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Last week, this article has been censored by Plato, as it was considered as "too vulgar". Then I decided that, instead of making an article on fake accounts which can obviousely proliferate with complete impunity, unlike informations, I should just reupload this one after I removed the infringing content. From now, the Chronicle will become a worldly newspaper. Take my word for it.

Yours sincerely,

What a crucial time for Ireland, isn’t it? Little sweet fickle voices come from the mist, whispering: “You’re F-WORD up” toward us, like if they were ordering to give all this up. What shapes a defeat on, is always its receiver’s lack of faith – I mean assurance – and today the whole way to prosperity actually seems longer than ever.
One shall point out that everyone is getting boring about this situation. Wartime, occupation, lack of communication and some tedious routine have unfortunately led people to the two-clicking – at the best of times. Let’s be clear: the country is gently melting away because of our defeat, and many more due to the general politics’ unattractiveness. Let’s not just blame the government for that. They’re painfully trying to keep the fleet afloat (which is actually quite fun to pronounce) as we have observed with Irish Army’s new thread, even though it did not solve all which concerns other lacks of supplies that would enable all military units to stand on an equal footing. No, the truth is that the all system is obsolete. Parties cannot attract new fellows, and a former attractive country, the one I’ve chosen to play in for more than a year now, is turning into some kind of abandoned vessel.

What a prose, huh? I should F-WORD write a book. But these few lines are not totally false anyway. eIreland does need its involved players in order to save all of us from death. The parties, including mine, should renew their shape and organization, so that the national community won’t suffer from a massive emigration in the coming months. Standing still, watching our feet and wait for help is not going to change anything, for that we are more isolated today than we have ever been. When this article will be issued, CP elections will take place. We shall then be able to see if there is still some hope that we could change our future, instead of attending a tasteless play for another set of weeks.

Political parties are starving from new brains, that could help this country consolidate the progress achieved and overcome this G-WORD situation. It is a fact that it has never been that hard to keep a community alive. But I’m going to tell you what you did expect after you read the title: we won’t give it up. This game is made with opportunity, let’s try to keep it unspoiled. For those whom it remains unclear, they might come and ask their political leaders by themselves, as it is not an easy job to organize all that shit among the current low level of involvement. Let us be clear again: we won’t abandon ship.