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.[President] Syddanmark

Day 2,004, 16:05 Published in Denmark Denmark by pho3nix
Some people have very strange ways of showing their affection.

While I personally have a hard time believing it, some people actually use violence and coarse language to express their affection. Yesterday I had a run-in with a few representatives of Sweden. By no means official, but they repeated the tone that have echoed in my mind since we dissolved Homonavia and went separate ways.

It's weird how opposition can form instantly. Yesterday I sent a PM to the Party President of the newly created political party "Dansker for Danmark", urging him to explain his stance and take his ambitions to the next level. To then create a new political party - just as we've been able to take out one leads me to believe that there are other interests at play within our country.

Have no illusions: I serve Denmark. Denmark has been my home in this game for a very long time and I take pride and honor in serving when necessary. Sure I might not be a great tactician and now the game mechanics inside and out. But I stick around. Always have, always will. With two consecutive election victories by over 80% of the votes, and the support of all non-PTO parties - I still don't see how people can see me as "foreign", or "elitist" - and I dare anyone prove me wrong. Congress always has the opportunity to impeach me - and it never has.

Today at 20:55, I attacked Germany in Syddanmark.
This is in order to enable the confederation to once again fight at full strength. The fight will be fierce, as foreign elements are trying to interfere in Danish politics - thereby putting our political safety at risk. As President of Denmark, I cannot sit by while this happens and will do all that I can to secure our borders in cooperation with our allies. I urge all Danes to fight against the Danebrog which was raised without consent by those who rightfully lay claim to it: the Danish people. A people who has suffered through enough PTO-attempts.

Two regions can lead to political disaster. Maintain a single region, Danes.

I will launch another article explaining the reasons for us playing with a single region. Until then, ten-hut and good luck!

/pho3nix, Country President


Maine Coon
Maine Coon Day 2,004, 16:19

nice said Mr.President o7

Paw Sandberg
Paw Sandberg Day 2,004, 16:26

I think part of the problem is that you got some new players and we (I include myself in this) don't know/understand the system and its very very hard for me as a Dane to see a large part of Denmark being German

then there is your attitude you said it a few days ago and I quote "I don't understand why people would chose to play for Denmark such a small country" also the recent attack on Germack by the Norwegians drew very heavy fire from you though from what I understand GERMANY was the aggressor in that war not Norway they saw a chance (attack Denmark) and took it you also do appear to see PTO's every where (I understand why that might be the case as you have had trouble with them in the past)

and finally there is the fact that you are in reality Swedish we Danes have always had a love/hate relationship with the swedes as you know 🙂

now before you start accusing me of being a PTO person I just want to let you know I don't want your job its thankless and in all honesty to much work VS the rewards that of course don't mean I wont run for Congress (and president and anything else I can run for) just that I don't want the president job at least not till I know A LOT more about the game and its politics

Maine Coon
Maine Coon Day 2,004, 16:56

Norway got an offer to get their region back and turned it down - just so you know it, and yes we see PTO everywhere lol - comes from experience I guess - we know what to look for and who not to trust. Maybe we are too hard and maybe not. But all Danes have been asked and invited to join forum to take part in all discussions - if they dont, its their fault, not our. Not everything should be discussed in the press you know, and I bet you agree on that 🙂

Paw Sandberg
Paw Sandberg Day 2,004, 19:05

grin I do

You did not say a thing I did not agree with (you will also notice I AM registered at the forums) and of course again being new I did not know that Norway had had that offer and I am sorry if I came across Harsh I am pretty out spoken in my opinions (even when i do something stupid I am usually pretty good at admitting it ) that of course don't mean I am right (you heard the old saying opinions are like assholes everyone got one) 🙂

Kain Propan
Kain Propan Day 2,004, 20:55

Maine Coon knows the invasion and occupation of Norway is a cowardly move. A nation who has always been nothing but friendly towards Denmark and Germany. And since she knows this, she only tells the bits of the story that supports her opinion. "Norway got an offer to get their region back and turned it down", Didn't you forget to say something there MC? What the offer actually was and let people decide for themselves if turning it down was good or not?

Let me be the one to tell the whole truth to the Danish people since the Danish elite are too stuck in their own shit to tell it themselves. Norway has had their entire treasury stolen by dishonest presidents, 2 months in a row. So what was the so called "offer" from MC and her German overlords? Germany wanted Norway to pay 50 000 CC to Germany get back their own(!) regions.

How is that for an "offer"?

pho3nix Day 2,005, 03:05

First of all, what does Denmark have to do with Norway's treasury being stolen? What can we do, besides give them our condolences? That won't bring their treasury back.

Second, Norwegian and Danish relations have been neutral - at best. The "friendly" part I think is very overstated - at least in recent terms. Since I was (and still am I guess) Denmark's ambassador to Norway - I would know. Thank you for not interfering in our internal politics - and we shall return that favor.

Denmark CLEARLY stated it was neutral in its stance between Norway and Germany. The negotiations between the two countries hence were not something Denmark get into, and the offer to act as mediator between the two countries was bluntly refused.

If you don't want our help, then don't come crying when we don't give it to you.

Also, I'd like you to stop acting like you're in Danish opposition. I don't see a Danish flag by your citizenship, so unless you're appointed ambassador please sit down and act mature, sir.

Kain Propan
Kain Propan Day 2,005, 03:35

I wrote it down so people would understand what kind of a situation Norway was in when the "offer" was made. There can never be too much information to the people. You should know that being a President and all.

What does it matter what CS I have? I'm a citizen of Sweden, a member of Nationalgardet and Asgard. What do they all have in common? They want friendship between all the Nordic countries. Something you and your administration has worked against and continue to work against. I can't give valid points because of my CS? Please. You lack any real arguments and instead try to shove me away with this nonsense.

So Denmark(You and your little group of elites) declares yourselves neutral but allows Germany to use Danish regions to invade, occupy Norway and then demand money to get released. Well jeez, how very neutral of you. You're a Swede, you should know how very neutral that is.

pho3nix Day 2,005, 07:15

As opposed to you, I believe people are capable of gathering information on their own. But fine, let me follow your example:

Sweden was the first country to invade and occupy Denmark - forcefully. Took us over a year to regain independence - when you let both Poland and Germany go before us. We then joined a union with you, in which we were met with a lot of hostility and patronizing. Then you convinced us to let in a Serbian A-PTO-squad, on your word that they were to be trusted. Turns out they were PTO'ers after all. Then you start RW:ing regions, critically compromising our political stability. What's wrong with Schleswig/Holstein?

No, I should totally trust you. After all Swedish delegates/citizens have called me - personally - illiterate, inbred, ignorant and accused me of being "elitist".

I won the election with an +80% majority, with support of all but one party - in which a PTO'er opposed me. That's how small the "elite" is in Denmark.

Sweden's neutrality saved Swedish industry from the ravages of WW2. Out of that came perhaps the most prosperous and politically stable country of the 21st century. Don't see what your point is.

pho3nix Day 2,005, 07:55

Yeah, and I just realized S/H won't do much good trying to RW. Unless we're re-writing IRL-history. Sorry about that.

Kain Propan
Kain Propan Day 2,005, 08:53

Fair enough. Then I guess the Danish people shouldn't expect any more informational articles from you seeing as they should find out things themselves. If I can easily help people with information I will do it. You can't seriously try and make me look bad for doing so. Please.

Yes Sweden may have been the first but that could just as likely been to opposite had the community sizes been switched. So let us not pretend that it was something other than what it was.

About the Swedish-Danish union. It was destroyed by "both sides". Saying anything else would be a lie. What I can tell you though is that I was a strong supporter of it and wrote almost only in English on the forums just to make it easier for the Danish players. Now why did I do that? For the same reason I am defending Norway. I believe in good relations between all Nordics. You should try it, it doesn't hurt.

"We" convinced you to let in Serbians? Sweden did no such thing. One player vouched for a Serbian "ATO team" which in turn had been vouched to him. You know this as well as I do but just like with Maine Coon telling the complete story isn't in your interest so you leave out key parts which makes it a completely different story.

Just like Sweden let German troops through Sweden during WW2 Denmark is now doing the same. Hence my comment on that.

pho3nix Day 2,005, 09:25

We might be working on a Welfare program, but I doubt it will solve all our problems simply by letting the Germans pass through.

The Danes can expect me to issue my thoughts on things. The "truth" or information is something they have to gather for themselves, or it could easily turn into propaganda.

What could and could have been isn't what I'm stating here Kain - Sweden wiped Denmark, clean. Leaving not even a single region. It wasn't necessary - but they did it anyway. Homonavia was an experiment that I was skeptic about from the start, and we joined in large part thanks to the awesome work of Valnad. I do remember you being a cool dude back in the union days. I remember you being a cool dude at the meet-up in Gothenburg. Can't say I remember doing anything that could've upset you - all I did was translate Stente's Danish.

Good relations between neighbors could start with not telling us which friends we should choose and not. Because that's being a puppet. And that's exactly what we're trying not to be. Starting RW's in our territory isn't making it easier for us.

Lonestar was a high-ranking Swedish player, part of ONE HQ. Let's not forget that.

pho3nix Day 2,005, 09:30

Oh, and besides: we will never know the truth behind the ATO-squad, because all we get is what you're telling us. And I believe that's far from the "truth" in many people's eyes and ears.

pho3nix Day 2,005, 03:14

To get back on subject, @Paw: I understand and have patience with new players. Of course the game is confusing at first, yet I hope the community has been nothing short of supporting for you - or for any new Danish players.

The only reason to live in Denmark, in terms of game mechanics, is nationalism in some way or another. I did react strongly to the attack on Norway, because we weren't informed. That's not the kind of Confederation we're running, and I told the Germans so - honestly and sharply. They listened, and since we've added communication into the Treaty of the Confederacy. The PTO threat is, as Maine Coon stated, old habits. Better safe than sorry, and if people really want to get into the country, they'll wait for it.

While I miss my home country IRL, eSweden was the place where I was born. It didn't take me long to choose the Danish side however, and that's a decision I've stood by since. I consider myself an eDane above anything else in this game.

I believe in your capacity Paw, and I'm sure we'll see you run for some office or another. Don't let the looks of things scare you: usually it's not as much work as it seems. I don't consider you a PTO-threat. You've proven yourself, time and time again.

Maine Coon
Maine Coon Day 2,004, 23:13

Kain I won´t sink to the level of name yelling - cause I dont remember exact dates - but the offer made was before the second theft, wasnt it ? and please feel free to correct me if Im wrong. To leave NO alone after that offer seemed fine to me - try to calgulate what the "war" going on ever since costed - I bet way more than that. But that is just my opinion of course. ( i was against the war back then, but what it has evolved to now - its so sad. We lost our good relations and people are calling each other bad names - for what reason : / )

Kain Propan
Kain Propan Day 2,005, 00:28

I wonder why people are pissed off at and disappointed in you. Maybe because you and your German overlords invaded a peaceful Norway who has done nothing to deserve this. Unlike you and your elite friends in Denmark, Norway has no interest in being a German puppet state. They were doing just fine before you came along and wanted to play the Polish game with invasion and then trying to pressure Norway on money.

So the offer was made before the second theft. That is great and really makes a big difference. Or not.

The war has been costly? (Irony) How strange, I always thought wars were for free. (/Irony)
You invaded so the costs can hardly be blamed on Norway, only yourselves. Norway and Asgard never wanted this war and still doesn't and it has hardly been a secret yet you have just kept attacking them and attacking them and the longer this continues the higher the costs will be. Something to think about for you since money seems to be everything you care about.

I'm really glad that there are Danes who are against this and positive towards friendly relations between the Nordic countries. Perhaps you've been under the German whip for too long.

pho3nix Day 2,005, 07:28

If Norway is doing so great, then why do they send you to do their foreign policy for them?

Kain Propan
Kain Propan Day 2,005, 08:32

You think someone sent me? Sorry but I'm just a concerned ally of Norway who sticks up for them like allies should. Guess you're not used to something like that after being in the puppet state for too long.

pho3nix Day 2,005, 08:42

Then I don't really see why I should be paying any attention to you? All you do is throw around accusations, acting like you're the supreme judge, jury and executioner.

"Your mouth is writing checks your body can't cash."

Kain Propan
Kain Propan Day 2,005, 08:54

Well then by all means don't. I am sure there are others who are interested in what you and your government is doing in the name of Denmark.

pho3nix Day 2,005, 08:57

You mean like you're doing in Mittjylland?

Kain Propan
Kain Propan Day 2,005, 09:17

Mittjylland was a region held by Germany if you didn't know. The same Germany that is invading Norway.

Besides, I don't know for how long this little scare tactic you are playing on the newer Danish players will continue but anyone with some knowledge of the war mechanics knows that gaining 1 extra region 10 days before a congressional election is basically as far from a threat as can be. I guess you will continue with it as long as it keeps you and your friends in power.

All that is needed is one 24h NE vote from Denmark, two 12h battles and the region is back in German hands.

But as have been pointed out before, you're the ones making this invasion possible by allowing Germany to invade Norway via original Danish regions so you are far from the neutral and innocent country you try to portray yourselves as.

It is in fact kind of distasteful to try and blame us for doing our job at defending Norway form an aggressor. Maybe you should consider the consequences before you invade someone next time.

pho3nix Day 2,005, 09:29

Maybe you should play "honorably" and RW in Norway - where the battles are supposed to take place? You didn't stop at one region - you kept at it at Nordjylland. And you threaten to continue doing it.

You give us the carrot on one hand, claiming that you want friendship and cooperation.
Then you give us the stick, calling us "elitist" - trying to brainwash our players (dafuq?) and threatening that your aggressive acts against a neutral state will continue until we bend to your will.

I won't have any of it, "brother".

Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk
Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk Day 2,005, 01:00

"Some people have very strange ways of showing their affection."

Nations have no friends, only interests they either share or don't share with other nations. But naturally we Northern Scandinavians do not wish that Denmark be pto'ed. If that threat is imminent, I suggest you keep no regions at all until the war is over. After all, you seem to think it's ok for Norway to be wiped.

pho3nix Day 2,005, 03:08

On the contrary. We've been working on trying to get into the negotiations as a mediator, but keep getting the cold shoulder. If Norway doesn't want to negotiate, then I don't see the point of forcing them. After all, their players are mature enough to know what to do on their own. It's also interesting to see that none of them are getting into this discussion.

It's also funny how you keep ranting about the two regions, but don't mention any part of PTO-protection. PTO seems to be a big deal in Norway, since they've had some quite terrible run-ins with them the last two months.

So, what is the plan for a two-region Norway?

Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk
Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk Day 2,005, 03:29

Pho3nix, we have a de facto war between Asgard and Germark that needs to be closed, and I don't think we get closer to a solution by speculating in the internal affairs of eachother, so I will leave it at that.

pho3nix Day 2,005, 03:32

So, I take it the "the Danish elite are too stuck in their own shit" rhetoric will be dismantled then? I've personally been trying get involved in finding a solution to this problem - others have been pushing me away. Let's sit down, as adults, and negotiate about this. I welcome any such proposal.

Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk
Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk Day 2,005, 03:54

I don't have the power to tell people what to do and not to do, but obviously talks must involve all parties who have an interest in the outcome to be succesful.

pho3nix Day 2,005, 05:17

If noone takes the initiative Mr_W, we're stuck in this situation. I don't quite believe you lack the necessary political weight to arrange talks. I've tried and failed. I will gladly support any initiative to negotiations, or even discussions, that you start.

Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk
Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk Day 2,005, 05:52

Oh, I meant i can't stop people from writing what they want just like that, sorry for being a bit unclear there.

Regarding talks we are taking steps in the right direction. I am cautiously optimistic about the possibility of success.

Kongeror Day 2,005, 06:20

I fought for Norway against Germany since I found the invasion unfair 😉

Bonus Pater Familias
Bonus Pater Familias Day 2,005, 06:27

Maine Coon stated that the Norwegians had a chance to get their regions back, but turned it down.

Kain Propan
Kain Propan Day 2,005, 08:35

Please read my comments and you'll understand why it was turned down. Anyone would turn down a deal like that.

pho3nix Day 2,005, 06:45

Independent citizens have the right to fight for whoever they choose. The Danish state maintains a strict neutrality in the situation in Norway. However, an ally is an ally - and a neutral state is a neutral state. Stating the obvious so we don't forget it.

Den Danske Harald Blaatand
Den Danske Harald Blaatand Day 2,005, 13:56

Danmark burde ikke længere acceptere disse Tysker, de ikke nogen man kan stole på når de laver aftaler bag ryggen af deres '' allierede '' og gøre ting så som hvad de gjorde imod Norge. Vi burde lave em alliance imod disse Tysker og kæmpe for at være selvstændige, istedet for at lave aftaler med '' djævelen '' siden at de på dette niveau kan ikke længere anses for at være pålidlige. Jeg ved ikke med jer, men som en dansker vil jeg være fald ikke lad mit '' E-Danmark '' blive komprimeret af Tyskerne, vi burde ikke lade disse aktioner de har gjordt imod vores Skadivaniske venner lade gå uhørt, de er nogen imperalister som burde straffes, og ikke lade gå uhørt !

ChrisseR Day 2,005, 15:46

Jeg mener at vores forhold til Norge er uændret , at gå i en alliance med dem er til gengæld spild af alles tid, da JEG føler at det blot er et spørgsmål om tid før svenkan vil placere en stor og flot kniv i ryggen på deres med asgaardere....

Snak om et fuldstændigt forenet Danmark og Tyskland , se det ville passe os meget bedre og vi kunne samtidig undgå den pénible situation hvor vi pt. Bliver udnyttet af vores såkaldte "brødre" blot for at ramme tyskerne. ...

Germark Strong!!

Wolf Henrich von Helldorf
Wolf Henrich von Helldorf Day 2,006, 03:16

Vilka är det som sätter en kniv i ryggen på Norge? Sverige eller Danmark, det verkar som att du är så rädd för den stora dumma "svensken" att du hellre kliver över lik än att ha hedern kvar som ett fritt och självständigt land. Just nu går ni bara Tysklands ärenden utan att se det själva.

Bevara Danmark Danskt!

pho3nix Day 2,006, 10:53

The deal we have with Germany is a good one - both in terms of game mechanics, and in terms of respect against each other. The acts that you speak of were made over a month ago. The Treaty of Germark has since been revised to make sure these situations don't occur again.

In order to keep Denmark safe of PTO-attacks, Germany holds our regions. It's a deal that benefits both countries. CrisseR has a point with a united Germark, but then we'd lose out on the special "Danish" sense and would have to integrate into the German community. We've tried that and it didn't work out all that great.

@Kasper, if you're serious about what you say - and not just ranting. Then keep it up. By all means, Denmark needs true democracy, in the sense that everyone's opinion should be heard. Also I need some competition to get back in gear, politically.

ilphen Day 2,005, 14:28

: )

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