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[Rik4CP] Segments of my car [EDIT]

Day 2,084, 14:39 Published in Japan Serbia by Rik Daphnee

Hello citizens of eJapan!

As you already know, I'm candidate for Country President of eJapan in August (click here to read article about my candidacy). In this article, I’ll announce plans for my CP mandate (in the case of my victory). If anyone wanna to criticize, help or suggest something, feel free to do it now! Let’s start:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
- Keep up the good work
- Ambassador Program

We will re-active this program again. It’s a good chance for our citizens to join diplomacy space of eRepublik and strengthen our relationships with allies, neighbors and other countries.

Ministry of Finance:
- Making profit using ORGs
Current system of making money gave us results. So, we won’t change anything except trying to make more money.
- Start 2-3 new projects
This will be part of ‘Help citizens’ program. This is all I can say for now.

Ministry of Defence:
- Weekly coordinations attacks
This is something that I wanted to see from my arrival. I just want to gather all our citizens on one place, fighting for one goal. We are not super power in this game, so we must unite. I won’t force anyone to talk, cooperation with someone from other party or military unit, but here we must fight together.
- Upgrading military system
I’ll talk about this with my minister in the first days of mandate.
- MU supply program
Current MoD started this program. I’m really happy to see that Gov is supporting our MUs. I’ll talk about this with my and former minister in the first days of mandate. This could be better. 😉

Ministry of Culture and History:
- Trying to gather more participants
- Articles about events in RL Japan
I’ll talk about this with my minister in the first days of mandate.

Ministry of Security:

- Keeping up the good work
This ministry works properly. In the last period we have many immigrants. We are small country, so we’ll try to enlarge our community on this way. As I can notice, many interested immigrants don’t know for our forum and Immigration Law. We will work on informing them about it and help them to adjust in our community.

Ministry of Information:

- Reactivating this Ministry (working 30 days in a month)
- Informing citizens about Government work
All ministries in Government will be obligated to publish monthly report. That report will be published in the end of mandate. But during the mandate, Mo Information will inform our citizens about Government work.
- Informing citizens about MoCH events
I’ll talk about this with MoCH minister and MoI minister in the first days of mandate.
- Informing citizens about events, missions, tournaments, changes made by Plato.
Game administration is making some events, missions, tournaments in the game, time to time. MoI will work on informing citizens about rules, rewards and maybe giving some advices how to solve it easily.
- Making some interesting column
I’ll talk about this with my minister in the first days of mandate.

Ministry of Health
- Making giveaways depend on budget
We need to care about our citizens. In my mandate, we will have ‘Help citizens’ program. Ministry of Health will be main part of its. MoH work will depend on our budget, price of food and our income. I can promise that we’ll have 3-4 giveaways a week. Government will discuss about size of ‘Health package’ in the first days of mandate.

Ministry of Internal Affairs

- Improving relations between Congress, Government and Citizens
This could be interesting. In the past, we had a problem with coordination between our Government and Congress. So, we are gonna make a system of coordination between Congress, Government and Citizens. MoIA will work with Mo Information. It’s the best solution to inform citizens about Congress and Government work. In the first days of mandate I will talk with my MoIA Minister and Government about this, so I expect that we can solve this problem in first week of mandate.

Your driver to the future,

Rik Daphnee

Thanks to everyone who supported me on this elections!
Congratulation Geezus.


Hitoyoshi Day 2,084, 14:43

"Ambassador Program"

I love it \o/

Baron 5
Baron 5 Day 2,084, 14:44


Dio Dimitrije
Dio Dimitrije Day 2,084, 14:45

Good luck!

Blakasuta Day 2,084, 14:46


Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 2,084, 15:37

I have similar plan in my documents if one day i decide to go on CP elections. Soo go Rik, wish you the best.

ardishabutaro Day 2,084, 18:33

RD hack your computer using jarvis program, and yeah, he can.
He is Iron Man!
xD xD xD

Drakantas Day 2,084, 15:55

GL Rik! Btw Nissan > Hyundai

ahava3233 Day 2,084, 16:17

That car is a honda tho...

Drakantas Day 2,084, 16:18

rlly? 😨 XDDD bleh both Nissan > Honda + Hyundai

ahava3233 Day 2,084, 16:20

Tesla>Nissan... :P

Drakantas Day 2,084, 16:23

Porsche > Tesla

Drakantas Day 2,084, 16:34

no pics so all is false :V

kowalski_afc Day 2,085, 04:17

range rover rules 😛
if you don't believe me, try those toys off-road and then come to tell us the results 😛

Aryzn Day 2,085, 11:43

Nissan (GT-R) > every other transportation method known to mankind.

ahava3233 Day 2,085, 12:08

Well I like my EVs...

synhro Day 2,084, 16:04

Looking forward to..V!

ardishabutaro Day 2,084, 18:34

Voted. Good luck RD

Heart Stealer
Heart Stealer Day 2,085, 00:24

Voted! I hope u will be successful in your new projects good luck!

Geezus Day 2,085, 00:39


Our car from the parts
Fight for Japan! Vote for Geezus!

Dan/naD Wilshire
Dan/naD Wilshire Day 2,085, 05:12

I like this guy. Just make sure you Free South Korea Psihihihihihihhihihihihihi! 😉

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