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[Press Release] Communication is really important

Day 1,842, 04:43 Published in Republic of China (Taiwan) Republic of China (Taiwan) by Fumitsuki

Greetings, Brazilians and Americans,

When I knew USA, the former ally of us was going to attack eROC.
I was really shocked about this and didn’t know what happened
Until I saw this article.
Since we are fighting now, we still don’t think there is any necessary to continue this war;
especially we want to keep peaceful with the citizens in Brazil and USA. No matter how much misunderstanding or misread the reaction about us from your government, and I do trust there is a way for us to talk about these staffs.
Therefore, I hope we can have a decent discussion about this, and improve the communication between us.
We ready to talk and development, but not for the war. How about you?
I am looking forward to the peace between us.
Finally, we want to offer the greatest appreciation and gratitude to all the alliance that help us out in this fight, especially Colombia, Argentina, eC, and all the mercenaries, also EDEN. Thanks to all of you.

Yours Sincerely,
MoFA of eROC



makeface2 Day 1,842, 05:51






saysosorry Day 1,842, 06:50


A Rock Star in Tanzania
A Rock Star in Tanzania Day 1,842, 19:48

no vote
mofa is not responsible for doing this. this is war.

Ivan Terible
Ivan Terible Day 1,843, 08:20

no its war time traitors only understand thunder of guns

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