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[Presidency] WAR vs URUGUAY

Day 1,886, 23:22 Published in South Africa Bolivia by atrawall

Since I've been CP, there has been a lot that has happened.

We went into the Training War with Brazil looking for some fights and something to do. After we had regained Western Cape, Steven Bosch and Grimstone both received PM's from Uruguayan citizens asking for a Training War with them next.

Knowing how this has gone in the past, I approached Brazil, asking for a Region Swap so that we could have War games with Uruguay that were less risky, after the one between us and Brazil is over. Brazil, knowing that there would have to be some renegotiating, accepted, to my surprise, (You know I've been skeptical of them in the past) and we worked HARD as a country to regain Western Cape.

We wanted fights, we wanted this TW with Uruguay, we were willing to swap regions, which means we'll have to eventually have another Training War with Brazil to "Fix" everything. This was okay too, just so long as we got another Training War. Since the region swap and the Peace with Brazil, citizens in South Africa have been working and producing at a loss, but this was okay, because we were going to have another Training War with Uruguay.

After our TW is all cleaned up and I posted my "Thanks for Fighting" article, I received this message:

I sent the last message shortly before proposing the NE on day 1885.
That was a courtesy, letting them know that this wasn't a game where they go back and forth on us. Much like most TW's with Brazil, we get wiped and then RW the appropriate regions. I wanted a give and take. We take their region, they RW back. They take Western Cape, we RW back. Sounds like a reasonable "War Game" to me.

When I proposed the Natural Enemy, their cabinet was irate. They were angry that we did not coordinate enough, claiming they did not know about this. They expressed that if we were going to do War Games that they would not lose their region or it would be seen as "An Act of War"

Then this article appears from their government. (Google Translate)
Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to greet you. This is the Bulletin No. 4 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As you all know we have overcome the conflict with our "Chilean friends," even that we were piecing RW abruptly when a proposal before us to bring a WG NE South Africa we launched a

This matter was handled by other strange and messages that I had sent from MOFA was answered with this action, the rumors that they were keeping border to invade us before the conflict with Chile now rumors are added from CoT.

This action of SA was supported by a newspaper article which let us see that there was potential for us to lose "Charrua" and reinforced with a MP sent to the MoFA cabinet where it was said that if we lost Charrúa we should not "angry" and they will not be angry if we were we won some territory. For them then we "help recover"

CP quickly, accompanied by the MoFA and MoD met with their counterparts from SA in IRC where we let see if this was really a WG, SA could not win that battle because we were not ready to be occupied or lose our territory . There were extensive discussions and there seemed to be obstacles to understand,

Uruguay made it clear that losing our territory would consider an act of war and would act accordingly, the only visible reaction was rapid disappearance of the press article which pulled its part of the War.

Gentlemen always seems that fate has in store for our small country and we are epic battles at the door of what could be an epic betrayal and a historic battle

As you can see, we handled the situation appropriately. I took the message waiting for a "Positive Response" as a "We are ready" from them and proposed the NE. Now they are going back on the deal that we have worked SO hard to make happen. They are saying that our MPPs to keep the battle even are for nothing. Our loss of bonuses doesn't matter, because they don't want to have a "Fair" War Game.

To me, it sounds like they are looking for a War. Not Games, Not Training, but and actual War. I say when this Natural Enemy Proposal is Official, that we show them why they should not mess around with South Africa!

Dignity First!
Dignity Forever!
Dignity in South Africa!

Claudio Kilgannon
Country President



Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry Day 1,886, 11:16


Seisan Day 1,886, 11:30

Claudio, all of our past TWs with Uruguay have involved them not losing their one region. Hell, we've needed to have tanks sitting and waiting to hit FOR Uruguay just to make sure it doesn't happen. They've always been pretty adamant about staying on the map.

Badger06 Day 1,886, 11:42

Uruguay are like yeah we'll be you friends as long as it suits us. Its one region, they'll lose it for a day most and then have it back but yeah whatever if it happens it happens. Not keen on much more to do with Uruguay myself.

Enriche2Ribeiro Day 1,886, 12:36

I am actually throwing myself behind claudio. I thought you actually planned this thing out well we are having a training war, and if it turns out to be a real war for a change it might be fun for both countries. Lets hate each other for a while it will be fun. Then we give everyone their regions back and wait for indo to attack that who we all really hate. No conspiracy here no hidden agenda just looking for some fun.

kuckuck Day 1,886, 13:32

2Do list:
sharpen knifes
helmet reinforcement
finish reloading cartridges
check batteries
find that damm boot
and buy some camouflage paint, I'm short on green

AdUnit Day 1,886, 14:27

I have been waiting and preparing months for such an occasion. As Bane would say "Let the games begin"

Mister O
Mister O Day 1,886, 14:29

"May the odds be ever at your favor" President Snow

Matafuego Day 1,886, 17:04

Hope this comunicate clean some of the mess. Sorry it isn't traducted.
The thing is that you can't just send the NE when one of the CP wants without at least asking the other country on when, how, etc.
We shouldn't have problem on loosing our region if things was right managed, but at least Claudio, asume your mistake. If you can't ask for the terms of a TW with our country, at least accept and respect our opinion and decision.


Rolote Day 1,886, 19:15

The time has come, we're gonna see our faces again! I'm Pereira, Palito Pereira!

Grimstone Day 1,887, 23:08

@Matauego, Your article explains, but still says if you loose Charrua, it will be an act of war. So based on that, you guys WANT WAR!!!!. We cannot guarentee ur region, what we can guarentee is help you RW region if you lose it, so you can have congress. If this is not good enough, then i guess we at war, should you lose Charrua

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