaz si tanar ce ar veni cu drag la voi... il canta si bunica mea!!!

nagant895 Day 1,999, 08:15

k a fost 9 sau 10 nu i stirbeste cu nimic importanta! ce, pe 9 mai 1877 eram sub Gh Gh Dej? )))) ..toate lucrurile bune pt Ro s au intamplat in vremea regilor nostri (Carol inca domn atunci)

Alina V
Alina V Day 1,999, 11:39

Unii dintre noi au avut mare noroc cu bunicii : )

sokm Day 2,001, 03:00


kandirdimzaaaaaxd Day 2,009, 07:55


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