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[President's Desk] Update and Cabinet

Day 1,874, 12:49 Published in India China by lHonouR

Dear fellow countrymen,

I have always wished for one thing, a united eIndia, which is strong and independent when faced with challenges and ready to aid every friend in need. A country where every citizen has a voice & say in its progress, and the direction we take. Since I started my journey here, I have always strived to contribute towards this goal and will continue to do so.

I would like to thank each and every one of you to put your faith in me and giving me an opportunity to represent eIndia as the Country President.
I have outlined my key objectives for the current term. These are only priority areas and I will be providing detailed updates on each soon.

1. Foreign Affairs
As you all know that we are currently at war with Croatia and recently we scored a big win in Jammu and Kashmir in which our brothers (Bulgaria) and friends fought on our side and for our cause. The previous month has been very complicated, but long story short we have now left EDEN. We are officially not in any alliance however given the current situation and the threat from Croatia we intend to follow a Pro-CoT approach.

2. Baby Boom & Retention
Baby Boom is an area where we will need to further enhance our efforts. We have had an amazing month in terms of activity and the same is expected for the current month as well. We will continue with the marketing in social media and real life to attract new players into the game. I would request UvAjed to continue with the retention and mentorship programme introduced by him. Additionally I would request senior players to volunteer as mentors and help build a strong mentor team. Baby Boom is the need of the hour and we should capitalize on the significant increase in activity.

3. Media
Our media is now much more active than ever before with a range or articles ranging from opinions to analysis from both senior and relatively newer players. I intend to periodically release updates from the Government of what’s going on thus promoting transparency of Governance.

My nick (xordin/xordin|away) is 24X7 on the (Rizon) #india, #indianarmy, & my personal, #xordin channels, even if I myself am not online. Please query me (/query my_nick) if there is anything you wish to discuss & I will get back to you soon. You can also message me in the game.

4. The Cabinet
The following are the cabinet members for the current term. However, if someone would like to play an active part in the government I would request them to please come and contact me

Country President: xordin
Advisors: Dave, Ashwamedh, Asmitatheone

Ministry of Defense: Navincharles (Head)
Abhinay, Graf, citizenneel

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Alector (Head)
More members to be added

Ministry of Finance: xordin
Advisers: Vigorious and Rebelash

Ministry of Media & Competition:
Ashphalt and GouthamKrishnan

Ministry of Retention and Baby Boom:
Ashwamedh and Uv Ajed

On a lighter note, I have also added a new position, Crime Minister and ShockWavve has more than willingly accepted the role 😃

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank UvAjed’s monumental efforts in the past month. He is my bro and I humbly request him to be an active member of the current government to continue with the efforts he started with.

I believe now is the time for us to reassert control over our destiny, to find ourselves in a position of strength and to be the players we want to be. To be looked up to by others as a nation that is not a follower but as a leader. To this end I request and seek support from each and every member of the community (new and old alike). Let’s stay united and continue to build a stronger eIndia.




Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Day 1,874, 12:50


off whisky
off whisky Day 1,874, 12:54


St0L3n1 Day 1,874, 12:57

Voted and good luck o/

ShockWavve Day 1,874, 13:01

Last ??

Mrs NoLimit
Mrs NoLimit Day 1,874, 13:01

... o7 Good luck!!!!

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,874, 13:06

Good article, keep it up!

TheFuhrerKin Day 1,874, 13:06

votado tocayo
::LulzKinFuhrer LlamaCafe::

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,874, 13:07


Antich Bananich
Antich Bananich Day 1,874, 13:22


gonna read it later : D

Lonqu Day 1,874, 13:23


Ind1anMartyr Day 1,874, 18:28

Congrats on being the CP!!! o/

Ind1anMartyr Day 1,874, 18:28

Great start btw! : DD

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,874, 18:56

The game begins... xD

ultimatewinner Day 1,874, 19:55


BrknSword Day 1,874, 21:10

Congrats & o7

Btw, Crime Minister-ShockWavve


Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,875, 23:24

congrats to xordin.

Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Day 1,875, 00:44


terlika Day 1,875, 02:01

huh ?

Aks1010 Day 1,875, 03:05


Vladimir Alexei
Vladimir Alexei Day 1,875, 03:12

we intend to follow a Pro-CoT approach. ME GUSTA

Cadfan Day 1,875, 03:56


ayush121212 Day 1,875, 04:56

congrats and all the very best for your term.

Adhavan Day 1,875, 06:25


Jewel Biswas
Jewel Biswas Day 1,875, 06:55

o7, congrats and all the best, keep it up.

NueveOcho Day 1,875, 08:57


Akshay.IN Day 1,875, 09:35

you are playing erepublik between yourself only new comers are not getting any eindia will grow ?.....i dont know.............?????????

Lonqu Day 1,875, 10:08

@Akshay.IN: roughly half of that cabinet is relatively new, xordin included.

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,875, 12:43

@ Akshay.IN: yeah old folks like me aren't in there.

Thanks for an update so soon. Great start.

Wildrunner Day 1,875, 18:03

Baby Boom is an area where we will need to further enhance our efforts.

Can't wait. In 10 months from now on India is gonna be on the Adriatic Coast. o/

GouthamKrishnan Day 1,875, 19:20

o7 Congrats on CP Buddy o7. We will make eIndia united and stronger 🙂

NueveOcho Day 1,876, 02:09

"Can't wait. In 10 months from now on India is gonna be on the Adriatic Coast. o/"


Nagaraj Suraj
Nagaraj Suraj Day 1,876, 08:10

i love to read this article

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