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[Rehab] Mother (The Mad Book Part 4)

Day 2,299, 14:16 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Sir Jimmy Savile

If you didn't read the last article then read it here:

Score : - A 2
- B 3
- C 1
- D 0

Jonathan's Notes
My favourite animal is the unicorn
My first car was a Fiat Panda (Black with white stripes)
I wish I could get a d*ck enlarger

[You have decided to attack you mother]

Reminder : You have escaped from a near capture from the police and you are now at your mothers place, what could possibly go wrong now.

After 20 minuets of avoiding the police and the nightclubbing people who can't walk straight you finally reach you mums house. What do you do? You slowly walk up to the house in the cold and dark and stand at the door for a few seconds taking deep breaths. You curl you hand into a fist and punch the door as hard as you can. Bang! Bang! Bang! After a few seconds you hear someone come to the door.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT!?!" A strange man screams at you. You look at the number on the door and realize it's the wrong house

"Oh, Sorry mate. Wrong house" What little is left of your blood runs to you face, It turns red from embarrassment and you turn around. You walk away from the strangers house and head to you 'mums' house.

You reach the front door of your mums house, check the number on the door and nock on the door. She opens the door.

"J... J... J" She says slowly.

You punch her straight on the fore head hard knocking her unconscious and let your self in. You look for a clean table cloth to cover your wound then drag you mother into the living room. You tape her hands together and across her mouth. You search the median cupboard for anything that can help and then sit down. You take a look at the glass still imbedded in you side, after taking some pain killers and antibiotic's you grasp the piece of glass and pull it out. It was the most painful experience of your life, quickly you press the cloth against the open wound and try to stop the bleeding. Once you've stopped the bleeding you wrap your self in a bandage with a fresh cloth pressed tightly against the wound.

You hear something fall in the living room, so you investigate. You mother has woken up and is trying to stand up until she sees you, then she freezes. The last thing you remember of your mother was when you were little how she would take all your pocket money and spend it on gambling and booze. You've always hated her and she always hated you, you would fight all the time cause of her problems and when you were 16 she threw you out. You walked to the bath room and quickly cleaned the blood off you body and cloths. As you pass the living room to leave you're mother is sat in the corner crying.

"Pathetic" You say out loud. (Not that you can say much you robbed CO-OP)

As you exit through the front door a police car pulls up, you turn and start to run through the house to the back door. Half way through the house you mum trips you up and you land heavily on you side. Pain rolls over you body but you can't get caught, you stand back up, hit you're mother in the fore head again and run to the back garden. The police are right behind you and there is a fence straight ahead about 12 foot high, to your right is a large dog house about 6 foot high. What do you do?

A - Try to climb the fence
B - Jump on to the Dog House the over the fence
C - Turn around and take the police men on
D - Give up and accept arrest



Spite313 Day 2,299, 17:40


The Yellow King
The Yellow King Day 2,299, 20:56


CheetahCurtis Day 2,300, 00:35

C for Cheetah

Neil Lewis
Neil Lewis Day 2,300, 00:43

A's impossible without further information ...

B's possibly doable ...

but sod it ...


Guilpas Day 2,300, 00:58

D, you have no chance

G.Walker Day 2,300, 01:40

I know everyone's going to vote C but what the hell, GO FOR B!

Niemand Day 2,300, 02:43


MarkTD Day 2,300, 08:17

C, definitely

Invalidation Day 2,300, 10:19

C ofc

Sir Jimmy Savile
Sir Jimmy Savile Day 2,300, 17:20

You guys don't like the police

Zaphod the Kinky Psychopath
Zaphod the Kinky Psychopath Day 2,301, 04:20


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