[RAF]: Air Cadet Program - Week 4 & 5

Day 4,851, 09:29 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Athena.

We are publishing two weeks of the air cadet program this week. Our apologies for the delay in giving out the rewards for week 4. Most of the eUK government was busy due to RL reasons the previous weeks.

This program will have some special requirements for eligibility - firstly, you need to have rank lower than chief master sergeant ***** (CMS *5) and strength lower than 150k. Higher strength players can easily get a high turnover of cc from fighting in ground battles, so we decided to provide greater focus on those new players who have lower strength and who might have limited revenue streams as a focus for this program.

We will be giving out 2000 cc each to the top 5 pilots and 1000 cc to the bottom 5. The gold rewards for the top 2 will be 10G and 5G respectively.